Forza Motorsport 6 Visual Analysis: Weather Comparison With DriveClub, Graphical Details And More

Does Turn 10’s newest Forza build on its predecessor while taking advantage of the Xbox One?

Posted By | On 25th, Sep. 2015 Under Article, Graphics Analysis

It’s not easy putting out yearly sequels, especially when it comes to racing simulators. Though Microsoft Game Studios has taken to alternating between its Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport franchises on a yearly basis, it still takes a phenomenal effort to realistically simulate the racing while continuing to make improvements and increase the quality of visuals.

Forza Motorsport 5 had a rather tough task back in 2013. The Xbox One had just released and being a launch title meant it didn’t take advantage of the increased power and optimization of later games. Nonetheless, it was still one of the few Xbox One titles to have a 1080p resolution and locked 60 FPS frame rate, that too with minimal drops at times. Over time, the Xbox One has seen changes to the overall SDK with an extra CPU core unlocked to further add to the console’s power.

In the case of Forza Motorsport 6, it marks a return to form for Turn 10 Studios this year. With the addition of rainy roads and their overall effect on tracks, it’s amazing to note just how Forza Motorsport 6 improves on Forza Motorsport 5, even if these improvements aren’t immediately noticeable to those who spent time with the latter. How exactly does it compare to Forza 5, especially now that it can take advantage of the console’s new found power? For that matter, when viewed in relation to sterling efforts like Project CARS and DriveClub, is it able to stand out? What exactly is up with all those puddles you’ve been hearing about? Let’s find out below.

Complete visual analysis of Forza Motorsport 6 including comparison with DriveClub. Please select 1080p and 60fps playback option.

Head to head screenshot comparison between Forza Motorsport 6 and DriveClub.

Running at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, Forza Motorsport 6 has better overall texture filtering on road surfaces that are closer to the car. Forza Motorsport 5 uses a trilinear filtering approach while Forza 6 seems to be using AFX 8. Though it’s an improvement, it tends to be a little off as one looks further into the distance.

In terms of anti-aliasing, Forza Motorsport 6 actually uses Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing, a solution introduced with AMD’s HD 6900 cards which uses minimal video memory. The sharpening of jaggies here is fairly similar to Project CARS; at times, we noticed some jagged edges on fences and rails. Overall, it’s a decent custom solution and must have made for easier development given that the Xbox One’s architecture is inherently AMD-based. However, it does leave room for improvement at the end of the day.

Forza Motorsport 6 does live up to the promise of better weather systems though. Alpha and volumetric effects have been improved significantly, as dust floating around and enhanced fog can be noticed in places. Night races are fully supported now as is rain and puddles left on tracks. We couldn’t help but compare Forza 6 to Evolution Studios’ DriveClub in terms of rain. DriveClub used real world scenarios for considering the velocity, speed and intensity of rain along with the physical effect of and the angle of rain drops. This resulted in a realistic accumulation of rain drops on windows and they even interacted and moved around on the door and wind screen depending on the wind movement and the car’s speed.

So does Forza Motorsport 6’s rain measure up to DriveClub? Unfortunately, it’s not as stellar but taken on its own, the rain effects are excellent overall. Turn 10 has lived up to its promise of puddles and their formation altering the way your races play out. Suddenly braking at a puddle after traveling at high speeds could cause your car to spin out of control, for instance. The puddle formation and deformation is static however, making us wonder why Turn 10 didn’t implement dynamic puddles. It would have certainly been a nice touch overall. It’s also odd how rain effects don’t carry over into night races. Maybe it would have made things too difficult from a gameplay perspective? Regardless, this would certainly have provided some intriguing sights to races.

When it comes to texture quality, Turn 10 has its cars locked down. The physical material based rendering that they used results in an excellent representation of light sources. Combine this with screen space reflections on water and the car roof, among other places, and you’ve got quite the pretty picture. Interestingly, if you notice closely, objects are now reflected in puddles although the quality of these is average. Similarly, the image quality of reflections on the bonnet and rear view mirror (which runs at 30 FPS, compared to the remaining game’s 60 FPS frame rate) look decent. Forza Motorsport 6 continues the series’ tradition of top notch art design and we couldn’t be more thankful.

In game screenshots showcasing excellent texture quality, screen space reflections, dynamic lighting and more.

We do wish for some better physics effects at times though. Though there are improvements when it comes to damage, there are situations where the opposite force implementation – such as when a car crashes into a tire wall – are incorrect. No matter where you hit the tire wall, there is a single reaction to the car every time. Then again, this is still better than Forza Motorsport 5.

If you’re coming into Forza Motorsport 6 from not having played any racing game up till now, you’ll be suitably impressed by what its visuals have to offer. The engine accurately and beautifully models its cars without a hitch in the frame rate and in glorious 1080p. There are a few nit-picks here and there when it comes to the EQAA, the quality of some reflections, the odd implementation of physics effects in crashes and whatnot. However, it’s still a very good looking game.

Those who have played Forza Motorsport 5 can view this as an evolution of that formula with Turn 10 learning more about the Xbox One architecture and utilizing it to implement more subtle effects and improvements to the racing experience. Night races and the effects of puddles on racing are great and even if there are some places where it doesn’t quite measure up to DriveClub on the PS4, once again it stands very well on its own right, providing one of the best racing experiences possible today.

Note: Analysis was carried out by Bill Smith.

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  • Psionicinversion

    it would never of matched upto driveclub anyway even if both consoles were the same power because one is 30fps and 1 is 60fps. driveclub has alot more time to process those effects than forza does

    • Rodney Patrick


    • Psionicinversion

      needs alot more power to render at locked 60fps over locked 30fps so effects and that would need to be reduced to accomodate it

    • nova

      I agree.

    • Tech junkie

      Physics also take a significant amount of processing power

    • nova

      As do dynamic global illumination, dynamic weather, dynamic day/night cycle and several things you won’t on FM6…

    • Leslie Siegel

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    • XbotMK1

      Yeah, and Driveclub runs at 30 frames which allows for better physics.

    • Tech junkie

      Except Driveclub is arcade Forza is sim, and you still hate Microsoft cause your only friend bought an Xbox and doesn’t talk to you anymore

    • Lamont McNair

      Forza Horizon 2 runs at 30fps as well, what’s the excuse for that?

    • Psionicinversion

      open world. Open world games generally target 30fps because of it needing to stream the world in so gives the game time to do it and process it. Track racers should be 60fps really

  • red2k

    Forza 6 seems better its more realistic and runs at 60fps. Drive Club is a good source of art direction. I think the artists made a huge job with Drive Club, they put all of the visual elements at the best way to create a feeling of realism.They had an advantage because Drive Club is a fictional world and they can use all of the element on the scene as they want not exactly like Forza that the tracks need represent a real places but either way they made a good job.



      Are u blind?!

      “Highlighting 2:00 ahead”…

      You see the diference now?! …Your Forza seems like a old gen game, and DC seems like the real life… That’s the HUGE diference…

    • red2k

      That video runs at 30fps maybe Drive Club runs well at 30fps but Forza 6 not. Literally you are choping the 50% of the FPS from Forza 6. plus the video was compressed by Youtube and showing one of the most untealistic level of Forza (Rio). I recomend that you buy the game and compare both in real time.



      Comparing both on real time will be much more shameful to Forza, DC is photorealistic, Forza 6 is even worse than Project Cars graphically…

      Technically and graphically DC is a whole gen ahead of these competitors, each car of Dc has absurds 250k polygons, and shamefully, Forza and Project Cars doesn’t have even a fraction of this… So…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Project cars on PC on ultra settings has between 200k and 300k per car so it can be even higher than driveclub. Console versions you are right though . They feature 80k per car which is bloody terrible. No wonder the game looks so much better on PC.


