Horizon: Zero Dawn Is 1080p/30fps And Uses Modified KIllzone: Shadowfall Engine

Guerrilla says it took two years to make sure the game could actually run the way they wanted it to.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony might have been worried about going with a female protagonist in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but developer Guerrilla Games was more worried about whether or not the game would run right on its engine. In order to make sure the game would indeed work on the modified Killzone: Shadowfall engine Guerilla was using, the developer tested and played the title for two years.

Art director Art Beek recently talked about Zero Dawn to Videogamer.com and shed some light on the graphics quality (it will run at 1080p/30fps) as well as the way they modified the engine to run the game. “The Shadow Fall engine isn’t an open-world streaming world engine so for the last two years a lot of technological effort has gone into actually being able to make it work like this,” he said, “It is actually still the same engine but then [there is] an enormous leap from Shadow Fall to this.”

Judging from the reveal at Sony’s E3 press conference, it appears all that testing was for good reason. The game stands with Fallout 4 as titles that made the biggest splash in the opening days of the conference. Horizon: Zero Dawn sees you taking on the role of a female “Machine Hunter” named Aloy. The story takes place thousands of years after a great apocalypse and will see Aloy trying to figure out how the machines came to be and what happened to the rest of the human race. Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch exclusively for the PS4 and while an exact release date hasn’t been revealed it should be coming sometime in 2016.

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  • Daniel evans

    this is a major plus for sony to have an exclusive rpg on their system and the rpg in question looks brilliant. good luck to them. i am glad they came away from killzone to make this.

    • Mark

      Yeah my thoughts too. Gotta give props to Sony for allowing Guerilla to work on this alongside Killzone too. If I was them, I’d tell em to drop Killzons lol. And spend all their time on this. We’ll see how Scalebound looks compared to this too!

  • *Also On PC

    Another 30FPS game. Looks like we have to add “60FPS” to the wall of lies like “Toy Story Graphics” and “Power of the cell”

    This game would be 60FPS on PC anyway.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      I’m scared of those people in your avatar.

    • Icaraeus

      The power of the cell was not a lie. It was insanely hard to code for.

    • *Also On PC

      Deluded as usual Icaraeus. All those Sub HD resolutions on the PS3 warping your mind

    • Icaraeus

      No, not at all. Many games on PS3 were 720p, even 1080p

    • *Also On PC

      Still deluded. Not remembering the PS3 version of Bioshock was 800×600. Sony shills, everyone

    • Icaraeus

      Gran Turismo 6 1080p says hi

    • *Also On PC

      1440×1080 is not 1080P :^)

    • Icaraeus

      It’s 1920x1080p pretty sure. Regardless if I have it wrong, GT5 is 1080p

    • *Also On PC

      Nope. GT5 is also 1440×1080. Not 1080P :^)

    • Icaraeus

      It’s 1920x1080p idiot

    • *Also On PC

      1440×1080 :^)

  • Starman

    I said that the moment I saw this, … KZ with an apocalyptic amazon face lift , it’s what turned me off … that engine sucks , the AI is really bad .. have to wait and see …

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