Future Forza Motorsport Titles Will Be Developed Concurrently for PC and Xbox One

Horizon may also go the same route.

Posted By | On 01st, Mar. 2016 Under News

forza 6 apex

Following the announcement of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex for Windows 10, Turn 10 Studios revealed to IGN that future titles in the franchise going forward would be supported on both Xbox One and PC.

What does that mean for Forza Horizon though, especially since Forza Horizon 3 could likely the next big title in the series for this year? Though design director Andy Beaudoin didn’t confirm whether this would actually be the case for Horizon, he did indicate that “as a franchise, we’re going to embrace that.” Which essentially means that all Forza titles will go the same route. Whether this year’s Forza Horizon does or not remains to be seen but it’s possible.

Forza Motorsport 6 isn’t the only Xbox One exclusive that’s releasing for Windows – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is out now for PC and Quantum Break will be releasing this April on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Thoughts on more exclusives making the jump? Let us know in the comments.

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  • red2k

    That will means more bugs and less content for Xbox players.

  • lagann

    I honestly hated Forza Horizon series. I bought FH2 and played it for an hours to never go back to it again. I couldnt get over the horrible car physics.

    Now Forza Motorsport is a different story. I love that game. The only thing for me, is that because Horizon series exists….the Motorsport franchise was stripped of a lot of stuff in order for it to go to Horizon. I honestly think that they should combine both franchises together again and make it a massive game like the Gran Turismo series have always been.

    As far as “xbox” exclusives going to the windows 10 store…..its good. The xbox is now an ecosystem instead of a “console”. With Phil announcing basically what amounts to “faster hardware refreshes” for the console….MS will blur the line more in regards to PC Xbox app and console Xbox. The fanboys will try to say its a different “platform”…..but its still a MS controlled ecosystem….these games aint going to Steam folks.

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