      Dumb… Each car of DC have 250k polygons… If you doubt it, google it!!

      Btw, Project Cars even with “ultra” settings on the PC, lose compared to DC, that is much more realistic and powerful, and with the best dynamic weather of all times… As far… Thse videos speak by itself!! 🙂

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I am not dumb , you are forgetting the PC version of Project cars has many more cars in the race than driveclub all with that poly count. So go and take your fanboyism elsewhere and live in reality for a change. Poly count is impressive in drive club but just nowhere near the capabilities of 980ti’s and so forth which is understandable due to pricing sure.


      The reality is that you, pcgamers, not accept that a “console game” crush your favorite games graphically and visually… That’s the reality…

      The Order1886 and Driveclub crush every game on your PC graphically, that’s the reality…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      You do realise the graphics card in the PS4 is that of a PC laptop from 2013?
      I didn’t say i don’t game on console anyway i have 2 x xbox one’s and a ps4. I have the order 1886 and yes it is impressive. It has great art direction and some scenes but is more of an interactive movie than a game alot of the time.
      It also has a reduced screen resolution and runs at a very low framerate so this could easily be achieved on PC as well if they chose to.
      To say PS4 can crush a 980ti you are just living in dreamland.
      Take a look at every open world game out there and the PC is miles in front in visuals and framerate and it will always be the case.
      There is no use living in denial. It doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy console gaming as well though just within it’s limits.

      Consoles have their place as far as exclusives go and i enjoy Tombraider on Xbox one but i will get it again on PC so i can play it properly at a much higher framerate as it’s just more fun to play games that respond quicker to actions.

      Even Witcher 3 there is not even a close comparison to PC yet it was dumbed down considerably to take consoles into account.

      So go and bleet to someone else about how great console graphics are as you are only embarrassing yourself.

      Go and ask CDPR how difficult it is to maintain a semi decent framerate on Witcher 3 on console.

      Have a look at the limitations of consoles with Direct X 12 implementation going forward too.

      If you are going to mention Arkham Knight to try and prove a point , it runs at 80-90 fps on 980ti in 1440p at settings far exceedings the ps4. PC does sometimes get held back by lack of effort by programmers but things are usually fixed quickly due to public outcry.

      PC is still the most popular gaming platform in existence so get used to it.


      Dumb (again)… LOL

      Your mind is closed…

      The Order 1886 is a powerful game (only haters that never played keep crying about it be an “movie”), it render 1920×800 (same aspect than FullHD just adding the black bars)

      4XMSAA, 30 solids fps (very fluid) with more than 100k each char (there are areas with many of them in the same screen, so…

      what part i said about PS4’s card be more powerful than a 980TI?!?!?!

      What i say is, the PS4 is a mid-range PC, BUT, it does better and more realistic graphics than the PC does, buit why?!?! …It simple, the work pf Sony’s first-parties… They are the BEST in the field!!!

      So, that’s for you, that never played The Order on the real life…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I already told you i have the order 1886 and i liked it. So you read alot of what i said then and not sure why you keep preaching at me about a game i already said i quite liked.
      I am talking about decent PC specs such as 1440p at 60 fps and above not 1080p 30 fps.
      I never said the consoles can’t create decent graphics but they are struggling to even reach 1080p with decent framerates.
      30 fps is nothing in 2015. You need minimum of 60 fps to be smooth and sorry but the order 1886 is not smooth it is like jogging in movement. It is quite slow and plodding and the combat is really just gears of war without the headstomp.

      A shame as the atmosphere is indeed brilliant as is the acting and characterisation.

      We are still years away from being able to expect this level of fidelity in an open world title such as assassins creed though unfortunately.

      I am well aware of the capability of a 980ti and even if PC games aren’t always graphical marvels framerate and smoothness are most important to me and consoles just lag so far behind after being used to PC’s.

      I still enjoy games such as Until Dawn and i am looking forward to Horizon zero dawn on PS4 but games such as tombraider i would choose PC over Ps4 anyday as well as any open world titles , basically anything that is not exclusive to PS4.
      I have about 6 games on PS4, about the same on XboxOne just none of the other games interest me or i already have them on PC.


      It’s clear to me now, the problem is you!!!

      Because no matter what you do, your beloved PC will stay behind the consoles when we talking about graphics… If you disagree, pls, feel free to show what game you have on your PC that have better graphics than The order and Driveclub… Stop talking and prove it on the practice!!

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      When you can show me console games that run at 144 hz in 1440p sure then i’ll play your game.
      I already said i game on all consoles and still enjoy them to a degree but only a moron is going to say 30 fps is decent for a framerate in 2015.
      Lets see what Driveclub and Order 1886 look like running at 60 fps or 100 fps for instance.



      But you can play them on your beloved PC running at 60fps for instance… #Youtube/Chrome

      Dumb… LMAO

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      i have both games and they are ok i just said they would benefit from higher framerates. Driveclub is one of the most boring car racing games though. i wish it was more like Project Gotham Series. That was awesome for it’s time.
      it might look good in youtube videos but actually playing it compared to Forza series is a chore.
      As for better graphics. Take a look at Starwars Battlefront on PC . it looks good on console , it looks incredible on PC. Far better than anything you can possibly do on a console and you know it.
      Even Battlefield 4 is better looking than any console game. It’s just a crazy comparison. Looking forward to playing Tombraider in 144 fps this month too. When’s it out on Ps4 again?

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      What on earth are you babbling about? I have the order and i runs like slug. Yes it looks good but it also has a terribly slow pace deliberately so it can stream in the graphics. How do you think they managed to do it and why it can’t keep much in memory at any given time? Compared to the vast open areas of Battlefield 4 they are much more impressive on PC. Wasn’t talking about console versions.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      You are trying to compare game engines running at a lousy 30 fps against ones capable of 144fps Plus.
      Pc Players rightly don’t settle for lousy 30 fps for shooters as it is crap.

      Battle Field 4 looks amazing on PC.

      Killzone struggles to even stay at 30 fps. Sure it looks good but it runs at 30 fps so it’s rather boring.
      I have Killzone as i have PS4 and XboxOne . Paid $8 for Killzone which it is probably worth.

      So i don’t know what you think you are achieving by posting pictures from a game i have myself. PC will always be superior just face facts. I like consoles too but i recognise the limitations something you seem to be blinded from for whatever reason.

      Just accept consoles will never offer the vast variety and quality of PC titles and can’t be altered by yourself via modding either.

      Maybe spend some time playing PC games on a decent PC then come back and see how you go with your silly comparisons.

      I like the graphics in the Order 1886 as well i just wish it ran at 60+ fps is all. There is some talk that title may be making it’s way to PC so that will be interesting if so.



      60fps… 60fps… 60fps… talk… AGAIN!!! …Numbers, numbers, numbers… OMG!!!

      You not show any pics proving your arguments… LMAO!!

      Killzone SF runs at 1080p/30-45fps unlocked… Not only 30fps… If you really have it, you would have noticed… LMAO…

      I have another PC with AMD FX 8000 series + R9-290X, so…

      My PC have much more power, in THEORY, but in PRACTICE, it haven’t games of the The Order level, graphically and visually speaking… So…

      Try hard next… AGAIN!! …LMAO XDDD

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      ACtually unlocked 30 to 45 means it would stutter so you have no idea what you are talking about. 290x is no longer cutting edge. It was very good a couple of years ago. So upgrade to something like 980ti system then compare for a start . I am talking about 144 fps with PC not 60 fps for Project cars but you seem incapable of comprehension today. You are the try hard just give up as for some reason you are trying to convince someone who uses not only XboxOne , PS4 but also PC. Try converting someone who doesn’t have a PS4 perhaps but has a high end PC and watch them laugh hysterically at you.
      How am i going to show you a static picture to convince you of movement you fool?


