Grand Theft Auto 5: PSN Version Graphical Issues Similar to Xbox 360 Dual Disc Installed Version


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GTA 5 (6)
According to users across the PlayStation Network in Europe, the PSN version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is facing problems. Namely texture/geometry pop-in that occurs in the Xbox 360 dual disc installed version – namely with some plants around the baywatch house, a fence at the pier – along with some aliasing issues. For those who don’t know, the same issues occur if you install both discs rather than just the “Install” disc for GTA 5 (which Rockstar has stated will lead to reduced performance).

Check out the video below to see what we mean, and to get an idea of what the PSN version is facing. [via DigitalFoundry]

Users on PSN aren’t happy about it either.


GTA 5_PSN_02

Grand Theft Auto 5 released for PS3 and Xbox 360 today, with the PSN version in Europe being pre-loaded for gamers to download on the 16th. However, it would be safer to go with the PS3 retail copy at this rate – and most importantly, avoid installing both discs on the Xbox 360.

Source: Reddit

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  • Yo Mama

    I played the PS3 version for about 2 hours last night and didn’t notice any graphical pop in.

    • Manuel de Moustache

      congratulations. but we’re talking about the digital download version for PS3. mine has all the issues associated with the xbox360 2nd disc install

  • Adam02

    Bought mine via PSN and I can confirm it’s laggy and has more pop-in compared to the PS3 disc version. I’ve tried both.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      I’m having a hard time believing many people out there have already tried both versions out (unless you’re a reviewer?), but I’ll take your word! I guess the PS3 can read all the data faster if it has the disk AND the hard drive install to work from, instead of just the hard drive alone. I bought the disk version last night and played for a couple hours… driving fast you do notice a LITTLE pop-up but it’s not big, I’m guessing it’s a little worse on the hard drive version…….. but either way the game is epic and FUNNY. Love it. Buy it either way guys….. great story, great + unique characters, very clean graphics, lots of music, LOTS of map!

  • daxecutioner

    Definitely some graphical pop ups, Would of been nice for Rockstar advising to get the retail preferably for performance boost. Of course they didn’t come up and say that because they want to think their game is perfect. They knew about it hence the whole suggestion to not install game to hdd last minute on xbox kinda the same for psn. I would of gotten the retail copy. For most games installing to hd is faster but Rockstar did something different in order to fit this whole world with limited ram.

  • Goyko95

    Is it going to be fixed or what?

  • Truth

    If you downloaded the PSN version of GTA5 it WILL have LOADS of pop-in and frame stuttering. If you haven’t experienced those things and you have the PSN version than you either can’t tell, or you are bad at the game. I get going so fast that I can actually see straight through the ground, and textures cover the visibility of my car. This is a HUGE issue.

    • John

      I have the PSN version and I haven’t noticed any pop-ins while driving at top speeds. The only problem I have is that it runs as 10-15 fps while driving fast (although that might be for all releases of the game). I’m using a 500gb 5400rpm hdd though, so that might be why there aren’t any graphic pop-in problems.

  • Smiley

    I got the PSN version and I’ve noticed this. It’s a shame since the game is great. I hope they will offer a refund is the problem is unable to be patched since I’d rather buy the retail copy for the best performance.


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