Halo 5 Guardians Final Resolution Not Yet Locked, eSRAM Not an Issue, Campaign Runs at 60fps

Executive producer Chris Lee says the resolution will be discussed more in the future.

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Halo 5: Guardians

343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most anticipated titles of the year and will herald the first truly next gen Halo title for the Xbox One. It still has a ways to go in development though, especially when it comes to the resolution.

GamingBolt spoke to lead producer Chris Lee about the campaign and multiplayer. Will both modes run at 60 FPS? According to Lee, they indeed will.

However, when asked if the resolution would be at 1080p, Lee stated that, “So, we’re still optimizing the game as we haven’t launched so we haven’t locked in our final resolution yet. But we will talk more about that in the future.”

On whether the Xbox One’s eSRAM was causing problems with programming, especially since many developers have expressed their concerns with the memory, Lee said that, “It didn’t cause any issues for us.”

It’s obvious that there’s still a fair bit of optimization left before the release of Halo 5: Guardians in October so keep the hope alive. Also let us know what you think of the game’s resolution and frame rate in the comments.

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    I don’t care if the resolution is 1080p or 900p just keep the frame rate at 60fps i can’t go back to playing Halo at 30fps
    after playing the Halo 5 beta 60fps is perfect for Halo

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Exactly. I didn’t get to see beta but seeing game play I could already see the difference it’ll make.

    • Reign SUPREEM

      Agreed. I’ll take gameplay performance (60fps) over resolution any day in games like this (multiplayer FPS). But in games like Tomb raider or Uncharted I would like 1080p and 30fps if both isn’t possible.

    • XanderZane41

      The beta was running at 720P @ 60fps and it actually looked incredible. So even if it’s 900P it won’t matter much to me. I think if they had used Win10/ DX12 there’s no doubt it would be 1080P. Since they are still using the old API, it likely will be 900P. I already have my limited edition game preordered.

    • Kinect

      No, the Beta ran at 720p at 40 – 60 frames.

      The single player ran at 40 – 60 frames also. Go check digital foundry.

      Halo 5 is already using DX12 features. DX12 is for PC.

    • Um running 40-60fps is running 60fps.You are making no sense buddy.

    • Kinect

      When a game runs about 40 – 50 frames 90% of the time and only reaches 60 frames when there is no action on screen, it’s rather missleading to call it 60 frames.

      Clear enough for you? You Xbox fanboys are a sad, stupid bunch. lol

    • Jacob Stamm


      You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    • Kidd

      Cling onto This – Lifts Middle Finger and SMILE’s+ how do you know fps at e3!!!

    • Mark

      Yup Roost. I think goin with a dynamic res design would be best, but keep the frames high! The beta felt so smooth shooting…

  • GK15

    It’s gonna look great regardless

    • xjumper

      If the beta and weak e3 showing is any indication, it wont look that great lol

    • andy

      It still won’t stop the countless assumptions by people like GK15 that it is going to look “great” regardless of this teams previous mediocre efforts. It IS Halo after all so doesn’t that instantly mean Shooter of the year and 9/10s all round just like Halo MCC was to so many gaming “journalists”, even with all the problems.

    • GK15

      *sigh* Mediocre efforts? Have you even seen Halo 4?

    • sazse007

      Halo 4 was simply stunning! One of the best looking games on last gen and still holds up pretty well!

    • DLConspiracy//

      You don’t like xbox anything so…your opinions of mediocre are sort of mediocre conclusions at best.

    • Mark

      That can be said of any triple A sequel tho. So Halo need not be singled out..

    • Cenk Algu
    • GK15

      I thought it did look great at E3. And the beta looked good but was just a few MP maps. The campaign will look better than Halo4 which still looks good even today

    • Zarbor

      I was amazed at how good Halo 4 looks on the XB1. How they got that on the 360 is amazing. Halo 5 is almost guaranteed to look better than that so let the haters hate. Its what they do.

    • GK15


    • Afraz Anosh

      Side note – 360 has 512mb RAM :3

    • Gene

      FanBOY much? Either that or you’re delusional, pick one. Both?


      Obviously you are not a Halo fan so go play Killzone shadowfail at 30fps lol

    • Reign SUPREEM

      Haha, I had Killzone Shadowfall when it released and it was more garbage than Killzone 3 and that was on PS3. Safe to say I didn’t keep it that long. The Halo 5 beta was far better than that turd and it wasn’t even the fully optimized versions yet.

