Fallout 4: Will it Succeed if it Releases Next Gen Only?

Analyzing the game’s chances of success if it only sticks to PS4 and Xbox One along with PC.

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Fallout Online

There is a prevailing belief that Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 will be coming to next gen consoles, namely the PS4 and Xbox One, along with arriving on PC. There is also a belief that it will be exclusive to the same, spurred by rumours during last year’s E3 that it would be arriving only for the Xbox One. At least we know the game exists, thanks to a leaked casting call.

But if Fallout 4 did release on next gen consoles alone, would it be successful? Given the current installation base, with more than 4.2 million PS4s and 3 million Xbox One consoles at last count (which was January), would it be enough to ensure a strong return? Remember that Grand Theft Auto 5 managed to sell 32.5 million units as of February but relied on a very strong install base for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s obvious that Bethesda would want – and need – that kind of success for Fallout 4 if it came to next gen consoles alone.

That means either it would hit current gen platforms as well (if it released soon) or arrive after two years when the install base of both the PS4 and Xbox One have surpassed 15 million units each. What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 being exclusive to next gen? Let us know below.

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  • Dave123

    By the time it actually gets released ps3/360 will be old news

    • jjj


  • XBOX360 Owner

    I got 360 now and want to buy XB1 as soon as some limited edition console comes out. I am wishing for a Fallout 4 skinned XB1 of course. I think their fan base is big enough by now to succeed as a next-gen only release because of more and more people buying XB1/PS4.

  • Matt L Parks

    They might be able to get away with an outdated graphics engine, but the gameplay must be next gen moving forward. That’s something that can’t be done if it’s also made for the 360 and PS3. That’s why Witcher 3, Dragon Age 3, and Shadow Of Mordor or all next gen and PC only.

  • RealGeee

    From the sales record it would be a huge success and everyone would want a Next Gen version.

  • jamesgray

    I would buy an Xbox1 RIGHT NOW if Fallout 4 was out for it.

  • Moonfish

    An AAA game like this would be a big hit for PS4/X1 consoles sales. It would definetely make the numbers rise. So many people on Twitter say every day “the day I’ll get a next-gen console is the day Fallout 4 is officially announced” 🙂 …

    Of course if it would be released NOW, would be a better idea to release it “at least” on both generations. But as the game might be released in 1-2 years, the PS3/X360 will be old news.

    And more importantly, c’mon Bethesda, Fallout 4 HAS TO BE released on PS4/X1/PC only. For the quality of the game, for the details, the environment, it can’t be made with the PS3/360 technical limitations. Or the game will be kind of empty, and not a huge step forward in the Fallout franchise. We want a masterpiece, not a “Skyrim graphics with guns”.

  • Khalkists

    Gotta keep in mind, that the 360 and PS3 offer some pretty heavy technology limitations.
    If they make it a next-gen only release, the change from 32 to 64-bit programming alone will allow the game to have a much wider scope, and increase stability. Most of the crashing and instability issues in Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas; as it turns out, are from the engine’s difficulty in creating new memory allocations when they are needed.
    The upgrade to 64-bit will allow for an increase in memory usage, and as such, stability… which any fan of Bethesda’s games has faced time and time again.

  • Cem

    Time to save for a pc, the mods and better graphics will be worth the extra cost, forget about consoles there over priced, under performing computers anyway.

    • steve hall

      Amen, well said…i second that, agreed, same here, me too

    • Steve B

      Build your own PC one piece at a time, buy a motherboard one month, the CPU on the next, etc. I have just a bit above $1,000 invested, and it out performs both of the new consoles. It’s overkill though, and you don’t need to spend that much to beat them out. Don’t be afraid either, building it is so easy a baby could do it.

    • edthsdgh

      But I want to play while lying down on my couch with my feet in the air. Not sitting hunched down in front of a computer screen.

    • SkyFox

      then move your pc to your living room and if you peffer controller that a mouse put whatever you like

    • edthsdgh

      Or I can just play on a console like a normal person. Who has their stationary PC in their livingroom?

  • Nestroit

    you can’t compare the GTA sales to a bethesda game, I adore Fallout and TES but c’mon, 2 million copies would be fine, 5 million a success.

    • UE

      Considering that Skyrim sold 20million I would gather they won’t be happy with just 5million 😉 😛

  • drc1313

    i’d buy an xbox one just to play fallout 4 with no hesitation

  • HolyThirteenx1

    Well yeah, how else are they gonna sell these next-gen consoles?

    2 years it will probably be too late for a 360/ps3 launch, but I would
    love to be wrong! Maybe I’ll have a gaming PC by then and can get the
    proper version, maybe not. It would be nice to have a choice.


  • McLovin

    I’d rather wait longer and have an amazing game then have it coming out much sooner and it being just okay. Next gen Fallout would be awesome.

  • Bruce Wayne

    “spurred by rumours during last year’s E3 that it would be arriving only for the Xbox One”
    Complete rubbish.
    A big title like that will never go exclusive.

  • thegirlwithguages

    i love my 360 and not looking to buy a xboxone for years or untill my boyfriend decides to buy me one lol so id love it to be a for 360, because i cant steal my boyfriends xboxone and play it 24/7


    if fallout 4 only comes out for the S-BOX then a meteoroid should strike the earth and we play fallout 4 for real! That will teach them F- ERs at Bethesda to mess with the universe! Silly Bethesda, Trix are for kids

  • Dez Brown

    No freaking way – I love fallout, but you can’t expect me to break my pocket to get a whole new system. Think of the fans jackasses

  • Matt

    The game sells the console. A console won’t get popular without good games. So yes, releasing Fallout 4 on only new consoles will do fine, because people buy those consoles to play the game.

  • nextgenN3rd

    Would love to see it come out on next gen with smooth graphics no loading screens all new weaponry and brand new enemies to slaughter!
    Though as some have said by the time it does people may not be interested as borderlands, skyrim etc will be out. It may possibly be a waste of Bethesdas time. But even so I will purchase for all times sake.

  • Dave76

    Of course Fallout 4 would survive. It hasn’t even been announced yet, but we probably have 18-24 months until it’s released, of course they could be waiting to roll out elder scrolls online, then announce Fallout 4 at E3 and have it out by Christmas. The 360 is going strong now, but will be losing relevance by the day by then. I don’t really want a headlining game like Fallout 4 possibly being restrained by last gen console limitations. We want the best game possible, right? I think this game is too big to limit with a console exclusive, they’re going to sell millions why cut the fan base in half?

    For me, Im not a fan boy, I prefer the Xbox One to the PS4 because I like all of the extra things the Xbox offers. I haven’t bought an Xbox One because there aren’t any games that interest me yet, but if they released Fallout 4 today, I would buy an Xbox One today. Hopefully a Fallout 4 special edition Xbox One. I think it’s going to be a great game and worth the wait.

  • Jason

    any of you ppl that are say no to 360 and ps3 you no nothing about the best systums ever nothing so dont dis if you havet played one or the other there good consouls great actly 🙂


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