Final Fantasy Versus XIII Listed As Final Fantasy 15, Release Date Outed By Retailer

Final Fantasy Versus XIII. GameStop. Clothing brand. Shenanigans.

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A typical reaction to the shenanigans happening over at Square-Enix would be to shrug one’s shoulders and go back to watching The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys. However, this just takes the cake. Japanese fashion brand Roen did some costume work for Square-Enix’s oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII. If you go through their biography, you’ll see that they have the game listed there.

The problem? They didn’t call the game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Not at first.


Instead, it was referred to as Final Fantasy XV. The page has evidently been this way since July 2012 and no one has picked up on it till now. Roen recently changed it to Final Fantasy XIII, stating that it was just a typo and that these kind of mistakes wouldn’t occur again in the future.

And hey, speaking of mistakes, apparently GameStop leaked the upcoming release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. A leaked checklist showcased info on several upcoming PS3 game, with FF Versus XIII listed as releasing on June 30th 2013. Of course, these release dates are usually place-holders and not indicative of the when the game will actually be released.

We’ll just have to wait for official word from Square-Enix, and hope that it arrives soon. Perhaps at E3 2013?

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  • shikamaru317

    I don’t really think renaming it makes sense. They’ve already said that it’s set in the same universe as 13. So unless they plan to remove references to the Crystals it really doesn’t make sense. I could deal with the name change, it’s not as bad as other recent rumors about the developers dropping the action combat in favor of turn based combat and making the open world more linear. But if Versus is XV, what is the new Final Fantasy game that Square teased at the PS4 unveiling? If Versus has been turned into XV, it’ll more than likely see a launch on PS3 and PS4, but Square Enix teased a new Final Fantasy game on the PS4, not a rebranded game. I guess we’ll keep playing the same wait-and-see game we’ve been playing for years. At least we know we’ll get some announcement this year.

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