Horizon Zero Dawn New Details: Lots of Mysteries, No Loading Screens, Day/Night Cycle & More

Senior Producer from Guerrilla Games on the game’s engine, weather system and more.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Mike Norris from Guerrilla Games has revealed new information regarding Horizon Zero Dawn. First of all he defended against claims that this is only a game about robots and machine guns. “There is an interesting story and raises some philosophical questions about who Aloy is and what humanity looks for and who we are as people, who she is and why we are here. It’s not just robots, dinosaurs with machines guns. It has a really interesting story line too.”

Secondly there are a ton of mysteries in the game. “Secrets are in abundance on Horizon. So if you look at that, that may not be a cave wall but there is actually a history there is written there. There are a lot of mysteries that we have not talked about yet but there are certainly a lot of mysteries for that particular history written on that cave wall.”

Marl further revealed that three things never changed when they first pitched the game to Sony back in 2011. First, a playable lead female character, vast open world and machines. Mark also revealed and detailed several role playing game elements such as leveling up, crafting, perks, choosing outfits and choosing weapons. He also teased that are other RPG elements which they plan to announce a bit later.

Regarding shooting he explained that the word shooting most of the time implies to gun but there are no guns in the game and it uses primitive technology. Mark stated that the game is a deep tactical strategy game which will ensure that the player will learn more about the machines such as their weak points. Exploration will also play a big part in the game and players can explore mountains tops, depths of valleys and ancient cities. Furthermore there are no load screens in the game. In short this is a completely seamless world.

Technically the game is one big area since there is no loading but it comes packed with a number of different environments including deserts, lush jungle like region ,and a forest area along with a full day-night cycle and weather system. However the cool thing is that there is a reason why these specific regions exists and it all ties in with the story. He also revealed that the game is not necessarily set on Earth.

Finally he also shared his thoughts on the development cycle of the game. It was tough to build over the Killzone engine and revamp it for an open world game. Several mechanisms were changed such as the machine’s navigation map, streaming logic and lighting effects.

You can check out the entire interview below.

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  • Elenora Tazia

    Looking foreward to this. But I am also waiting for Killzone updates next year!

  • every game this gen should have no loading screen, unless when you load a game!

  • PachterStation

    It’s a Sony game remember. If you’re memory isn’t too good, look at what happened with Killzone, Bloodborne and more so The Order. Don’t get sucked into the graphics then moan later.

    • What happened with Bloodborne? Its excellent, and currently sitting at a 92 on metacritic, one point below witcher 3.

    • Psionicinversion

      hes talking about the framerate problems with it. I think its the best game on PS4 even though its to hard for me but its not perfect

      The framerate doesnt happen alot but when it does drop its very noticeable and the massive load times when you died. They did improve it from vanilla version but still quite long

    • XbotMK1

      No, he was talking about “gameplay”. He stated, don’t be suckered by graphics. He’s just being a lying fanboy because he’s extremely upset over the PS4’s dominance. Bloodborne really only had frame rate issues in multiplayer. Killzone singleplayer had a rock solid frame rate and some of the best visuals this generation. The Order 1886 had a rock solid frame rate and some of the best visuals this generation but it lacked content and replay value.

    • Psionicinversion

      I had frame rate issues in the single player, didn’t happen much but when it did it was very noticeable.

      I didn’t think killzone looked that good tbh it was alright but nothing mind blowing. Then again if you only played console then it would be a massive step up. Multiplayer servers were virtually abandoned 2 months later.

      The only game so far that’s knocked my socks off was the star citizen multi crew demo. When the shutters opened and he looked left and saw this massive planet and you go seamlessly though the station out into space no loading have a fight come back all seamlessly I thought yep real next gen is coming

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      That star citizen thing seems like a discounted no man’s sky.

    • Psionicinversion

      hahaha SC is a crafted universe with real things to do and crafted in a way to have great gameplay. In NMS you just wander from planet to planet being bored

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      Don’t be silly, Star Citizen is just a mining and trade route simulator.

    • MrSec84 .

      NMS will have an endless amount of things to do.
      Saying that a universe with a massive variety of places to see and things to do is like saying that you’d be bored traveling around the world and trying everything it has to offer.

      Pretty ludicrous to say dude.
      Also just because No Man’s Sky may start out with certain kinds of gameplay and features that doesn’t mean that Hello Games can’t include more features through updates later as they think of more things to add and learn what players who are playing it like and want from it.

      NMS isn’t just a game about wandering aimlessly, the fact that there’s always something different to see means getting bored is kinda out of the question.

    • XbotMK1

      He’s just being a delusional fanboy. Let him live in a fantasy land.

    • RGB

      Dense comes to mind with that comment. Sony’s 1st party studios speak for themselves in terms of quality. Bloodborne is a 90+ rated game, Killzone as a series never followed a set gameplay formula, only 2 and 3 shared strong similarities. The Order wasn’t on par with most Sony offerings but in no way trash.

  • Riggerto

    “There is an interesting story and raises some philosophical questions..” –
    Yup and Fast and Furious 7 was Dostoevsky.

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      They have people from fallout and people who worked on the bloody baron questline in wticher 3 (a damn good questline) working on teh game with them, so they have the talent there to make you eat your words.

  • Psionicinversion

    There will be loading screens if your fast travelling but yeah no open world should have loading screens in this day and age

  • Sam

    I need more details! This game is still far from release and I’m already having hankerings and withdrawals lol.

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      It’s not that far from release.

    • Sam

      It is for me tho. In a sense that we don’t have a specific release date. So anything can happen, like a delay or something. But I hope that doesn’t happen and it does come out in 2016.

    • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

      It’s been being worked on since before killzone shadow fall, also people from witcher 3 who made teh bloody baron questline + I think it was some people who worked on one of the fallout games are helping with it since it’s their first rpg.
      So it shouldn’t take long, they’ve been working on it for years

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Hype is real. This game is gonna blow competition out the gate.

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