      Numbers… And numbers again… Your life is resumed by numbers only…

      Spend alot of money yo upgrade to 980Ti to lose graphically to my PS4?!?!?! …#The Order 1886 #Driveclub #Horizon Zero Dawn #Uncharted 4

      You have no games making proper use of your game card like Sony’s 1st parties does.. #Deal With It

      Btw, you have only multiplat leftovers to compare…

      …BUT, multiplat on PS4 isn’t synonymous of it’s power, because multiplats on PS4 is made using ONE of the TWO APi’s of PS4, YES PS4 have nothing less than TWO APi’s…

      A multiplat APi called “GNMX” and is a HIGH LEVEL APi, very simplistic used only for multiplat games

      But, the second APi is called “GNM”, and is by far, the most powerful APi, very complex, the LOWEST LEVEL APi on the market, the only one that “can go down to the metal”, and ONLY used by Sony’s 1st Parties… Feel the difference now?!?!?!

      That “GNM” LOWEST LEVEL APi is responsible for the best graphics EVER, and responsible for:

      #The Order 1886 (CGi Playable)


      #Horizon Zero Dawn

      #Detroit Become human

      #Uncharted 4

      BY FAR, THE BEST GRAPHICS AND VISUALS EVER MADE… So, your comparisons are totally unfounded… TRY HARD NEXT… AGAIN….. o/

      PS: Are you employee of Nvidia?!?!

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      How many times do i have to tell you i already have both Drive Club and the Order 1886. I got a PS4 mostly for Uncharted 4 so not knocking Naughty Dog at all.

      However these are only small environments in order 1886 with constant loading for instance . It uses alot of streaming to get those visuals which is why the game is designed the way it is so it doesn’t overtax the PS4.
      The PS4 can’t address all of it’s 8GB GDDR5 Ram at once for instance due to bottlenecking issues.

      It has nothing to do with low level programming that is achieving those visuals. Order 1886 may be coming to PC anyway from what has been talked about and it will offer the same visuals in much higher resolutions and framerates anyway if it does so.

      Drive club is just not that impressive graphically to me as i can play PC games at 144 fps in 1440p.
      It is not even using a decent graphics filter. It looks like vaseline has been spread on the screen which hides aliasing issues.
      Uncharted 4 is not even released , all we have seen is preproduction outside of Mp . I am confident Naughty Dog should hopefully be able to make a decent game of it but time will tell. Framerate is still most likely locked at 30 fps which is disappointing.

      Horizon Zero Dawn is restricted to 30 fps. You fail to realise The PC gaming community as a whole does not accept 30 fps as an acceptable standard which is why 60 fps is considered the norm.
      A PC could easily Surpass a PS4 game visually if the maximum framerate was to be restricted to 30 fps.
      However you fail to comprehend how the low framerate is the only reason PS4 is able to achieve these visuals in the first place.
      You also can’t seem to comprehend what a massive visual difference the PC affords running at much higher resolutions. There is just no comparison. You can have the most detailed graphics on PS4 but without decent resolution it doesn’t stand up too well and will always look fuzzy in filtering to hide anomolies.

      I haven’t even heard of ”Detroit become Human”.
      No i am not an employer of Nvidia though i have been using the tech since original 3DFX days and still more impressed with the coloured lighting of Quake than most new shooters.

      I think you also underestimate what we are going to see from PC going forward with DX12 and Windows 10.
      Not to mention how good VR is on PC compared to consoles.

      I like consoles for exclusives , However the PC is always adaptable and you can see excessive changes just by swapping out a graphics card for something more powerful.
      Something just not possible on consoles.

      Granted i think you are right in graphical standards needing to be better on PC as for now they have to allow for low level PC’s as much as high level in settings.
      However when you look at something like Star Citizen surely you can’t say a PS4 could do that?

      Plus you miss the important factor , having the freedom to play games at 144fps in 1440p is not losing out graphically to a PS4 stuck mostly at 1080p 30 fps as a norm.
      If you are happy with 30 fps standard then that’s great i just expect much more from PC and it’s easy to obtain it.

      I will keep my consoles for the few exclusives i play from time to time but honestly i haven’t even found a dozen games between Xboxone and Ps4 that are actually worth playing.
      Pc i have over 1500 games on the system some of which i have put hundreds of hours into.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      You do realise The Order 1886 is likely to come to PC anyway ? Even the dev said it is likely at some point.
      On PS4 it only runs in 1920×800 resolution which frees up 30% extra GPU power. This is the real reason they were able to achieve better graphics yet could still only target 30 fps even with reduced resolution. This really shows the limitations of current console tech.

      However when you get time read this as there are shortcomings.

      It mostly maintains 30 fps but there are significant drops where fog is introduced for instance.



      It was only the first year when T.O was launched, and even so, T.O CRUSHED every game on your beloved PC…

      Btw, T.O is 1920×800 BUT, using 4XMSAA, and every char on the have ABSURDS 100K polygons, and are MANY parts that are FIVE chars in the same screen, and that’s alot of rendering power in action… Try hard next bro… 🙂

      PS: The Order’s IP is trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment…
      R@D exchanged their rights to the Sony publish the title.. Research more “genius”… o/

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      It does not mean due to poor sales that Sony won’t release it to PC genius. In any case did you read the article as it is not as good as you were trying to make out. They took many shortcuts. It is impressive for what they had to work with though granted. The slow pace is a real shame though. It would be great at 60 fps plus. That is not to sprout a number just a fact that shooters benefit greatly from fast framerates.

      The other thing i hope they remove from any sequels to Order 1886 if they do one is quicktime like events as it spoils the game. It derails Tombraider as well which was quite excellent if only they had have removed quicktime from it.

      There is no way PC players would accept reduced resolution anyway so it would have to be at least 1080p 60 .


      Are you serious?!?! …SERIOUS?!

      Sony releasing The Order (their own IP) on PC?!?! …OMG

      You lost the reason… Im stoping with ya… have a nice day/night…


      Accept that bro, your expensive PC is losing graphically to a console of 399 bucks… Deal With It!!!

      Btw, you didn’t show me a more realistic game on your PC than The order… Stop talking now, prove me, stop with theory, show in the practice…

      This pic is PHOTOREALISTIC, it’s like a real life, CGI playable…

      And your PC?! …Just with leftovers, MULTIPLATS…

      You know what means, MULTIPLATS?!?! …LEFTOVERS!!!…Lower quality games compared to PS exclusives… PCgamer is a BEGGAR only… Petitions… LEFTOVERS… PETITIONS… LEFTOVERS…

      Moer PETITIONS?!

      Bloodborne is Sony’s IP…

      PS: And Bloodborne not used lowest level APi of the PS4 “GNM”… It used a multiplat high-level, APi “GNMX” and it’s still awesome

      Do you like to know about the TWO APi’s of the PS4?!?! …You not answered me about this… o/

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Then why can’t they get decent framerates out of the machine at 1080p ? You haven’t answered this?
      Take a look at visuals of battlefront from PC to ps4 it is laughable what you are saying.


      LMAO… New generation, MORE COMPLEX GAMES, simple like that… 60fps doesn’t mean beautiful a realistic games…

      battlefront on PC?! It’s a joke huh?!?!…

      Press ZOOM and get disappointed… LMAO XD

      In The Order, press ZOOM and you’ll be amazed… Trying that fail argument again huh?!?!

