Forza Motorsport 5: A True Showcase For Xbox One’s Graphics Prowess

Check out how real life track textures compare to Forza 5’s tracks.

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Forza 5_track vs real life

Open the image in a new tab to see it in full screen.

Though Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport 5 was scrutinized heavily on its release, both in terms of its visuals and gameplay features, there’s no denying that the game looks amazing. A Reddit user recently took part in an Indy 500 Mini Marathon and compared the quality of the track’s texture with textures from Forza 5. Check it out above.

These aren’t meant to be the same track, side by side, but when you look at the detail of the gravel in real life and contrast it to the in-depth textures of the virtual track, the level of detail is just plain amazing. You could be picky and say the Xbox One is still incapable of perfectly mimicking real life but for a launch title, it’s a great start.

What does the future hold for Forza Motorsport? We’ll find out at E3 2014 when Microsoft holds its media briefing so stay tuned for further details on the same. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the detail in Forza 5.

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  • SasukeUchiha

    This looks impressive but not even to close to real life “No fanboy”.

    • Reddz Foxx

      I bet you still cant tell which is real and which is computer generated. That was the point and I think it was accomplished.

  • John Doe

    I definitively agree, every time I launch this game I feel confident regarding Xbox One raw power. In addition to that this baby is running in a rock solid 1080p / 60 fps … even if it was rushed to be ready for Xbox One launch window. Great work Turn 10 !

    • Lujo

      Well, how about this :

      Model during the race :

      Model in Autovista :

      Same thing in FM4 :

    • John Doe

      Honestly ? You can find this kind of comparison for every exclusive game exclusive which is considered to be a graphic reference for Sony or MIcrosoft.
      Just a kind of toolbox dedicated to fanboys in order to fuel the console war. I doubt those screenshot are coming from your console, no ?
      Anyway, this game look amazing as Gamebolt is highlighting it, definitively.

    • Jason Mourn

      F5 is a first wave racer on the XONE, but manage to run at 1080p/60 already.. the potential is provenly great! Bake or not.


      Drive Club is a first wave racer on the PS4, but it’s “being targeted” for 1080p/30 with all “the bells and whistles” on. Well, it should be 1080p/60 regardless, because when you praise it as the most “powerful” console then it should be no compromises, bake or not, right? Where are the GDDR5 and 1.8TF monsters go? they still NEED to optimize it? It’s getting butt-kicked by a less-powerful console? Sorry that’s lame.

      Ponies will always be mad because the resolution and fps numbers are both higher on the Forza 5, bake or not, It’s reality.

      1080p/60 >>> 1080p/30 for racing games. We’re talking about the same genre here, not two different genre. But fanboys failed logic is “iTz NOt the SaME GaME!!1!” to avoid reality.

      Fanboys can’t spin it, they’re too slow.


    • Michael Norris

      LOL,dude stop spooning with your Xbone….just stop boning it.Drive Club makes Forza 5 look like a 360 title….to think of it i seen screenshots of Forza 5 vs Forza 4 and really couldn’t tell them apart.Forza 5 looks like trash even compared to Need for Speed Rivals.Sorry but if the racing game isn’t a sim 60fps isn’t required.You say where is the GDD5 and 1.8tf blah blah…wait did you say…both resolution and frame rate is higher on Forza….lol 1080p Drive Club look at those environments…would run 900p 15fps on Xbone.

    • Michael Norris

      You are delusional and look 3d crowd… DC is way beyond F5 the difference is with 30fps you can get a much better looking game,these are not bullshots unlike F5 which looks nothing like the screenshots.

    • Guest

      Ridge Racer was a first wave game and ran at 1080p60fps and set the stage for all other games to come for the PS3, oh wait! Forza is an unimpressive POS and took all the power of the X1, Turn 10 said so. They even said it almost wasnt possible. So thats the X1’s full power. WEAK!!!!!
      Project Cars a multiplat sh*ts all over it

    • Michael Norris


    • Guest

      then you got low standards and are easily impressed or just suffer a really bad case of fanboyitis. Cuz the X1 does not have alot of raw power. Its weak, extremely weak. Just dumb fanboys always thinking these consoles are better than they really are. Tablet CPU, midrange laptop GPU, low bandwidth all for to much.

    • John Doe

      “It’s weak, extremely weak”
      “Just dumb fanboys”
      “you got low standards”

  • Blazin_28

    Not much to compare here. Most of the scene is blurred. You can have some parts of the game that looks good and still have an overall “weak” image. Cannot wait to see how the next one turns out. Not overly impressed with this one. I know project cars and drive club didn’t make launch but they look way way better overall, and they are still not even complete yet

    • marc berry

      Did you read it? it’s about the testure on the road >_<.

    • Michael Norris

      When you are racing you can’t see those textures.Even so F5 has horrid AF i doubt it uses it just looks like a blurred mess.

  • DarthDiggler

    Racing games are nearly on rails so not the best demonstration of a systems hardware.

  • Sylmaron

    Yes it looks nice but I could not help noticing a lot of jaggies when ingame.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    The image on the left looks like a out of focus photograph and the image on the right looks like like it was produced on a computer. So which is real and which is supposed to be XB1? If it is supposed to be a comparison of what – a crappy photographer/camera vs. digital image? The one on the right is preferred as far as I am concerned. If it isn’t reality that is a good thing.

  • Guest

    There was no dynamic lighting, only pre-baked
    No dynamic weather
    Poor textures and lower draw distance
    Downgrade in shadows and lighting
    Poor Anti-Aliasing
    2d crowds and trees so poor environmental detail and low-poly environmental geometry
    Environmental self-shadowing has been removed
    Pre-baked shadows across the buildings and muted geometry for easy LOD caching and buffering

    All to get 1080p 60fps – I would have rather it be 720p and had most of those…

    • Failz

      And Forza 5 still looks amazing. Wait until Forza 6 comes out and does all those things you mentioned.

    • Guest

      DriveClub looks like a paupers’ game with 30fps and BS pauperupgrade options.

  • V For Vincennes

    Slow day for GamingBolt? (which I imagine is every day).

  • Midori Inaba

    A racing game???

  • Guest

    “You could be picky and say the Xbox One is still incapable of perfectly mimicking real life but”
    It isnt even capable of perfectly mimicking the PS4, the graphics and the system or inferior to the PS4. Also, these pictures are garbage. Of course they are gonna look similar, they are both similarly blurred to death. How are you supposed to compared detail when they are both so blurry. Its a really stupid comparison from a stupid X1 fanboy rag of a site. I noticed that Gamingbolt banned all the sony fanboys but kept all the X1 fanboys.

  • Guest

    Poor $0N¥ paupers, still trying to downplay the console from the competitor raking in the money when you low IQ schmucks are following a pauperbrand to their doom.
    $0N¥ Paupers are the losers of society, sitting 24/7 behind their keyboards because they failed at real life.


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