Halo 4: 10 Things That Need To Change

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Microsoft’s E3 press conference would have us believe that a fourth Halo games is in the works. With the dawn of a new trilogy now truly upon us, and Microsoft taking the reigns from Bungie, how will Halo 4 be able to best its pedigree? Scroll on for a list of ten changes that will put Halo 4 on a whole new level.

Fewer cheesy moments

The lovable big guy sacrificing himself for the team. It's a little overused don't you think?

The Halo games have always offered strong single player campaigns, but they have their clichéd moments from time to time. The more recent Halo Reach was a prime offender of this, with cheesy death and sacrifice scenes dotting the game’s narrative. It was still an immensely enjoyable story, but it might be nice to see a Halo campaign go for a less melodramatic direction.

More armour abilities

We definitely need more of this

Those pesky armour abilities. They were probably the best addition in Reach and, love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that they added a new layer of tactics to Halo’s renowned depth of gameplay. We need more variety in them however. There are only so many times where snagging a vehicle in armour lock remains novel. If we can get some more armour ability options, Halo 4 will be on the next level.

Passive perks and upgrades

The customization was good, but it would be nice if it affected gameplay in some way

The class system of Halo Reach was good, but it lacked the depth of competing titles. What Reach was missing was the extra layer of strategy that passive abilities bring to the table. When you combine passive upgrades with their active counterparts the tactical possibilities open up immeasurably. Halo needs this kind of treatment, and Halo 4 will be the place to do it.

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  • No. No more armour abilities. No perks. They screwed up the series with Reach by trying to be more like ‘Call of Duty’.

    • Halodude


  • Bring dual wielding back.

    • NOOOOOO dont do that im tired of turning the corner and BAM im dead only cuz he had two of the same gun i was using. halo reach and its ups and downs but isnt that what a good game should be? anyway the only problem i had was the mongoose i mean if its going to be made make it at least faster than the warthog all in all id give reach a 10 out of 10

    • i agree bring dual wielding back

  • Armor abilities need to die with reach. I’m not a hater, but it was an innovation that distorted the Halo multiplayer experience and should stay in this game alone. Also, they need to lose the recoil. It was implemented for a more realistic experience, but it only frustrated veterans of the game who can now be killed by a new player due to spray and pray. Also, take fan polls on what maps needed to be rebooted. Another thing is to fine tune your grenade physics. Halo 3’s grenade physics were the best in the series in terms of multiplayer. Reach left me in frustration as my grenades failed to work as intended due to faulty environment interactions. Finally, BRING BACK MY TRUE SKILL RANKINGS!!! I have no incentive to win in reach. Leveling up through experience is useless and does not show a players true skill in due to boosting. Give me a reason to play.

  • ghostkill221

    Please Dear God, do not ever let Halo have perks and upgrades, I buy Halo and I buy Call of Duty, Why would i want Halo of Duty, Halo’s prime feature is that going into the match you have an equal chance of winning due to everything but skill level, that’s what the multiplayer is built around. Armor abilities pushed it but due to balance it stayed true, Halo might not suck with perks or upgrades, but it wouldn’t be Halo.

    • That makes no sense at all ghostkill221 armor abilities and upgrades add stratagy to the playing field; knowing the upgrades knowing how to react and other various skills

    • love it cause without the armor abilities what would set reach apart from halo 3? every halo game has broght something new to the ever expanding universe of video games itd be cool to see halo 4 to bring something to but something of its own. i know bungie and 343 wont have the same intentions for halo but at least they both value the game for what it is (hopefully). im a little skeptical to see what 343 studios will do, fearing that it might as people say, ‘make or break’ the universe of halo itself. but all we can do i wait and see what 343 can really do, but if anything they better remember that halo is bungie’s baby and they better not mess with such an extridonary great franchise. pray its for the best guys!!