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      lol press Zoom in The Order and you are lucky if it can even hold a 30 fps framerate. lol you are just defending that the consoles are not as powerful as you try to make out. You are the one living in denial not me.
      I am left wondering why you keep defending a console we both own so i am assuming you work for Sony or one of it’s subdiduaries otherwise there is no reason at all why you are so far up them with all the lies you keep sprouting. Even when i show you the evidence that the visuals are not all they are cracked up to be you try and find ways around it.
      I didn’t say it isn’t impressive for that hardware anyway and you still keep banging on with nonsense.


      Press ZOOM in The Order and be amazed bro… Try by itself… o/

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I have lol , There are plenty of games that look good zoomed in. Just what you are not accepting is the limitations of the graphics engine. Can’t you see why it’s so limited in actual gameplay? Just not even taking into account framerate, visuals , anything , just the stop start nature and how you have to walk to often to get anywhere in rooms with repeating textures , so many closed off sections you can’t get to. I think it looks good too i just wish there was a decent game in there to play.

      I hope this is not the future of gaming is all. We need wide open space games with complex AI and Complex physics.


      Btw, your Battlefront your comes down only at rocks, rocks, rocks… And more rocks… And snow (everything white)… It’s laughable… LMAO

      Meanwhile The order…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Meanwhile the order runs at a meandering pace that just about sends one to sleep lol. Much easier to render quality when it’s mostly a walking simulator.
      Gears of War looked good when it came out too , Better than most games yet in reality it was just a narrow corridor shooter.
      So is this however there is nowhere near enough actual action.
      It sells at a very low price which is the only reason i bought it. I think it was about $11.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      lol it’s like watching Game of thrones with a few quicktime like events thrown in and the occasional Turkey shoot and you know it. The annoying thing is you know you are sprouting garbage and just trying to be annoying.
      There is no way you can deny all the faults with The order 1886 and how boring it is to play. Style over substance but that seems to be the game you like to play.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      It uses 4xMSAA on selected objects only. It also has rubbish quality on other objects of lesser significance. Also it doesn’t use reflective or refractive surfaces.


      That’s your opinion, a PCgamer and hater…

      Btw, EVERYTHING is reflective on The Order, just char isn’t…

      Different of you, im proving what im talking…

      Watch all the video, you’ll like of the final…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      yet nothing works in mirrors. i have the game why would i want to watch it?



      That’s the only thing that you’ve proved… LMAO XDDDD

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      proven what?i am not trying to prove anything just amazed you think the game is so good lol. The reflection was a joke by the way but you didn’t seem to get it . It’s long been considered certain mythical creatures don’t appear in mirrors lol.



      All the way here, and the only thing that you’ve proved is a simple mirror…. Genius!!!

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      No we did prove you have an affinity to moving paintings rather than compelling gameplay 🙂


      No, we did prove that you have an affinity to NEVER press ZOOM button… 😉


      No, we did prove that you have an affinity to NEVER press ZOOM button in your games… 😉

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I do i promise, i have been playing Sniper Elite 3 on PC this week 🙂 . Great game , amazingly fluid at 144 fps too :).
      Oddly though the game i have been enjoying almost as much is Battlefield Hardline , the campaign is silly but it is just fun lol. Dice has created a pretty amazing world this time around from all the comments from people as you drive by , to reactions to seeing police. Just to the way they have done the whole thing like it is a crime show on TV.
      I wish they put that much effort into all single player games they do.
      The only thing i keep wishing for with Hardline is that it was more open world. It almost does that and then says you have to go back to the car lol.


      Sniiper Elite 3 is a good game, but poor graphically…

      Btw, you’ve watched my videos?!?! …Did you see how many times i pressed ZOOM button?!?! …LOL

      PS: Warframe is one of my favorite multiplat games… I love it!!! 🙂

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      lol it’s not that bad , play it with supersampling , it improves alot. I didn’t really notice lol .


      you’re a good person, add if you want…

      Live: JURIM KILLZONE without (-) minus (XboxOne)

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      What are actually arguing about anyway, we both have ps4 , we both have the Order so we both spent the money on it. I just didn’t think much of it as there is not enough gameplay.


      Btw, if you not know, PS4 have TWO APi’s, one is high-level and very simple, made it to multiplat games only “GNMX APi”, but on the other hand, the second API is the LOWEST-LEVEL APi, and the most advanced on the actual industry, the only one that can go down to the metal, by far the most powerful and complex APi, and used ONLY by the Sony’s first-parties “GNM Api”… So, it’s easy to say that compare a “multiplat” console game instead of their exclusives that use the real power of the PS4 is a very stupid thing…

      PS: Next time compare The Witcher 3 against Horizon: Zero Dawn, that will make use of the real power and real API of the PS4…

      PS2: inFAMOUS Second Son crush The Witcher 3 graphically!!!

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      The funny thing is that the video was captured at 30 fps. Your fanboyism maybe due to the lack of resources so you feel the need to justify your purchase.



      60fps downgraded…


    • Evil_Annie_2015

      You forgot one more “LOL” to complete your smart comment 🙂


      30fps with ultimate graphics and realism, or 60fps with old gen graphics in a expensive new console?! …Make your “smart” choice!

      LOL…. 🙂

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      There you go, that is the LOl you needed to add to make your comment make sense 🙂

      Must be hard to be poor and defend the only console you could afford and know nothing about the “enemy”….Thanks for the info about 60fps being old gen and now 30 fps being next gen, that is a smart comment from a smart consumer.


      Ohhhh, it’s a very “smart” argument coming from you huh?! …LOL

      Btw, 1080p/60fps is not synonymous of quality, and is very easy to hit… (Minecraft Feelings?!)

      30/60fps on consoles is another reality, very diferent of the PC.

      More frames = Less textures, effects and less graphics obviously ( Forza 6 feelings?!)


    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Well since you have not played it due to the fact that you are stuck with the Ps4 then you have no idea what you are talking about. You can enjoy the broken driveclub at 30fps and the 10 cars avaialble, that is as much quality that you will get in that game. I just feel sad for you since you will never be able to know what the real forza 6 looks like on your TV.

      Now please respond by typing “LOL” since it is the best argument you have.



      I’ve already played Forza 6 demo MANY times… LOL

      So… That’s your arguments?! …Assumptions?! LMAO

      If you like a SIM racing game with 1080p/60fps and hundred of cars, i recomend Gran Turismo franchise for you, you’ll love it…

      Btw, GT7 is coming very soon… Prepare yourself Xbot…ROFL

      PS: Next time, try to use facts as argument, not assumptions… LOL

    • Tech junkie

      2 sims, 1 locked and 60, the other not locked vs an arcade a 30, seems like a reasonable comparison.

      If the video was at 60 frames you would see the speed difference.

      Easy to make a game look good if you cut the frame rate in half.



      Technically, 30fps on consoles is too much better, because you can do alot of more things on screen…

      For exemple, in DC each car have absurds 250k polygons, on the other hand, Forza and Project Cars doesn’t have even a fraction of this.. DC graphically and visually is whole gen ahead of these competitors…

      And if you not played DC, his speed sensation is far ahead of these games too…

    • Tech junkie

      Yes it is graphically ahead, 30 fps can not match the speed feeling you get at 60 FPS.
      I’ve played, it’s not a sim and it’s easy

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Except pointing out the obvous that real life is not restricted to 30 fps so it is a moot point. Lousy framerate kills a game quicker than anything else.


      In a console game, those things are a bit different, 60fps means “downgrade”, it’s very different of the PC reality… So…

      DC runs at 30fps, but in compensation, graphically it’s the best racing game EVER, by far…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      This is the issue though as it just doesn’t look as good as Project cars running on PC maxed out. When you are talking a full load of cars , many more than Project cars is capable of and all have upto 300k polygons. That is seriously impressive. Plus it runs at 144 fps quite easily on decent hardware.

      What it does have is a cartoon look which personally does nothing for me as it looks too fake.