    • Malacath

      Clearly a ps4 fanboy.
      Pretty sad hating a game because it’s not on your console of choice. You’re not really a gamer if you do that

  • Salomao Elesbon

    900p looks fine! 343i art is superb!

    • Zarbor

      Only sony fanboys with pixel counting x-ray vision are concerned about differences in resolution.

  • MattS71

    Beta looked and played great. Whatever that was, awesome. And I agree, Halo at 30 fps is hard to go back to

  • andy

    After what these guys did to Halo 4 and Halo MCC (and the Halo 5 Beta if we want to include yet another screw up by this team), isn’t the online portion of Halo 5 the biggest thing to be worried about and the area they need to convince people to not worry over?

    • kma99

      There was nothing wrong with the beta goofball. Thanks for spreading lies though. There wasn’t anything remotely wrong with halo 4. Just because you maybe didnt like it doesn’t mean anything was wrong with it.

    • Malacath

      There was nothing wrong with Halo 4 or the Halo 5 beta. There were multiplayer problems with the MCC initially but they have since been fixed.

    • Mark

      The beta was fun and ran great. Lol. Stop tryna trash Halo Andy. We’ll all get some great games this fall dude. No need to do that.

    • The beta ? That beta played better than any shooter that came out in 2014 lol

  • Gene

    Gameplay is king, I don’t care if it’s 720p, as long as it’s fun. -180p makes 0 difference, unless you’re an idiot fanBOY. But then you’re not a gamer, just an idiot.

    • Which is why they should stop caving in to the 1080p/60fps-obsessed phony gamers and put back in split-screen multiplayer.

  • d0x360

    You will only find smaller devs or multi platform devs complaining about esram as they don’t have the budget or time to use it for much other than storing the frame buffer. Microsoft on the other hand has been using it for other things which have been rolled into the SDK so hopefully devs take more advantage.

    As for halo 5 its likely to use a dynamic resolution system. The e3 build did and it seems to be a solution that works quite well for the Xbox one especially because your eyes generally don’t notice any differences. By launch they will have the frame rate locked down either way.

  • Terminator

    The damage control and misinformation of the Sony Drone Defense Force is strong on this article.

  • PlayingFifaSince98

    Does anyone knows what’s harder to get to 60fps 900p or 1080p 30fps

    • Mark

      Here’s the thing. Frame rate always depends on if ur making a racer or sports or fighting game or first person shooter. Because the player makes very fast decisions, twitch like controller button presses. So it’s important to keep frames @ 60, but that still isn’t easy there.

      Higher Resolution usually benefits 3rd person rpg & action games, or games u take ur time in, to have the objects look as sharp as possible because the gamer will be admiring the world. The frame rate should be easy to run 30fps.

      But getting the best frames & resolution out of a game is down to, the engine u use with its tools (Unreal, Frostbite, CryEngine) + the knowledge and skill of the programmer of said engine + knowledge of the hardware or language of the hardware (DirectX, OpenGl etc). And there’s more factors than I know.

      Generally speaking I think 60fps is hardest to hit and hold steady, but if a dev can do it, it’ll be a huge benefit for GAMEPLAY. I’d prefer both the X1 and PS4 run 900p @ 60fps with all games cuz on TVs resolution isn’t that noticeable compared to a monitor, including how far u sit and screen size. But the smooth gameplay will ALWAYS be noticed imo. I think 900p 60fps is tougher tho, and devs want the best lookin game possible instead of high frames.

    • Ari Goldman

      60fps 900p is the more demanding render target.

      1080p 30fps is roughly equivalent to 720p 60fps in terms of required system resources.

    • PlayingFifaSince98

      Great user name

  • otherZinc

    Here’s what I think GamingBolt;
    The PS4 doesn’t have 1 AAA Game that’s 1080p 60fps! Not even 1 AAA Game in the discussion.

    Naughty Dog can’t do it.
    Drive Club couldn’t do it.
    Guerilla Games; ask them if Horizon can do it.
    No 1080p 60fps Locked AAA Next-gen Exclusives for the PS4.

    I’m glad you guys know to not put Forza in this silly conversation.
    Forza Motorsport 6 will be 1080p 60fps Locked! Same as Forza Motorsport 5 before it.

    Soon, Halo 5 will do the same; 1080p 60fps.

    • Volpejr

      I’d be seriously surprised if Halo 5 was 1080p. It would be great but not likely. Give me a steady 60fps and I’ll be happy no mater what the resolution.

