Guerrilla Games: PS4 Pushes 26,000 Building Blocks In Killzone Shadow Fall; PS3 Did 7 to 8K Blocks

Guerrilla Games doing what they do best.

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Killzone Shadow Fall (2)

There is no doubt that Killzone Shadow Fall is a technical show piece for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Featuring slick visuals at a resolution of 1080p, Guerrilla Games have proven yet again that they excel at creating some of the most visually stunning games out there.

Shadow Fall’s predecessors Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 had an amazing level of detail in them. Each scene in those games had about 8000  building blocks with three ‘level of detail’ steps. However in Killzone Shadow Fall that number increased to 26,000 and seven respectively.

“For a scene – what we call a section – on the PlayStation 3, we’d have a maximum of 7000-8000 building blocks and now we’re seeing that on PS4 that we’re pushing 26,000 building blocks. We’d have two LOD steps for these elements, now we have seven LOD steps,” reveals lead environment artist, Kim van Heest in a technical interview with EuroGamer.

That is an increase of almost three times and the results are exemplary. The push is understandable from two points. PlayStation 4 is obviously more powerful with its APU and GDDR5 RAM memory providing ample bandwidth and secondly, the scale of levels in Shadow Fall is much higher than found in the previous games. This meant that Guerrilla Games had to divide each level into different sections so that multiple designers can work on it.

Given that launch titles are generally not a best showcase of what the hardware can do, Guerrilla Games’ efforts are commendable. It will be interesting to see what they do with their next IP.

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  • Guest

    …and it still plays like mediocre crap. Overhype, underdeliver. GTFO of business $0N¥!

    • Erry

      Hi xbot.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      i just want to know… what do you define as NOT mediocre..? what would you of changed about playing the game.. this is actually genuinely a question btw im not trolling (not yet anyway..)

    • Eagles83

      I’ll add my two cents. It is a fantastic looking game. I’m probably half way through it now and I am enjoying it but it could be better. The gameplay seems par for the course and sometimes on the boring side. The visuals alone were what was pushing me to get to the next area more than my interest in the story which can be a bad thing. Not continually feeling this way but it has happened a few times.

      Also I dislike controlling the owl with the touchpad. I knew I would hate that being on the dual shock controller and this game is a perfect example of why. It is unnatural feeling to let go of the controller with your right hand to flick a direction on the pad. It is uncomfortable to reach unless I do that and it is just annoying. It would have been better if the controls were mapped to the d-pad. Overall it is a good game though.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      thats fine if those are your opinions on the touch pad.. This generation will change your mind on touchpad utilization to be fair its all about how its implemented and in A LOT of peoples comments controlling the OWL wi th the touchpad isnt a bad experience i mean is pressing X to open a door or make a movement any more realistic..? yeah i understand the story to some may touch on the boring but please think to yourself about ALL modern day FPS’ and their campaigns and how similar they all feel. In the end its sooooooo easy to call a FPS mediocre but defend an FPS you absolutely love when its all a matter of preference only when a game brings something sooo unique to its formula is when it should be defended yet we still have captain ‘pauperstation’ at the top there and sooo many other who call Killzone a mediocre FPS then call CoD an amazingggg FPS when realistically the only reaosn why CoD isnt even a good game anymore and (eben though in my opinion Treyacrch did a fantastic job with Bops 2 and i HATE CoD lool) but the only difference is community rather than what the game actually offers if you get what i mean.. :S?

    • Eagles83

      I don’t think killzone shadowfall is a bad game at all. That was just a couple of my negative criticisms about it and the controller. My problem wasn’t that the touchpad wasn’t more realistic than just pressing a button……it was that it was more difficult to do in a firefight since you have to reach farther to get to it. It is a small gripe bit I’m afraid devs will use the touchpad as a gimmick rather than where it makes sense.

      The end of chapter 7 is total BS though and practically impossible on higher difficulties. That is all that I will say about that but I’m with you on CoD. It hasn’t been good since the first modern warfare game. It feels like the madden of shooters with small changes from one year to the next. Now they just make it as crazy as they can and said to hell with any kind of realism.

    • Economista

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    • Ritsujun

      Xbone180’d, and Xbone720’d… poor mindless Xillyblindb0ts.

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    • matt671

      wow some one sounds like they seriously got butt fucked

  • maxinthefax

    hopefully meaning that games will be longer this time [omg ps3 games were all short from 2006 until now]

  • Dakan45

    INB4 Ryse has better geometry and more polygons and i am a pc gamer, couldnt gave a flying fuck about xbox

  • Guest

    $0N¥ paupers are desperate to defend their crappy pauperbrand. LOL!

    • ALKi1234

      jys a regte Doos.


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