      Even so, Driveclub is far ahead os Project Cars on PC graphically…

      Btw, how much you paid for your PC??

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I built it myself actually like i always do , The processor is from 2010 as updating the processor is pointless unless you need to for something other than gaming. It’s an i7 930 @ 3.8 wastercooled with GTX100I . GPU is 980ti and hardrives are samsung 840 SSD 250GB and 850 SSD 500GB , Main drive is 3TB 7200 RPM . plus backup USB 3.0 of 3TB Western Digital. Monitor is 144hz PG278Q Asus 1440p .
      It is plenty good enough to run latest titles at high framerates. I like my PS4 i just like PC better.
      GPU runs at 1492 mhz , memory at 7800 mhz – Asus DC3 980ti OC.
      I’ll be getting the PG279Q soon though as i prefer IPS panels for colour accuracy.


      how much cost a PC like this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      You like NUMBERS, so, give me NUMBERS… NUMBERS… NUMBERS…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I do like numbers but that is beside the point. Cost is probably meaningless though as it depends comparatively to what country you are in to what country i am in however in my local country i bought my mates old gaming PC for $400 and gutted it , installed what i wanted for about $2,900 including monitor.(I really just wanted the steel Full tower case and processor. To give you an idea though a 980ti in usa is about what 650? Here it is $1200 for decent ones –
      (On sale roughly $1050 is the cheapest i have seen).

      The Asus monitor is also around $1100 , i am sure in the states it is probably about $600-$700 . Quite a difference.
      PS4 here is $599 for the Starwars one i got that included Battlefront plus game codes etc.
      If i wanted to change the motherboard, memory and processor probably add another $1000. So far i haven’t needed to do this.

      I have about 1500 games between Steam, Gog. com and Origin though so well and truly PC is my main focus despite having both XboxOne and PS4 for exclusives.

      Was playing Battlefield Hardline last night and it is amazing.


      It’s ALOT of money… It’s a car price… OMG!!!

      I paid only 399 bucks on my PS4, and a’m played more beautiful and realistic games on it than you on your expensive PC… Welcome to the real world bro… Wake up…

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      I don’t care about the money i care about versatility. I have the consoles i just don’t get much enjoyment from them. I love PC gaming. Grew up with it have hundreds of games i still play dating back to the 90’s. Plus the modding scene is enormous. There are far better games on PC than consoles so maybe you need broaden your horizons.
      You can’t have realism stuck at 30 fps it just isn’t possible.
      Go and play some games at 144 fps including car games and you will understand why it is so hard to go back to 30.
      Its not about waking up it’s about understanding the basic principals about what drives a game and that is the engine.
      The power of the PC is limitless and modders pick up the slack where devs don’t in so many cases anyway.
      Take a look at Black Mesa which is a redo of the original Halflife. It puts just about any 3D game to shame for quality and interactivity.
      I have stated before i have no issue with consoles using them within their boundries for exclusives but they don’t offer much in way of compelling gameplay which is why i barely touch them.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      one thing you don’t seem to take into consideration is maximum number of vehicles on the track . You can have over 40 cars in Project cars on the starting grid? How many does Driveclub offer again. I am sure you will agree it does not compare in this way but what you don’t seem to realise is just what this would mean to graphical fidelity to have all of these cars in one race. It does add a certain realism to it though having a massive starting grid.



    • Lrpasody

      Yeah, it annoys me with Driveclub, cause they have such a detailed and realistic art direction and ethic, then they make it pointless making it arcade. I mean it looks like a Sim…it should just be a Sim.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Does it at least have the cool driving modes of project gotham where you get points for taking corners etc? Have to smash into witches hats?

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      I watched the partern of the rain drops and water dispalcement on the window and on DC it is always the same. It does not matter if you slowdown, accelerate, or which direction your car takes the pattern remains. On forza 6 the rain is real like, and maybe not as in DC, but the physics effects are definately more realistic. The rain in forza 6 changes with speed and direccion, and the hydroplaning is very realistic.

      Also, these websites should really start forgetying DC. The studio that made that game does jot even exists anymore, and the game utself was a complete failure. Sony should really focus on creating GT6 if it wnts to give its fanbase a legitimate contender for F6.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      They have just announced new city track content for driveclub so not sure about not existing anymore . All the same Forza is the future for console racing as they improve what matters which is framerate and physics handling. All of the rest is just a pretty picture with no real substance which is Driveclub basically.

  • Rodney Patrick

    Stop just stop,DC 1080p 30fps, forza 5 and 6 both 1080p 60fps nuf said

    • nova

      And ? DC is technically more impressive than FM6 because it runs on a more powerful hardware. There is nothing to discuss on this point.

      But indeed, it’s stupid to compare them graphically because FM6 has to deal with a much higher framerate.

      This is nothing more than a clickbait article.

    • Rodney Patrick


    • Tech junkie

      I think you mean graphically, technically Forza is light years ahead of Driveclub

    • nova

      I mean technically. Driveclub could never run at 1080p on XB1…

      A weaker hardware is a weaker hardware…

      Last example to date :

      End of the discussion.

    • Tech junkie

      Forza has far superior physics and is a SIM, the technical aspect is better on Forza, the Graphics are better on Driveclub, end of discussion

    • nova

      Far superior physics ? Evidence ?

      You can’t do more on a weaker hardware… as simple as that…

    • Tech junkie

      Driveclub Dev call driveclub an arcade game.

      Read the article, best tire model felt on console, I can find a Forza 6 review for you if you want, but they made it even better

    • nova

      And ? I don’t see this “incredible physics” in motion…

      If you want to know what DC can do, then go here :

    • Tech junkie

      Go away fanboy, I’ve already said driveclub is better graphics, you keep talking about what the game looks like not what it plays like.

    • nova

      I don’t care about graphics since it’s not a fair comparison. One game has to run at 60fps… so, it’s stupid to compare them on this point.

      Once again, XB1 can’t produce more demanding games because its hardware is weaker.

      That’s why almost all multiplatform games run better on PS4.

    • Tech junkie

      You don’t care about graphics but it’s all you want to talk about?
      Physics are better on Forza cause it’s a sim, driveclub is not a sim as stated by the people that made the freaking game.

      We aren’t talking about hardware, but since you only care about hardware and not game play I’ll let you respond with something stupid.

    • nova

      Ok, even if physics is better on Forza, what does it change ? Nothing…

      You can’t say FM6 is technically better just because it has a better physics… it’s just stupid.

      A game isn’t only about physics… lighting, polygons, textures, effects also take a lot of processing power.

      Also, i never said DC is a better game. I’m just making a technical comparison.

    • Tech junkie

      The whole point of a sim is physics, I am a hardcore sim racer, have a wheel pedals stand etc.

      Yes a game isn’t only physics, graphics as well as frame rate are important too, but when you have weak hardware like the PS4 and Xbox you have to have give and take. It’s not like PC where you can have the best of all worlds.

      Drive club chose graphics over physics and frame rate, Forza choose physics and frame rate over graphics. To me a Sim racer, physics and frame rate are more important, frame rate makes the speed feel more realistic and physics makes the handling feel more realistic. Also makes the competition more realistic

      If you aren’t into hardcore sim racing, DC is probably a great choice for the casual gamer. Get to race with some impressive eye candy

    • nova

      I don’t dispute that. But once again, i’m not discussing which game has the best gameplay.

      Anyway, overall you need a powerful hardware to run DC than FM6.

    • Tech junkie

      There is no way of knowing that. I really hope it’s not true because if DC is pushing the PS4 to the limit, GT7 is going to be one sad arcade game. Not a sim

    • nova

      The game doesn’t need to push the PS4 to the limit to be more impressive than FM6.

