Hidetaka Suehiro: “Please Don’t Expect to Play D4 on Any Platform Besides Xbox One”

Access Games director kindly tells us what NOT to expect with the game.

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D4 (4)
Of all the Xbox One titles to be revealed thus far, Access Games’ D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is definitely one of the odder picks. Developed by the same team that brought us Deadly Premonition, it’s helmed by director Hidetaka Suehiro aka SWERY. We had a chance to ask the man what he’d tell players to NOT expect with D4, to which he stated:

“1. Please don’t expect to be able to play D4 on any platform besides the Xbox One.
2. Please understand that ‘D4 is not a sequel to Deadly Premonition’.
3. This is not what you think about with Kinect. This game is something the core will be able to enjoy and see why Kinect is a great enhancement to gaming as a whole.

“We’re working hard on the production of this new title – D4 – by setting up the foundation of ’emotional involvement’ and ‘realistic senses and feelings’. I feel that we are basically creating a kind of game that’s really the first of its kind. We’re aiming to create the sort of game that will truly become an “experience” in the players’ lives, and I really think you’ll like what we have in store. That’s all, I love you all!”

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die sees players taking on the role of a private investigator who can travel through time and attempts to undo the murder of his wife. An episodic exclusive for Xbox One, D4’s release date is still to be announced.

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  • klarax

    im sure, a few million would change this.. 😛

  • Trim Dose

    OK bye nothing lost 😉

    • Paul Crowley

      If you had played Deadly Premonition you’d know that isn’t true.

  • zpoccc

    please don’t expect me to play d4.

    • Paul Crowley

      No one is going to expect you to have taste.

    • zpoccc

      ah yes, D4 – the pinnacle of good taste. you really got me there.

    • Paul Crowley

      Not the pinnacle, but it’s certainly going to be a very enjoyable game.

    • zpoccc

      i’m jealous of your powers of foresight. you should do something more worthwhile with your gift like warn of disasters or at least making some money on the stock market.


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