Grand Theft Auto 5 Map As Big As Most Major Cities, Insane Scale Detailed Further

Los Santos and Blaine County is friggin’ huge, by the way.

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GTA 5 (3)

If you hadn’t already known by now, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V is ridiculously huge. Look at the world map itself – seriously, just look at it. There have been questions as to how big the map really is, especially compared to GTA IV.

But you’ll be surprised to hear that it actually compares surprisingly well to most major metropolitan cities in terms of scale. Toronto, Manhattan, San Francisco, London – Los Santos and Blaine County are as big, if not bigger than all of them. And honestly, it’s much larger than Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City by a long shot.

GTA V_map_new_01
Check out the scale even further, to figure out how normal events and incidents like, oh, shooting some one in the face compares to the overall size of things. Even enormous cross-ways and flyovers look absolutely tiny in the grand scheme of things.

GTA V_map_new_02
Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • Mitesh Ghanekar

    why hasnt anyone noticed that almost 75 % of the map is just empty land

    • Greg Skies

      Who cares. I rather go roaming the country side hunting than being stuck in the city doing the same thing over and over.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      yea but still it isnt as much a technical achievement, if its just empty land

    • nate

      You think they did this for technical achievement? no. It looks like empty land, but in reality, it will be full of things to do. Just Cause 2’s map is four hundred square MILES. Thats 20 miles by 20 miles. That map was full of empty space. GTA V is big, but not empty.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      we can only tell that for sure when the game drops, for now from the map itself , i see empty land , and the article is comparing it with cities which are 100 % developed.

    • Derringer Duo

      Because 75% of the map isn’t just empty land. It’s full of small cities, neighborhoods, hunting grounds, race tracks, and a huge sea smack dab in the middle you can go scuba diving in. Not to mention there are killers, druggies and psychos out there. Not to mention you’ll be doing stuff over the land, like racing jets.

      I’m sick of little haters like you. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, don’t play it. Just go enjoy your Wii Fit or Angry Birds.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      im sorry but you must have special eyes to see the small cities and neighbourhoods. And its not my problem that you dont have big enough a brain to actually absorb the truth. And i play a wide variety of games from AAA platformers to indie games, so keep your preaching to yourself.

    • Derringer Duo

      I don’t have special eyes. I have normal eyes and a functioning brain. So I know how to do something as simple as “click and zoom” on a map. If you could learn how to do that, perhaps you’d be able to see the small cities and neighborhoods, too.

      And honestly? I couldn’t possibly care less about what you play. So as I said, go play your Wii Fit and Angry Birds and stop menstruating all over this board, hater.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      yea because zooming gives up what you can do there, queer

    • koloco1980

      Go to an empty field and kill yourself.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      how about piss off

  • Derp!

    Go away Mitesh

    • Mitesh Ghanekar


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    never realized England was quite expansive i thought it be closer to the size of Liberty City. Anyway, can’t wait to explore this world. Rockstar have really outdone themselves this time 🙂


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