      Once again, with 40%-50% more raw GPU power + a much faster ram, it’s easy to make better on PS4…

      PCars is a sim and is far better on PS4… stop to contradict yourself please…

      FM6 would run much better on PS4… like PCars…

    • Tech junkie

      Your numbers are very debatable. Even if we take them at face value. 50% better than garbage is still garbage. PC master race my friend. Hardware debates between Xbox and ps4 are a joke. The Alpha is better

    • nova

      Why do you bring PC on this discussion ?

      PS4 is still better than XB1…

      I don’t care if a PC can be 50 times more powerful than a PS4… this is not the subject…

    • Tech junkie

      Why do you bring up irrelevant hardware information to a topic about 2 games. Are we talking about the games or the hardware it’s on.
      I think if Forza was on PS4 and DC was on Xbox you’d be defending Forza.
      I didn’t pick Forza as my favorite console racer because of Xbox. I picked it because of Forza. I would be even happier if it was on PC.
      Sounds like I might get my wish. Phil Spencer is talking about moving more Xbox exclusives to PC. Which I love that idea. Especially if it includes cross play and cross buy

    • nova

      Indeed, because DC would run at 900p on XB1 with worse graphics and FM6 would have dynamic weather + dynamic day/night cycle + better graphics on PS4.

      Once again, you can always do more on a more powerful hardware.

      More GPU power means more compute power.

      I don’t care about which game is the best. It’s a technical discussion.

      Now i stop to waste my time with you since you’re unable to understand that 2+2=4…

    • Lrpasody

      Better? Powerwise, ps4 GPU is a bit more powerful in practice yes. As consoles though, I prefer my Xbox One.

    • Lrpasody

      Well with regards to faster ram, for graphics gddr5 is much better than ddr3, but for CPU and everything else, gddr5 is slower. Using gddr5 as system memory was a strange move, but I’m sure ps4 architects knew what they were doing.

    • Herald of Gaben

      That is probably the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever read. Forza doesn’t have better driving or weather physics. Forza has “different” physics, not better. Having different physics also doesn’t mean technically better.

    • Tech junkie

      I never said Forza had better weather physics, IMO more realistic physics means technically better, more realistic sim physics are harder to reproduce than arcade physics, realistic sim physics at a technical level are better.

      My personal feeling about Driveclub is it is lost between a sim and an arcade racer. It wants to be a Sim, looks like a sim but doesn’t have the technical physics to back it up as a sim.
      Forza Horizon on the other hand also is an arcade sim hybrid, but offers a more fun and engaging experience, like an arcade racer should have. Although I’m personally not a fan of the game.
      Metacritic scores also backup my opinion.

    • GHz

      If the developers of DC were to build that game for XB1 from the ground up in DX11+ today, they can achieve it. Why because DC is as bear boned as you can get for a racer. End of story. The reason why DC looks so good is because its really @ heart a simple racer. Not a bad racer, but a simple one. Forza 6 has way too many more functions as a game so it pretty much having everything you need in a modern racer. PS4 fans gets prettier rain but in exchange you cant build your own car from scratch, using engine parts, tire parts, air pressure, custom paint, and the list goes on. You get great textures but you cant have the 60fps. You get dynamic lighting and weather but you cant get real damage physics/AI that translates to a damaged engine that can make your car run slower, stall, and shut down all together.

      My Point? Two different devs, two different objectives with Forza coming up on top as the BETTER more BALANCED, realistic racer all the while looking GREAT @ 1080p 60fps. Get over it.

    • nova

      We all know what happened to PCars on XB1… 900p, worse effects and worse framerate than on PS4.

      You’re wasting your time…

      Today ? Nothing has changed :

      DC has more physics than FM6 only with its rain effects :

      More about DC :

      Time to ignore you… a weaker hardware is a weaker hardware.


    • GHz

      Well @ least PS4 has the advantage of having a better API when the that game started development years ago. SO why couldn’t it lock 60 and dragged on @ 45fps -50fps when rain kicked in? OH WAIT! Its choking on frames @ 1080peeeeeeeeeeeee. So That makes it better!? Either way you put it that’s equally as horrendous! Framerate gets even worst when 30+ cars are onscreen dropping down to the 30’s & 40’s. Nothing next gen about that! It being 1080p DO NOT MAKE PS4 the superior machine. It just tells us that it would’ve been better if they ran that game @ 900p on the PS4 for a possibly better experience. So in the end, you guys have the better GPU, better access to the feature sets under the API and they still couldn’t get us 1080p w/o the screen tearing, and a locked framerate that ranged from 30’s to 50’s depending on how heavy the action kicks in. With XB1, its crime is not running on its intended API, running cripple with DX11. What’s Sony excuse? Cant do 60 with its lower level API and it cant do 60 even though it has better access to advanced features in DX11+. Something is terribly off here.

      That link about DC facts is impressive. So is the facts listed with Turn 10’s partnership with Calspan, one of the world leaders in transportation and aerospace research and development, to make The Forza Motorsport more realistic than ever. The focus of all that expertise? Tires.
      Now My only point I’m making is that DC devs made sacrifices. They admitted to it, and said it was for the sake of better graphics. That’s all I’m pointing out, that there is a balancing act when it comes to development. So stop exaggerating the power of the PS4. Ask yourself, what would DC look like if it was running @ 60fps? What would Evolution studios have to cut to achieve that? Think realistically for once.

    • Herald of Gaben

      You need to lay off the drugs and get off that Microsoft nipple. You sound like you’re trying to convince yourself of that delusional garbage you just typed.

  • Rodney Patrick

    Now you ps4 fans are saying 30fps is better than 60fps because it gives more time to process……..WHAT??????? LMAO,is that what Sony telling you all now.WOW what happened to 1080p 60fps or nothing that’s what you all was saying when the ps4 fist came out, now it’s a whole different story I remember when Xbox first said that forza5 will be 1080p 60fps all you Sony fanboys was yelling it’s easy to make a racing game it doesn’t take a lot to do,okay so if that’s so true what happened to driveclub I mean really isn’t on the most powerful system? Now I see people saying it’s better at 30fps LMAO,WOW

    • nova

      Nobody said that… 60fps is better than 30fps.

      30fps allows to make prettier graphics though.

      60fps doesn’t mean a game is technically better unless you think Tetris is more impressive than Quantum Break because it runs at 60fps on your PC…

      Use your brain…



      It’s easy to make a game runs at 60fps today, since that you sacrifice many things as possible…

      And unfortunatelly, that’s the Forza Motorsport case…

      It seems that the MS doesn’t make the better choice…

    • XperiaPolice


    • andy

      No, mind blowing, YEARS in advance, weather effects is what I say about Driveclub that sets it miles apart from the, 3rd times the charm on Xbone, Forza 6.
      But then, you’ve seen the screens above so you KNOW what I’m talking about.

    • Lrpasody

      Whoaaa whoa calm down. They’re just consoles haha

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Actually i think it was more a compliment to how clever Turn 10 are at programming. He was simply saying really that if Forza 6 ran at 30 fps instead of 60 it would look significantly better as a result.
      You just misread what they meant.

  • Mark

    Gotta say, I don’t know why people are comparing FM6 to DC graphics. From a purely technical standpoint, it’s asinine. That’s like tryna ask which one of those has more sim features in it…..they both target different experiences, and thus have completely different output frame rates. The only thing in both games u can compare, is maybe content (cars, tracks, etc). Otherwise we’re asking a Welterweight to fight a Heavyweight….one division’s about speed with weak strength, the other’s about slow but brutal knockout power. Kind of click bait article imo.

