First Ever In-Game Screenshot On Xbox Scorpio Revealed, Forza Motorsport 6 Port Took Just 2 Days

And there’s tons of overhead.

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The mandate for making the Xbox One Scorpio was to create powerful hardware that developers find it easy to work with- and it looks like Microsoft achieved their goals. For instance, Turn 10, the folks behind the Forza Motorsport series, apparently managed to get Forza Motorsport 6 running on the Scorpio at a native 4K and locked 60fps in just two days.

“This is us. This is ForzaTech running 60 frames a second, 4K,” said Turn 10 Studio Software Architect, Chris Tector, to Digital Foundry. “We’re still running with settings that we would have used in Forza 6… but this is also including 4K content… we’ve got authored assets for this set of the models, cars, tracks everything. We pushed it through and made sure the 4K textures were flowing through. We’ve got them all there at the right resolutions and they’re not giving us enough of a bandwidth hit to offset that. If we drop back to when we originally ran and we didn’t have 4K assets, it was maybe one per cent different. We were very much bound on a different point than memory bandwidth. It’s been awesome and this is the point it’s at.”

The amazing thing about Forza 6 on Scorpio is just how much the graphics on it could be pushed, with plenty of resources still to spare- Turn 10 said that they could push the game to Ultra level settings, and still be sitting at only 88% GPU utilization- which is nuts.

“The awesome part about the whole story [is] that we can spend all this time heading into the future,” Tector continued. “Instead of saying, ‘How are we going to wrestle to get the performance on this?’ we’re actually saying we can make this quality trade-off or this quality trade-off and spend that time iterating, heading towards much better image quality. So instead of stressing about getting to a final resolution or a final frame-rate, we can really drive it all into quality.”

Microsoft insists that this is the kind of scaleability that the Scorpio will provide over the existing Xbox One- if so, then they will have truly accomplished their goal with the hardware. We can’t wait to see how other developers utilize its considerable resources.

In-game screenshot of Forza Motorsport 6 running on the Scorpio:

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  • shinningserpent

    The beast is here and sony fangirls hiding.

    • heima

      Nope, they’ve just released their drones on NeoGaf, go figure.

    • Troy Marcel

      Wait for the comments about “it’s not about the specs” when it was all about the specs.

    • C. Hoffer

      If it was ALL about the specs, no one would own an Xbox One/S.

    • Dougdec92

      Damn that was

    • CyberCam

      Maybe cold, but true!

    • Dougdec92

      It is true though

    • Mr Xrat

      Laughing our balls off at this sad attempt to demonstrate the beast powaahaaahaha.

  • heima

    Unfortunately though, there are too many safe places for fanboys and haters.

  • Aaron T. Starks

    I think the key part people are skipping over is that this is a straight port. It wasn’t optimized at all. They just ported over, added 4K assets and ran it and it just worked with plenty of overhead left. It’s completely un-optimized.

    • Mark

      Yeah but I believe the Forza Engine is one of the best optimized engines on Xbox One, the coding that is. I think Microsoft knew that

    • Ben Arkless

      This probably the least optimized games i’ve played. Don’t believe me? Just go and play it on pc, nothing has changed since the second month of release.

    • Mark

      Really? Wow, das surprising. I don’t have PC. I know Forza plays great on Xbox. Thx for the info

    • Mr Xrat

      Furtzuh is the worst benchmark you could ever want to imagine.

  • Mark


  • ProAssassin84

    Microsoft has perfected Damage Control.

  • Mr Xrat

    Let’s analyse this screenshot, shall we?

    No anti-aliasing
    No background detail
    No dynamic weather
    No draw distance (look down the road)
    Nothing actually happening

    And it’s got 12% left at ultra textures? We can bop that dream on the head.

    It’s Forza 5 and its downgrades all over again.

  • Tomaterrrx

    4K/60fps at ultra on closed environment track racing game from 2015? Pretty neat for a console. If this works out. I think native 4K/30fps at high-ultra could be doable for the next couple of years


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