    • otherZinc

      I agree completely, I say those things because Sony sold the PS4 on 1080p 60fps AAA next-gen hype & haven’t achieved it 1 time.

      Meanwhile, the XBOX ONE has done it with Forza Motorsport 5, when Drive Club couldn’t do it. Now, Forza Motorsport 6 will be 1080p 60fps Locked with a BIG Feature Rich game.

      I still believe Halo 5 will be 1080p 60fps, if it isn’t, I’ll be super satisfied with 60fps. A smooth game is better than anything.

    • Jeremy Freeman

      Sony has nearly 24 millions units sold, gee I don’t think games looking better and at a higher resolution has ANYTHING to do with that. They can run many games at 60fps, they choose not to. Eventually they will, heck look at Tomb Raider on PS4 and Xbox One, 60fps, and 30fps. Not to mention there is no comparison graphically. Along with Witcher III, GTAV, Dying Light and a slew of other games that run and look better on PS4. I liked the Xbox One but it’s just not cutting it anymore. I’m tired of guessing what the resolution/or graphics MIGHT look like. AC Unity was the ONLY game I’ve seen play better. And Ryse looked pretty, but the gameplay was awful. But I’d still play a better looking game that was mediocre, than one with horrible.or lesser graphics that played great. They had a sale on Metro Redux, I made the mistake of playing it on Xbox One, it looks awful. That’s when I decided, ok, it’s out of here, i’ve seen enough. Along with some other games. Anyways.

  • Elyar

    Its D Tym of moDern Generation So D Game ShoulD Run at 60fps(1080) …… Wanna Feel That am inSiDe D Game By PlayinG it…. If they Cant Give 60fps Then They ShoulD BrinG Back D Split Screen… We aRe SacrificinG Split Screen Just For D 60fps… If no 60fps then they shoulD Back D Split Screen…

  • Volpejr

    I hope they focus on getting the game to run at a consistent 60fps even if it means 720p. The pressure put on developers to hit 1080p is unfair and it’s ruining gaming imo. I can’t help wondering how much better Bloodborne would have been at 900p with smooth frame rates compared to the juddery mess it was at 1080p. Same with Infamous SS. Beautiful game when standing still but in motion it was a mess.

    • Jeremy Freeman

      In that case lets start making 900p HDTV’s. Or stick to 720p. Of course it matters, why type that with a lump in your throat?

    • Volpejr

      Gameplay and smooth fps matters more.

  • Jacob Stamm

    console games have always been experience first, graphics second. Keeping track of graphics metrics with a bean counter is for PC. And everybody’s suddenly ok with this change in direction, at the cost of key features like #Halo5Splitscreen and LAN support, without thinking through the consequences. It sucks to be a console game these days, with fans eating up everything the devs tell them and just accepting this loss at face value. Gamers are a malleable bunch, they are.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    The beta was really good, fast action. For those harping about 1080p 60fps go buy a pc. 60fps makes things much better. Even the beta at 720p still looked very good. Trolls are gonna troll. Where’s derp or fatty?

  • Jeremy Freeman

    Xbox One failed before it was even launched. After this year, name anything in 2016, or 2017 that it has going for it? At least all of Sony’s games were next year and looked great. MS are trying way to hard to win people over. I went to a pawn shop and the guy had 22 Xbox Ones sitting in the back, some in boxes, some not. I said seriously? He’s like yeah dude, we only give around 115$ in cash for them too. And sell them for 250$. They are dying a slow death. And this guys has owned like every console. Said PS4 is just amazing. I would be inclined to agree with him. What a shame, the wasted billions.$$$$

  • Mr Xrat

    Xbox fanboys scrambling to make excuses for that tentpole AAA that will inevitably disappoint.


  • Ls Fernando Txr

    Hey Jeremy, Name one Game of Ps4 EXCLUSIVE HO RUN IN 1080p 60fps?

    Forza Motorsport Made it happening, The order by the way it’s a exclusive and run only 800p 30fps.

    ps4 suport is a total waste, exclusive games that do not run on 60FPS 1080, updates that only give errors on the island, off the overheating of the console that looks like a foreman grill, look at the remaster of Gears of War, and the remaster the god of war 3, and Unbored 2, ps4 is a total waste of money, precarious interface and no interesting news on the console update, now with the new update of direct x, want to see what will be the excuse you fanboys will vomit .


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