  • GHz

    I can understand why people would want to compare this to DC. What they didn’t mention though is why the devs were able to achieve what they did for their respected game. Make a long story short we get everything we need in a modern Racer with Forza 6. Turn 10 gave us a little bit of everything for a more better, well balanced gameplay @ 1080p 60fps. DC devs sacrificed a lot to give their target audience dynamic day and weather. Just count the amount of missing game functions in DC from building a car from scratch using a wealth of car parts(engine type etc.) to physics/AI that can render your car useless if you crash too much and you’ll see what kind of sacrifices DC devs had to make to render DC @ 1080p……..30fps -________-

    • XbotMK1

      Evolution could add “building a car from scratch using a wealth of car parts” to Driveclub if the wanted. Car building wouldn’t prevent Evolution achieved with Driveclub.

      Your argument holds no weight because it doesn’t make sense. This comparison is about graphics and simulated driving effects. Car editing has nothing to do with it.

      And if you’re trying to argue content over graphics, then you should be playing Gran Turismo 6 over Forza 6. See how that works Xbox fanboy?

    • GHz

      Every bit of code counts. AI comes in all forms. Bottom line is ES sacrificed plenty to give you DriveClub in its current form. You didn’t get the 60 because they wanted to give you a more visual rich game! Done! Your word against theirs. And that’s just them admitting why they couldn’t get 60fps. And as we all know every bit of code COUNTS! And Forza 6 engine allows turn 10 to make a game that gives us racing @ 1080p 60fps and rich with all sorts of functions to keep us playing for a very long time while still looking great. Balanced! PS4 power was exaggerated in the beginning and with Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky admitting that he traded 60fps gameplay in exchange for better graphics says it all. Why don’t you cite him and quit making stuff up. @ the end of the day the PS4 is still a great system. Just don’t understand why you always have to bash XB1 & its games to justify your purchase and keep up the myth of PS4 being this super system. They are not that different.

  • XbotMK1

    It really is sad watching all these Microsoft fanboys here defending inferiority, bad business practices, and living in a constant state of denial. It really does prove why they’re the worst in the industry. And yes, I said it. Microsoft fanboys ARE worse than the others. No matter the facts. No matter the abundance of evidence, they will flood every single article with their blatant lies, hypocrisy, and constant spamming of opinions that aren’t based off reality or consumer benefit.

    Do you really think a yearly rehashed racer running at 60 frames per second on a much weaker console looks better than a 4 year developed racer running 30 frames per second on a much stronger console despite the contradicting evidence? You get to a point where opinions aren’t opinions anymore. It becomes completely absurd to state an opinion that contradicts the overwhelming evidence and general consensus. It’s like claiming Pong is more visually impressive than Star Citizen.

    I hope you Microsoft fanboys realize just how cancerous you are to the industry. As long as you continue, I’ll torment you.

    Forza has allways been an overrated Gran Turismo copy-cat wannabe. That is why Microsoft made it, and the reason why Forza gets praised more than it deserves is because of jealous Xbox fanboys. That is also why these Xbox fanboy reviewers constantly compare Forza and Gran Turismo.

    These same fanboys who gloat about the amount of content in Forza when comparing it to Driveclub, are the same fanboys who damage control when Gran Turismo has more content than Forza.

    • sampson3121

      you hit the nail on the head.

    • Tech junkie

      Except forza is sim Driveclub is arcade. If you use the view from behind the car your opinion on a Sim racer is not relevant.

    • sampson3121

      sure it is. DC is a simcade that is more cade then sim. F6 is a simecade that is more sim than cade. in the end the video doesn’t lie. the commercial for F6 looks more like driveclub than it does F6. when you see how they try to manipulate people into thinking the game looks and plays like the commercial, then you see what it really plays like, it’s a shame.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Only a shame if you don’t really own it and just watch videos to bag things out. After owning and playing both Forza 6 and Driveclub . Forza 6 is 10 times as good to actually play so not sure what you were looking at.

    • Lrpasody

      Maybe the first 2 Forza games were trying to be GT a bit, but since then Forza is such a different game to play than GT. It has a consistently brilliant framerate and all of its assets are high quality. I mean, I have gt6 and it looks horrendous compared to Forza 4, framerate and aliasing-wise. Only 400 out of 1200 cars aren’t ps2 models with no cockpit. The sounds don’t even compare. Most gt6 cars still sound horrendous.

      Ultimately, Forza is popular due to its brilliant customisation with cars, consistently high quality gameplay and visuals. If I go on gt6 I: can’t play most of the cars without grinding ; when I do get a car, I have to hope it’s premium; the sounds are just awful; the framerate is terrible; they STILL haven’t brought out a course maker; it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It seems to aim for full simulation, but ends up with weird, videogame tropes, like earning stars, no damage, no qualifying. Gt4 was awesome but Kaz and his team are just stuck in the past since then. I can’t take it seriously. Forza 6 is a simcade Trackday Simulator. Great physics and handling, but it knows it’s a game.

      Driveclub looks great; it looks a bit better than Forza, but it’s not what I’m after. It’s more arcade. Gt6 has a lot of content that I can’t be bothered to grind for, and over half of which is low quality. Sony and PlayStation owners deserve more than Gran Turismo.

      Haha fanboys. I love my Xbox One, but there’s nothing wrong with my mate’s ps4.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Your very first sentence shows you’re biased and a hypocrite and it simply doesn’t matter whatever else you have to say.

    • Michael

      You dazed and confused pony. The only game Forza 6 can be compared to is Forza 5. Drivedud is half the framerate and not even close when it comes to content.And that’s even after it was delayed or error a year…lol Fakeness awaits.

    • Tech junkie

      That’s quite the opinion you have except the pros disagree with you and so does the general public. Forza Horizon scoring way higher than DC.
      You talk like you are more than a parrot. You are so full of it the whites in your eyes are brown.

      Inferior console is all you keep saying. You keep defending your superior console all day like you have something to prove.
      If your console is that much better why do you need to come on here and slay the competition so much. Clearly you doubt your choice or you wouldn’t push it on people so much.

      Do yourself a favour and go play a game. Quit pushing for a monopoly that will just be bad for everybody.

      I’m going to go play my xbox and have a lot of fun doing so. When I want real graphics I won’t be using a CPU bottlenecked PS4 with frame rates in the teens. I’ll be on my PC where actual graphics happen and frame rates in the teens are nonexistent.

    • sampson3121

      “That’s quite the opinion you have except the pros disagree with you and so does the general public. Forza Horizon scoring way higher than DC”

      the so called score was made when the game was broken. want real information as to which game is more popular? look at sales. 2 million for DC and all the others come after. Driveclub didn’t have a name to fall on. when DC sold 2 million it did it against bad reviews and being a new ip. forza can release garbage and people will say it’s good. same old boring copy and past game. try looking up re-reviews of driveclub, and then you will see the rave reviews people are now giving the game. oh! and yeah, it has more than 50 cars too.

    • Tech junkie

      You clearly haven’t played the game, I’m a hardcore sim racer, Forza 5 and 6 are nowhere near the same, the night and weather may be pre-baked but it completely changes the game.
      It also has several new tracks.

      Driveclub isn’t even in the same league as Forza when it comes to physics.
      Sales mean nothing when you have double the install base, sales in general mean nothing.

      Selling a broken game is somehow Forza’s problem, I don’t have Halo MCC because it sold broken.
      If you don’t come right out the gate it’s a fail. At least they didn’t need to fix Forza.

      Forza 6 has 460 cars plus DLC BTW

      Go to the Sim community, Forza isn’t consider Simcade anymore, it’s considered a console Sim, not quite the level high end PC sims due to processing restrictions but compared to mid level PC Sims.

      DC is a pretty game and that’s it.

      And if you want to talk advertised vs actual. Sony is just as guilty.