    • ghostkill221

      but all armor abilities are balance and available regardless of your level, so the only difference between private and a noble is their appearance and skill level, (The private may even have a higher skill level) therefore the private will win. try that in any cod game, not that they aren’t fun

  • You should intraduce new vehicles. The old ones where awesome but it would be cool to have some newer ones.it would also be cool is there where vehicles that could hold more than three people.

  • No offense, but these are some horrible ideas. If anything, get rid of armor abilities (except sprint maybe) , never let players start with weapons other than assault rifles or brs/dmrs. That’s what makes halo halo. Perks would be stupid. If I want an unfair fight, I’ll play call of duty.

  • I agree they need to scrap reach’s changes and go back to mainly H3 multiplayer with hopefully some new weapons. Reticle bloom, armor abilities, ad arena need to go and vehicles and the laser and sniper need to go back to the H3 style. Sniper is too easy to use in reach and too strong and laser is severely underpowered. We need the BR back but I wouldn’t mind keeping the needle rifle and jetpacks. I played both H3 and reach alot and they need to lose most of the cahnges made in reach.

  • I’m a big halo fan, and have been since halo 1 but they have a point when they say stop trying to make reach like cod cuz I’m not a hater I love both halo and cod but I play halo cuz I like halo if I wanted armor abilities I wouldn’t want halo cuz it’s not halo, see stuff like powers and perks work for cod but in a game like halo it doesnt cuz there not the same there for they can not have the same things or the one can’t be better then the other cuz there the same, I love halo more then cod but halo fans are trusting u with such an amazing game and if u put armor abilities in halo 4 people are not going to be happy, all my friends are halo fans like me and they have reach but never Play it cuz they say it’s not halo it’s halo/cod and I feel the same, all my friends there friends which is a couple hundred people and who knows what else but they said if it’s anything like reach they said there done with halo cuz that’s just stupid, they also said if it is like reach there done with halo and there going to cod and never playing halo again I think 343 can do a good job if they ask the fans what they want and not just do what they want and give the fans what they want cuz if 343 messes this game up, all I have to say is say bye to thousands of halo fans, that’s all I have to say is say bye to ur fans, cuz there going to cod cuz u want it so much like cod why dont we just go play that without wasting are money.

  • velazkid

    Wow, biggest shit article ever. So basically, when it comes to game play, they want Halo to be ANOTHER modern warfare game. It really makes me sad that gaming, at least when it comes to FPS gaming, has stooped to such a level that if a game doesn’t play like CoD, it fails. “It would be nice if it affected gameplay in some way” Really? Because you’ve played too much CoD and want every game to be exactly the same right? More amour abilities? Oh so Halo can reduce that feature so far as to making them perks? JUST LIKE COD.

    This seriously depresses me. Greater Weapon variety? Sure it sounds great, but you obviously don’t realize what kind of game Halo is with your casual FPS shrouded mind. Halo has been about Balance, and interesting new weapons. CoD on the other hand, has tons of weapons sure, but they all do the same thing, they shoot bullets, at varying speeds and accuracy. That is it.

    I don’t want to be seen as a CoD hater for this post. I think it’s a great game and continue to play them with each new game released. This post is merely stating that the article writer has obviously played too much modern warfare, and his writing shows it.

  • Armor abilities need to go, they don’t add strategy at all, they take away from it. Any player can run into a fight, get in trouble and simply throw down a shield or jet-pack away. Being able to set up on a map and play as a team is what Halo is about, not running into a room throwing a grenade hoping to kill someone then running away like a little bitch. Bring back the old ranking system is something I’d do as well, Halo multiplayer was at its best when all everyone wanted to do was get to level 50. Asymmetrical maps suck unless you’re playing free-for-all, the best maps start out with each team having equal distance to the power weapons and power ups. That way you have to fight for any advantage. If you’re going to complain about starting with an assault rifle, play a playlist with a BR start. I played Reach for a week straight pretty well, only to take it back to EB Games in exchange for NHL 11. Halo has slowly taken the skill and fun out of their franchise. I haven’t really enjoyed a Halo game since Halo 3, and they haven’t made a campaign comparable to Halo: CE yet. If they want to make another amazing game all they have to do is combine Halo: CE and Halo 2. That’s my two cents internet, take it or leave it..

