GameStop Sure Are Pushing The Xbox One Hard

In sales tactics and store presentation.

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In a recent NeoGAF post, user Jazz uploaded a photo and caption which seem to indicate that gaming retailer, Gamestop is making a clear push towards selling Xbox One as opposed to their competitor, the PlayStation 4. He says that Xbox One setups are prominently displayed, while PS4 is barely noticeable. Additionally, he said that this is the case across multiple Gamestop locations. Here is the full post:

“I’ve seen the same or similar set-up at least two other GameStops. They had a few empty PS4 boxes stacked but nothing near as prominent. Inquiries on whether the PS4 was in stock were met with a negative. In the last GameStop, the employee actually said he had a PS4 but was using it as a Kinect stand for his Xbone because the PS4 has no games, especially sports games. I didn’t even bother with him.

Take it for what’s it worth, but there seems to be a clear push at GameStop to move Xbox One units.

Via: Spawnfirst

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  • d0x360

    No no no. This isn’t GameStop this is nothing more than a fanboy employee at that particular GS doing this. Approved marketing materials are not made with markers. Why don’t people think before they jump massive distances to conclusions these days?

    • jasonca

      Fanboy, or an employee that’s been asked a 1000 times if it can play used games, play offline, etc?

    • d0x360

      Possibly but generally speaking they aren’t supposed to put non approved signing up. I used to work at one. People got fired for that crap…which is stupid but they did. Also from experience generally the person only made such signs if it was “their”system. People will read that sign and still ask those questions.

    • jasonca

      “Also from experience generally the person only made such signs if it was “their”system”

      I’m sorry, but there’s nothing in the sign that sounds like they’re trying to promote the console over another, just seems informative. It’s almost like putting a sign up saying, “hey this console doesn’t cause cancer’ and claiming there trying to promote the system over another one.

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Gamestops across the country are stocked with Xbox Ones. I know because I work at one of them. If a console of this magnitude is in stock, of course it’s going to get pushed.


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