How Does The Xbox One Use Cloudgine To Deliver Enhanced Graphical Effects?

Cloudgine CEO Maurizio Sciglio details how the Xbox One uses cloud processing to render enhanced visual effects.

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Crackdown 3 will be the first Xbox One title to deliver on Microsoft’s pitch of gaming assisted by ‘the power of the cloud,’ all the way back in 2013, and it does so thanks to Cloudgine’s impressive cloud processing technology. But how exactly does this technology work on the Xbox One? How does it translate to Microsoft’s machine? GamingBolt had a chance to find out just how this occurs, in an interview we had with Cloudgine CEO Maurizio Sciglio recently.

“We are not increasing the power of any specific Xbox One subsystem,” he said. “We are enhancing the gaming experience by using compute power and memory that is available server-side. We offload the expensive computations to Microsoft Cloud through our platform and send the results back to the Xbox One for rendering.”

Essentially, it’s a form of outsourcing- the Xbox One delegates some higher (or lower) level processing to a substantially more powerful computer that it is connected to via the cloud, while it performs other calculations locally. The server farm then does the required computations, and sends them back to your Xbox, which, conjoining them with its local calculations, delivers a cloud assisted experience.

What this means, then, is that theoretically, it would be possible to run a game on Xbox One that is far, far more demanding than what the Xbox One is capable of providing.

“The platform itself doesn’t impose any hard limit on the number of servers. This number is determined by game design and cost considerations. Different games will strike a different balance between cost and compute resources, depending on their requirements and business models.”

It is an exciting and alluring picture of the future, that’s for sure- the question, of course, remains as to whether it is something that is feasible in the short run.

Keep an eye on GamingBolt for our full interview with Sciglio, which should be up soon.

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  • Mark

    Thx Pramath, I hope the full interview’s released soon. Maurizio has the kind of knowledge we all can learn from about cloud gaming.

    Generally speaking it’s simple; the local system’s CPU offloads the more challenging jobs to Azure’s collection of CPUs, it’s computed, and sent back to the Xbox GPU for rendering. This is called “cloud assisted”. Assisted.

    Crackdown will not be run, and rendered on a server, then have its picture frames sent thru the Internet, that we respond to…..too much latency. That is where people get caught up in the whole “the Internet isn’t fast enough” debate imo.

    Of all the fighting over what cloud gaming is, it can simply be boiled down to Maurizio’s explanation. Some people still won’t believe it, haha, but I don’t care. I just want games to have worlds that feel more alive, and I think that is what’s got most of us excited about Crackdown.

  • sbkline

    I’m excited…this could be a revolution in gaming…not just for the xbox but for all. To make games be playable that wouldn’t even be playable even on some higher end pcs. As long as we keep pushing companies to increase intenet speeds, then we can finally see truly great games not held back by the wider audience hardware. Cloud gaming opens another door, as a society now we don’t have to wait for hardware to get less expensive, we now have Internet and hardware. And 2 doors is always better then one for the future.

    • andy

      But let me guess, 256 player support on the free PSN service in January 2010 on MAG didn’t mean anything to you…. but THIS is the game changer of the decade.

      There isn’t another console game that comes close to Planetside 2’s capabilities and its something that will more than likely never be possible on Xbone Live. They even had to wait for Xbone Live in 2013 before they could achieve the 60 player online that Resistance 2 did in 2008 on PS3.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Bro go home you’re drunk

    • sbkline

      Wow, kid grow up. This ain’t about a console war, u loser fanboy. I had ps3 and I played Mag. But if you think what Mag achieved and what R2 achieved is the same as cloud computing, then you really have no clue what you are talking about. Stop sucking on sony’s thing, and recognize advancement in what tech can do.

    • Mark


    • AndrewLB

      There are only certain things that the cloud can do the processing for. Physics is what you’ll see the most since it is so processing intensive yet involves very small amounts of data to send back and forth. The vast majority of graphics processing must be done locally due to the huge amounts of data being fed to the renderer pipelines. No matter how good the cloud gets, it won’t make a 1.31 tflop GPU suddenly be able to run Star Citizen.

    • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

      I think he’s talking about mostly physic calculations…i’m pretty sure everyones on board that cloud computing won’t help graphics.

      But even with low textures and graphics on consoles, what crackdown 3 has shown, if it works when put to public use. People think too small, and just think graphics….i’m thinking more along the lines, of taking things that wastleland 2 does with story and times that by 100.

      I can imagine a game, that sends the choices of the player to the cloud that calculates who npc should react, and how the story should unfold.

    • sbkline

      Yah Usherjerks…..already said it and Mark has mentioned it more. I don’t really care for graphics thats what my pc gpu is for, cloud computing gives me the hope of brining worlds that feel more alive. Physics calculations and AI calculations would be a great start, something like Skyrim but where the AI and the world actually evolves around you, because that all can be calculated on the cloud.

  • andy

    Answer: It doesn’t, as in there is nothing out and won’t be out EVER on the console that will.
    And lets face it, when it finally does come out, if it isn’t full native 1080p, its hardly “enhanced graphical effects” for a current gen console in 2016.

    • Pops

      Sound like a hater.its right in from of your face 1080p and all with crackdown.the Sony pony is mad because Sonys president said he doesn’t understand microsofts cloud this isn’t coming anytime soon to sonysboredstation.pony

    • Rodney Patrick

      Exactly,him or xbotmk1 don’t know anything when it comes to gaming they both always saying something they have no idea about.loser that’s what they are lol

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