Forza Horizon 3, Scalebound, May Be Coming to PC

But no Gears of War 4. Not yet, anyway.

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At this point, Microsoft are putting all their first party games on the Xbox One on Windows 10 PCs too, via the Windows Store. In a lot of ways, this strategy makes absolutely no sense. On the other hand, for Microsoft, who have always been more concerned about software and services than hardware and devices, this is probably what they are most comfortable doing.

So it comes as no surprise that future Microsoft games are now being anticipated to be moved to PC too- a file found among the ones for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition seems to suggest multiple upcoming Xbox One games will be making the jump too. The games included in this list are Scalebound and the still unannounced Forza Horizon 3. The full list, courtesy of DSO Gaming, is:

  • Microsoft.Gunpowder
  • Microsoft.4Elements2
  • Microsoft.AWorldOfKeflings
  • Microsoft.Adera
  • Microsoft.Adera-Lite
  • Microsoft.AgeCastles (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.AgeofEmapiresCastleSiege (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.AlphaJax
  • Microsoft.AoECastleBeta (Age of Empires Castle)
  • Microsoft.ApexPG (Forza Motorsport 6: Apex)
  • Microsoft.ArvadaBeta
  • Microsoft.AtariGameOver
  • Microsoft.Ausar
  • Microsoft.BigBuckHunter
  • Microsoft.Bingo-Beta
  • Microsoft.BulldogThreshold
  • Microsoft.BulldogThresholdClosedBeta
  • Microsoft.ColdAlley
  • Microsoft.CrashCourse2
  • Microsoft.DisneyFairies
  • Microsoft.DisneyFairiesHiddenTreasures-Lite
  • Microsoft.DisneysLittleMermaid
  • Microsoft.EdenFalls
  • Microsoft.EdenFallsBeta
  • Microsoft.EndlessSkater
  • Microsoft.EveryStreetUnited (Sports Game)
  • Microsoft.FableLegends
  • Microsoft.FieldStreamFishing
  • Microsoft.Fishdom3SpecialEdition
  • Microsoft.GalacticReign
  • Microsoft.CollateralDamage
  • Microsoft.GNS-TEST-APP
  • Microsoft.GoCargoBeta
  • Microsoft.GoCargoBeta2
  • Microsoft.GunpowderLITE
  • Microsoft.HaloChannel
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssault
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssault2
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssaultiOS
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanStrike-Beta
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanStrikeiOS
  • Microsoft.HaloSpartanAssaultLite
  • Microsoft.Hexic
  • Microsoft.HoganThreshold
  • Microsoft.HoganThresholdClosedBeta
  • Microsoft.HoloStudio (HoloLens HDK)
  • Microsoft.Ilomilo
  • Microsoft.KillerInstinct-Win10
  • Microsoft.KinectimalsUnleashed
  • Microsoft.Kodu
  • Microsoft.Lucille
  • Microsoft.MaxTheCurseofBrotherhood
  • Microsoft.Minecraft
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftBingo
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftJackpot
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftJigsaw
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftMahjong
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftMinesweeper
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftNumberPuzzle
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollectionPreview
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSudoku
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftTreasureHunt
  • Microsoft.Microsoft.ProjectDenver
  • Microsoft.MinecraftUWP
  • Microsoft.MonstersLoveCandy
  • Microsoft.MSDonuts
  • Microsoft.NFLonWindows10
  • Microsoft.OpusPG (Forza Horizons 3)
  • Microsoft.OriandtheBlindForestDefinitiveEdition
  • Microsoft.ProjectCastlesBeta (Age of Empires)
  • Microsoft.ProjectFlair-Beta (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectFortune (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectKnoxville (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.ProjectMercury (Press Play Game)
  • Microsoft.Dakota
  • Microsoft.ProjectSparkWebsite
  • Microsoft.QuantumBreak
  • Microsoft.Studios.RecklessRacingUltimate
  • Microsoft.RecklessRacingUltimateLITE
  • Microsoft.ReCore
  • Microsoft.RocketRiot
  • Microsoft.RosewoodFP
  • Microsoft.RoyalEnvoyIISpecialEdition
  • Microsoft.Scalebound
  • Microsoft.SecretsTreasureTheLostCities
  • Microsoft.SecretsTreasureTheLostCitiesBeta
  • Microsoft.SesameStreetTouchandLearnTV
  • Microsoft.ShadowPackPC
  • Microsoft.ShuffleParty
  • Microsoft.SkullsOfTheShogun
  • Microsoft.Studios.HydroThunderHurricane
  • Microsoft.Studios.PinballFx2
  • Microsoft.Studios.TheWavyTubeManChronicles
  • Microsoft.Studios.ToySoldiersColdWar
  • Microsoft.Studios.Wordament
  • Microsoft.StudiosRMTestApp
  • Microsoft.Taptiles
  • Microsoft.TeamCrossword
  • Microsoft.Tentacles
  • Microsoft.TentaclesII
  • Microsoft.TentaclesEnterTheMind
  • Microsoft.TheGunstringer
  • Microsoft.TheHarvestHD
  • Microsoft.ThisIsOnlyATest
  • Microsoft.TJComboBoxingBeta
  • Microsoft.TYtheTasmanianTiger
  • Microsoft.UglyCastles
  • Microsoft.VisitEdenFalls (Eden Falls Demo?)
  • Microsoft.WordamentTapSnap
  • Microsoft.WSOPFullHousePro
  • Microsoft.XboxBriefingE32014
  • Microsoft.XboxFitness
  • Microsoft.XboxSport
  • Microsoft.Zombies
  • Microsoft.ZooTycoon3
  • Microsoft.ZTFBeta (Zoo Tycoon Free?)
  • Microsoft.zzzXLConfigTest
  • Microsoft.14822C0D9D6C2

The fact that all the Microsoft games that have been confirmed for the PC so far are included in this list gives it a lot of legitimacy. It also makes it clear that Microsoft’s support for PC this time may in fact end up being more than just a flash in the pan as it has been in the past.

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  • Michael Norris

    Ok so Scalebound on Pc will be awesome!

    • Mark

      It should look incredible on PC!

  • Starman

    Surprised the fangirls didn’t come out ….Oh wait ! , if it were going to steam , XBox fans wouldn’t hear the end of it , lol at least i have a choice now …If there isn’t any major multiplayer , I’m going with the PC, I have enough time to build the one I truly want….

  • Mark

    Their strategy absolutely makes sense Pramath; Phil recently stated that this move will allow them to reinvest in more new IP and sequels, to Xbox and PC. That’s hardly a loss to us Xbots brother lol. Alot of people are getting lost in translation here.

  • Terminator

    Cross-buy on all those games!

  • Terminator

    Seas of Thieves and Halo Wars 2 are not on that list…and they are PC games as well.

  • Mr Xrat

    And more nails fall into the coffin.

    • Truth™

      PC Gaming wins. POS4 has nothing except a delayed and downgraded uncharted rehash and that’s it. Gonna laugh when FF XV, Star Ocean and Persona 5 launch for PC.

      Hilarious. The Playstation brand is being taken down by its own incompetence and will be truly killed when the switch to PC finally happens since no one will want a sub-1080P sub 30FPS piece of trash when the glory of PC awaits 🙂


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