Grand Theft Auto 5 Expected On PS4, Xbox One And PC in June – German Retailer

Of course, it’s only a rumour according to’s manager.

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There have been rumours and retail listing flying all around that a PS4, Xbox One and PC port for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected some time this year. TECH-NICK, who happens to be the manager of German retailer, tweeted about it is as well but added that the port is expected in June.

“Since I was asked: The release of # GTAV for PC, XBOX and PS4 One is expected in June. #Abgenickt #rumors”

Of course, “expecting” and “rumors” are the key words here. He clarified himself that this is just a rumour right now, so you’re still going to have to wait from Rockstar Games for an official confirmation.

If only they could make the announcement on a big enough stage – one that also happens to be taking place in June. Stay tuned for more details and information on Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the mean time read our article on why it makes sense for Rockstar to release GTA5 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Abhi

    It dosent make any sense when cloud services are almost ready to hit us….Why do they spend money when ps4 players can play ps3 version of game on their ps4

    • Reinert

      Cloud service will not be free, i’d rather pay for an upgraded, better performing, better looking game than rent or pay a discounted price for a streaming one that will not look as good as on the PS3.

    • justerthought

      Cloud play is not free and will lag like crazy. I want quality so I’m playing games direct from my hard drive fully installed, not streaming from the other side of the world coming through my ISP and all the latency that incurs. The cloud is overrated. Especially by Microsoft. Drop it like a hot potato.

  • AniFall

    PS4 rules! Generally, the main of the recent rumors is that GTA 5 for PC and next-gen consoles will be announced at E3. Just now the tentative release date is June 14.

    • Psionicinversion

      well ill be playing watch dogs so GTA will have to wait… serves them right for dragging there feet

    • O’Block Scooter

      Who cares? You act like your doing something to teach them a lesson. They already made a boatload of money catering to their traditional market. Stop whining

    • John Doe

      Actually he’s making a statement with his wallet 😉 also you care 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      you seem pretty salty, i will whine cus PC have always had to wait 6+ months for GTA since GTA3 i think…. they forget what platform made them great in the first place

  • Psionicinversion

    Sorry GTA, ill be busy with Watch_dogs for quitre some time so go fck yaself Rockstar youll have to wait for my money

  • ed

    all websites need to stop publishing articles base on what random gGerman or Iranian retailers publish. The more you post, the more attractive it is for these retailers to post BS listings for GTA5 in order to increase site traffic.

  • Guest

    Download the PC version right here, right now! Yes, contained in a new, highly compressed format, the size of an asterisk, all of GTA 5 for pc’s glory is here! Just click on the asterisk at the end of this post. It is actually a graphic bitmap, which causes a stack overflow, which in turn installs the official down loader secretly hosted on RS’s site. The one we are not supposed to know about until later this summer, which in turn downloads a puny 300 byte file! When clicked upon, this file extracts and installs the real 22 GB game! Quit click it before RS finds out and blocks access rendering it useless! Ok, here it is!!!


  • Jamea

    won’t be buying a PS4 until GTA5 or 6 comes out…we can play the waiting game as long as you like


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