  • tom

    I would like to see more thinking required in this game. So features like strategically destructive environments would be a nice place to start. In general more destruction=good, right?

    This goes for matchmaking/firefight etc. as well.

    my 2 cents

  • Get rid of the armor abilities, along with all the crummy warts spawned by Halo 2:

    1) Cheap A.I. with power weapons and vehicles.

    2) Bring back the way the Warthog and Scorpion Tanks handled in Halo: CE. I get sick of really slow tanks and driving Warthogs with broken axles, after the first jump! I really hated they way the vehicles were broken, pieces of junk after a few minutes. I would also, like the old Ghost back (complete with the original sound of the vehicle, which was the right type of sound effects for that type of vehicle).

    3) Bigger areas, less invisible walls! It seems like I run into them everywhere, since Halo 2. Also, if there are buildings in cities? Open more of them up, for tactical and more CQC possibilities.

    4) Bring back Halo: CE’s grenades, M90 Shotgun, MA5B (with 600 rounds), SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, M6D Pistol.

    5) Get rid equipment , jetpacks, ect.

    6) Bring back Halo: CE’s F.O.V.

    7) Lower the auto-aim, or make it completely selectable, along with audio and visual settings.

  • NO PERKS OR AMOR ABILITIES, I get halo because it ISN’T Call Of Duty!

  • hmm that’s too bad, but there are hundreds of millions of OTHER people that would rather play it. just because you wouldn’t like if they kept the changes that bungie made in reach doesnt mean that other people wouldnt like. Broaden your viewpoint before making such stupid comments

    • Story driven games need continuity in storyline development and in the game play department (weapons, vehicles, basic character functions, physics ect…) and not to placate kids with A.D.D., with shiny new objects, just because they are bored.

      Bungie has really made a mess of HALO on all counts, IMHO.

  • It needs totally new enemies (which will bring new weapons, vehicles, etc), a longer campaign mode with more variety in it. Also, don’t bring back the Covenant or humans. Chief is floating through space, alone. It’d be much more epic if it was just him.

  • Can I have my BR back.

  • 1) Stupid idea. AI should be intuitive and changing with the player.
    2) I think half-way is best. Not invincible and not being able to take a tank down with a single clip.
    3) Maps are fine, minus the invisible walls.
    4) Stupid idea. Change is always good.
    5) See above.
    6) REALLY stupid idea. There’s a reason why most games don’t use this FOV. It’s outdated, just like GoldenEye on N64. I dont hold my gun at arms length. It’s in my arms resting against my shoulder.
    7) Stupid idea as well. Universal auto-aim settings are ideal. As far as auto-aim went in Reach, it was much better than Halo 2.

    • Thing only that is stupid? Are you trying desperately to refute the obvious… There isn’t a heavily narrative driven game, that has changed so drastically from game to game, like Bungie’s HALO, trying to placate the kiddies , at the expense of the adult landscape of gamers, who want a cohesive story, coupled with consistent game play!

      A lot of the stuff Bungie added (equipment, broken vehicles (Warthog and Scorpion tanks, through degradation, dual weapon wielding, cheap enemy A.I., stupid ally A.I., new and nerfed weaponry, armor abilities, inconsistent and worse physics in comparison to C.E., ect…)

      Bungie bungled HALO… garbage mouthed minors on Live playing HALO games, notwithstanding.

  • halo reach sucked balls , , i want my br back and the old , ranking system back , because it takes more skill to rank up , i wouldnt mind if they put it on the halo 2 engine or the halo 3 engine , out of those two are the best not reaches engine because that sucks ,

  • They need to add AI spawns in forge and the ability to change it from day to night.

    • I agree completetey .. I think it would br awesoem to have a game type where you can secure an Area and then a pelican flies in a drops off some marines for you to use


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