    • sampson3121

      like i said it’s copy and past. it’s not a sim racer. doesn’t matter how hard you try to convince me. DC wasn’t broken so much as its online wasn’t working properly. the game is beast, and is the future of simcade racing. the only thing keeping forza alive is its name. next year DC will hit the finale nail in the forza coffin. they are working on a few things that they say are huge. played Forza for a few years, and it had it’s time even though it was always licking GT’S boots. keep holding on to last gen, it’s your life. watch this battle, game is fun and intense.

    • Tech junkie

      Forza is a Sim. Rated higher than GT by the pros.
      Compared to pc Sims by the pros.

      I don’t really care if you think other wise. You can post all the clips you want. I’ve played the game. The handling is unrealistic.

    • sampson3121

      you keep saying by pros. please tell me who are these pros, and send two links to these pros discussing forza. 1. being a full sim and 2. saying that it is better than GT. WAITIING! lol:)

    • Tech junkie

      Inside sim racing. I’ll let you google it.

    • Tech junkie
    • sampson3121

      lol? this is a professional what? video game player? lmfao! get a life. show me a real race car driver talking about sim racing like Paul Tracy. will bb with more info later. lol you’re funny 🙂

    • Tech junkie

      Inside sim racing is one of the biggest reviewers in sim racing.

      Of course you won’t accept my link.

      Show me another sim reviewer that says Forza isn’t a Sim.

      I provided my proof now disprove me.
      BTW, I used to have a track car sold it because of too much cost and time commitment. Also raced high end super cars on a closed track in Vegas multiple times. So I believe my opinion on what feels real would likely be more valid than yours. The fact that I have a Sim reviewer that agrees with me strengthens my point.

      But please tell me more how DC is real racing.

    • sampson3121

      if they don’t or haven’t raced in real track racing cars how would they know anything about racing? if you ask a real pro racer then I would respect their perspective. not some guy who works at a walmart and plays video games. listen, I know for a fact that Paul Tracy plays GT before racing a track to get the feel of the corners. I’m sure some pro racers will use forza for the same. my problem is this so called video game sim in the first place. I’ve heard paul tracy on tv say that the tracks are accurate but the feel of the cars aren’t even close. so please stop. is forza closer to a sim than DC, of course it is. my trouble is with the lack of speed and intensity these semi sim racers have. if you felt the G’s when going around corners it would make up for the lack of fun that most so called sims miss. DC is fast, fun, edge of your seat racing. the graphics are simply the best in gaming at this point in time. put them all together and you have the best racer out to date. I respect you like forza, just stop thinking that it’s lack of next gen copy and past gaming is a step ahead in the racing world. it’s not. copy and paste.

    • Tech junkie

      I’m sure Paul tracy uses GT to make his racing better as much as Michael Jordan can only play basketball in Nike Shoes. Just like Ford is using data from Forza to tune the Ford GT

      Not to mention the only thing I could find about Paul Tracy and GT was for GT4 on PS2. Before triggers existed on controllers, and force feedback was something that was paid attention to, I’m not sure GT4 had a force feedback wheel option.
      Triggers alone on controllers give more feel than any other advancement in Sim racing. Except maybe the rumble triggers on the Xbox One that shake when you reach the limits of traction,
      If anyone was actually going to use a game for actual race feel, it would be iRacing and it would be in a seat with pedals and a wheel..

      You are the one that needs to stop cause you are backpedaling.
      Before Forza was no where near GT, now some people might use it.
      Of course you can’t match the rush you get from actual racing but the mechanics can and are emulated at a level greater than ever before. Nothing can touch the rush I got the first time I pushed a 500hp Ferrari around a closed track. But I can tell you the principals are the same. The basics of cornering is brake, balance accelerate. The same thing applies in the game.
      I use the exact same science to tune my cars in Forza to correct handling problems as I did on my actual race car.
      The fun for me is the tuning and laptime. Like anything you get used to the feeling around the track and technical aspects start to take over. The lap time was what I wanted
      Maybe you don’t care for Sims and prefer an Arcade racer.
      I personally think running from the cops on NFS is pretty intense.

      DC is all those things you described, but you forgot one, very easy. Anyone can do it. I bet you couldn’t finish a race the way I have Forza setup with one of my 900hp vettes, let alone get first on expert difficulty

      I race Forza and other sims for lap times. I do eventually play the game to the end. I usually spend all my time trying to master corning and squeeze tenths of a second out of laptime. Usually in a Corvette. Not cause it’s the best car, but cause I like the feel of it. It’s easy to go to the leader board look at the top 100, figure out which car is best, use a premade tune and run a great time.
      It’s the guys in the top 100 that are running a car nobody else has that I respect.

      As far as copy and paste, not so much, Forza 5 is ground up new. Forza 6 has added a lot. As far as what is copy and paste, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • sampson3121

      the video is just showing you what intense racing looks like. since you play forza you wouldn’t know.

    • Tech junkie

      No. You wouldn’t know what real sim racing is since you seem to think drifting like in your clip is real racing.

      Since you’ve clearly never played a real sim you have no idea what intense racing looks like. DC is a great game. But it’s arcade. Mash the throttle mash the brakes. High speed drifts. That’s not what sim racing is about. Sim racing is about light throttle for maximum traction. Steady braking to load your suspension for the corner. Neutral throttle in the corner to maintain speed but keep the weight on the front. Then accelerate as you straighten out maintaining maximum traction. I’ve had lap times in the top 100. On Forza. I promise you there was no drifting to get there.

      So when you know about actual sim racing come back and have an opinion. Until then you better stick to arcade.

      Do you even have a wheel?

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      lol Driveclub is so crap Sony is selling it at $20 for the full car package including all DLC. It’s not bad for budget price but they recognised it was a bit of a disaster as a full priced product.
      At least what it does mean is you get a decent amount of content for 20 bux which is the only reason i went for it.
      Was bored of it in less than 2 hrs though despite all these so called amazing visuals it is just so damn predictable and boring to actually play.
      Forza 6 you can just lose yourself for hours tinkering with car settings and it makes a real world difference on the track for instance.
      It is more than a match for driveclub anyway as despite complex physics the game runs at 60 fps not 30.

      Project Cars on PC is still my favourite though as you can’t beat 144 fps well unless you have a newer 165hz Asus display anyway. It is just astonishing how much fun that game is to play on a decent GPU.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Actually i have both and Gran Turismo has been in Damage control for years now. Forza is the only one that innovates even if they don’t get offer everything in one title. This has more to do with greed than anything else though. Same as microtransactions which i can’t stand.

      I really do hope the next Gran Turismo is worth playing after waiting so long. However Driveclub is not a sim or even close to one really.

  • rali77

    Personally, I like Horizon 2 as much as I do DC, if not a bit more… as far as F6 goes, I like it more but I don’t think it’s really up for comparison… I’m just happy I have something to play through until GT7!

    That’s MY OWN honest opinion!
    Calling me a fanboy would be very inappropriate, I’m gaming on both XB and PS (last and current gen) for their exclusives and on PC for multi-platform!

  • Steven Johnson

    Forza 6 looks nice, but Driveclub looks so much more realistic!

  • zcar_driver

    speaking as a car/bike guy. not as a gamer so much. forza is better for me. i like racing tracks i know. i also enjoy the the old cars forza has too offer. i am not into who’s rain drops look prettier. understanding DC looks nice ,but i need more then pretty scenery.

  • Casey Terwilliger

    Forza 6 was a let down their career stinks you’re forced into upgrading your car then it’s virtually the same class rank of other cars. They dropped most of the Pontiac line along with Chevy. No cobalt ss, Pontiac G8, Gto, fiero…. I’m a bit bummed. I’m sure I could find other cars they left out

    Forza 4 hit the collection nicely… always nice to see them ditching the cobalt when it set a record at nurburgring just saying…


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