Final Fantasy III Released On iOS Tomorrow

Posted By | On 24th, Mar. 2011 Under Industry News, News

The iOS port of Final Fantasy III is seeing the light of day on the 24th of March, which is either today or tomorrow depending on where you live and when you read this. In fact you could read this even later if you like to backtrack through news posts, but the general idea is that Final Fantasy III is pretty much here. It is a port of the DS version, but the graphics have been touched up a bit. It will playable in eight languages and will cost; $15.99 / €12.99 / £9.49 /1,800 yen.

Thanks to Siliconera for the info, who have also provided a nice screenshot comparision between this version and the DS release.

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  • doub7

    That’s the most expensive iPhone game I have seen. But considering the DS version prolly cost $30 its not a bad deal especially w/ the improved graphics.

    • agreed, I wouldn’t wanna play this on a phone either…….maybe Xperia

  • woodysroundup

    For all those crazy people who loved Final Fantasy III, and by that I mean Scott Wachter, you’re in for a treat. iOS owners get to embrace the hardest Final Fantasy game ever ever, with hot finger-tapping action.

  • PilarVIRUS

    Damn… $16! Ah… I’m going to stop complaining, I only play free apps but this is to good to pass up.

    • Lol, same here only on the android market. And that is a slightly steep price to pay in any case.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah, but there’s time where you need to give in and pay.

  • doub7

    Have 2 say the iOS is turnin into a pretty decent game platform. Don’t know if I will ever have an iPhone, but if I had an iPad I would pick up this, Rage, Infinity Blade & Dead Space rite away.

    • Idk, if a gaming platform is going to have a touch screen, I’d prefer it be something like the NGP and not much else. At least as far as games like this and Dead Space go. I’ve tried Dead Space on the Ipad and I just really don’t like swiping to play. I need buttons, but I’m not sure about this game seeing as how it’s not a 3rd or 1st person. RTS games don’t work bad on the Ipad, the Iphone however isn’t all that good in any case with alot of these games because of the less space you have to swipe. But I guess it takes owning one and figuring out how it works.

  • doub7

    A lot of the games have a virtual analog stick & buttons so they don’t really control that different from a standard game. I would b willing 2 make a sacrifice 4 dead space anyway.

  • doub7

    Free is always good but I don’t mind givin up the finds 2 reward a developer’s hard work when they make a good game. & if I put the money I don’t mind them giving back…like sum free DLC maybe?

  • doub7

    @ woody

    Maybe I am dumb but who is Scott Wachter?


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