Grand Theft Auto 5: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 HD Screen Comparison Indicate Little Difference

It’s like we’re seeing double!

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We’re but one day away from the release of Rockstar Games’ open world opus Grand Theft Auto 5 and the excitement is at its peak. The game is already infamous for not coming to next gen consoles, a fact which is lost on no one given how close it’s releasing to the Xbox One and PS4 (which are both due in November).

Till then, considering the technological divide that exists between the Xbox 360 and PS3, which console actually delivers the better GTA 5 experience visually? Check out these direct screen comparisons below to find out.

Interestingly, the Xbox 360 seems to have better vegetation along with smoother shadow details. However, the draw distance and texture for objects far off is better on the PlayStation 3. The amazing thing is: Both versions look almost identical.

There is usually concern with third party games since one or the other console gets stiffed when it comes to performance and visuals (*cough*Call of Duty*cough*). Even otherwise, some games just look better on the other console. But identical? That’s a real technological feat right there. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know below.

The ones that are placed above are from the PS3 version and the ones below are from the Xbox 360 version.

gta 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

gta 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

grand theft auto 5 ps3 vs xbox 360

Source: Reddit

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  • hirad

    i play GTA 5 the graphic is so good!
    Not like this!

    • usually in pics games don’t look as good. these pics look good, so if it’s better than that, nice!

  • Fernand Serre

    I honestly can’t see a difference here.

  • Xpawah

    Xbox 360 better use of anisotropic filter, better shadows,colors and vegetation, PS3 version has better draw distance. You have to superimpose the screenshots and change quickly to see differences

    • Nick Schoenhoff

      to me the color is a tad richer in the 360 verson, but some of the textures seem a bit lower res washing them out. only slightly tho (look at the rooftops of the overhead view of the coaster)

    • Wisebug

      I was thinking the same thing, then I noticed the planks on the wharf

    • cmdrdredd

      The 360 has overblown gamma and always has. It’s not that it has better colors in the game code, it’s how the system outputs. The blacks sometimes exhibit a little crush and lose the fine details in the shadows. The first screenshot comparison shows this pretty clearly. It won’t be noticeable in gameplay or in actual motion.

  • Vinz

    la gueule des arbres sur PS3 :X

  • Foxiol

    Differences are so minor that we should don´t even care. The important is game-play here…so move on.
    Hope to see a PC version since I have GTA IV on PC.
    Will get this today or tomorrow for PS3.

  • Keith Ian

    If you have to stare at a picture to try to figure out which one looks better, it is insignificant. They look almost identical. I actually felt the PS3 looks miscropically richer lol, someone else felt the Xbox was, that pretty much means no difference. go enjoy lol

    • cmdrdredd

      I know you meant PS3 though

    • Keith Ian

      Thank you. I did lol. I corrected that 🙂

  • albertyouwrong

    Minor differences can be spotted, and one major one at the last picture. Texture detail on the PS3 is much better compared to Xbox. Seems like anti aliasing is slightly better on PS3 also.

  • Guest

    Palm trees are more detailed Xbox, but otherwise it is very similar.

  • RebelMind

    I’m gonna say GTA V on PS3 is superior, only reason is I say is because I remember running GTA lV on 360 and it had terrible framerate pop ins and draw distance issues compared to the PS3 version. I also remember lV for 360 was more cartoonish looking, while the PS3 gave off a certain crisp realism. Sure enough I believe I was right to choosing GTA V for PS3 cause my 8 GB install was like less then 5 min and I swear the graphics look photo realistic and the draw distance and detail is just breathtaking hands down!

    • oxhanoverxo

      So remembering what the previous game is like must correlate to what this game looks like. Uh yeah.

  • if you took 2 images on the same console 1 sec apart and told people one was xbox and one was ps3 someone will always say ps3 over xbox or vice versa. if you have to hunt to find a difference then there isn’t one worth mentioning.

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