Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Combat System Changed, Release Date Between Q4 2013 to Q1 2014

Things just seem to get murkier for Square Enix’s forgotten epic.

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII is certainly the company’s more troubled game. As part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project that included Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0, Versus was presented as a more action-oriented title like director Tetsuya Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts series.

That seems to have changed. NeoGAF reports about a supposed Square Enix insider who stated that said action element was removed from the game’s combat system.

Now, the game’s more like a regular Final Fantasy with the Active Time Battle system and some elements from Final Fantasy XII.

This same supposed source did the rounds according to GameFAQs with a report that said the game’s “been plagued by internal politics strife but is on track for a late fourth quarter 2013 or early 2014.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s a gutted project into which far too much money and time has been poured into. Regarding an official announcement, nothing is planned just yet but we are already ramping up partnerships with distributors/retailers.”

Filled with hope or dread on hearing this news? Let us know below.

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  • Dude this is fake!

  • Mike

    That’s not “news”, that’s a post on a forum.

  • pootis

    I was looking forward to the gameplay they already were developing I hate the traditional gameplay

    • swagfag terminator

      ur not a ff fan then go play cod swagfag

    • Metalyoshima

      The nostalgia faggotry is strong with this one.

  • shikamaru317

    If this turns out to be true I’ll have serious doubts about getting it. The main thing that drew me to Versus in the first place was the Kingdom Hearts based action combat, I was never a fan of the turn based combat in other Final Fantasy games. Yesh, the characters and story still interest me, but if the gameplay sucks it won’t matter. I do hope the release date part is true though. Also hope they’ll announce a simultaneous PS3 and PS4 launch.

    • Anti-Naruto fan

      then dont fucking play it ff as always had the turn based elements

    • Metalyoshima

      I would like to see a change in the FF brand personally. Can’t be a full on turn-based RPG forever.

    • shikamaru317

      Lol, let me guess, you’re the same troll that posted as swagfag above? I’m fine with the main series having turn based combat, that seems to be what most of the Final Fantasy fans enjoy, but this was originally designed to have the Kingdom Hearts action based fighting system, they even brought in the KH team headed by Tetsuya Nomura for it. I know I can’t be the only one that was impressed by how the action based combat was turning out in the 2011 trailer. If they’ve scrapped it just because it’s cheaper and faster to tear the combat out of one of the other 13 games and plug it into Versus I fear it will be a nail in their coffin, alot of FF fans have been dissapointed by 13-2 and Lightning Returns (not to mention SE’s terrible appearance at the PS4 show), and many feel this game is the last chance for SE to redeem themselves. If they screw this game up and don’t make back the huge amount of money they’ve sunk into it, well, let’s just say I shudder at the prospect.

  • Tom

    This better be false or else this game is doomed. Many people i know wanted this game because of the KH battle system. Its just awesome and epic to see an FF Game with that sort of battle system. But ofcourse SE has to F*** it up like always. i REALLY hope this is a rumor

  • DeathOfChaos

    Versus just keeps gaining more and more rumors, doesn’t it?

  • Sathil


  • Vrrumdri

    Though a release window is fine news, this sounds like the words of an extreme pessimist. A long development cycle does not immediately mean bloating and failure. I’m more than prepared to give this game a chance (though I am still taking forum-post news with a ton of salt).

  • bb

    Assuming this is true this game had better have some deep meaningful customization. Realistically I’d settle for a decent minigame that involved more skill than furiously moving the joystick and call it a win for this generation of SE titles.

  • Phantom R

    I actually want this to be true… I just want this game to come out already. I would have loved to have the Kingdom Hearts style gameplay, but oh well, traditional shall do just well. Plus, on the topic of Kingdom Hearts, when this game finally comes out Kingdom Hearts 3 can finally start development, as said various times before by tons of people.

    • shikamaru317

      If this is rumor is true that is the one good piece of news buried in admidst the bad. If they dropped the action combat that more than likely means Tetsuya Nomura and his team have passed Versus off to others, which likely means they’d begin work on KH3. I do want KH3 as much as I want Versus, I just hope they don’t completely sacrifice the quality of Versus to get KH3 out faster.

  • Muhsin

    i hope the gameplay is like ff 7,8 and 10 with the menus and stuff and i hope its nothing like ff 12 and 13 so basically square soft style orginal

    • tony

      7 8 and 9, 10 was terrible
      it was the one where all you had to do was attack with the right character and didn’t have to level up at all
      ie: wolves – 1 attack from tidus

      flan – 1 lulu attack

      turtle – 1 auron attack

      bird – 1 wakka attack

      machine – 1 rikku steal
      it surprises me how people don’t seem to realize that and actually think 10 had a deep battle system, when they re-release x and x-2 a lot of the fools happy about that and not an actual new good game will be disappointed to be reminded in-game

  • you had best not be telling me the hack and slash kind of combat has been removed -_- if its similar to the ff xiii atb i’ll be fuming as the “auto battle” was retarded and broke the game

  • jab__661

    I was looking forward to the KH action based combat, but I guess I’ll buy it. If this game sucks as much as FFXIII and XIII-2, then I’ll be done with FF, or at least until they make a FFVII remake (if they do).

  • Anyone who believes this is insanely naive. You really expect the 7 years they’ve been working on this battle system that they’ll just throw that all away? Not only would the terminate the whole Kingdom Hearts team that has been working behind it but it would completely change the whole game prospectively, ultimately requiring probably another 7 or 8 years to rebuild the whole game to be consistent with the turn base style. Now if there were a battle arena where you fought using that battle system, it’d be pretty awesome 🙂

  • ink_knight

    That is a bit disappointing. One of the things I found so intriguing about Versus was the awesome looking combat system. Since the day I got hooked on FF way back on NES,I became fascinated at the evolution of the combat system. I will still play it, I hope it is better than XIII was, though presented well, and very interesting combat system, the game was far too linear.

  • Berlioz

    am laughing at all the people thinking this is true. Honestly a insider giving out facts. the chance of that is zero xD.and even if it was true, the insider would’ve at least leaked GAMEPLAY and if not gameplay some new screenshots. yet we haven’t had any of that since what? 2011. obvious troll is obvious.

  • Scarecrow

    I hope this is false which it most likely is. I like both turn based and action combat, but was really looking forward to the action combat in this game. Definitely not buying it if it is turn based. Not a fan of the XIII system.

  • Anthony

    Final fantasy 13 and 13-2 didnt impress me at all…. This game however looks/sounds so good as it is pose to have a more open world with towns/ side quests and a badass KH battle system that was faced paced and intense… The whole reason it has versus in the title was so they could do things they could not in the mainstream series and experiment a little. If it has an traditional type battle system might as well call it ff15. I wont buy it if they fuck it up……we didnt wait 7 years to hear it has a battle system similar to ff12…

  • pooponSE


    after all the fucking waiting!!! n now we get a fucking linear ff game!!!!!!!!!! screw you don’t even show it bastards!!

  • FanBestOfTetsuyaNomura

    This is fake rumor, don’t try it : Wait E3 2013 on July / THANX


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