How Does Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Look With Color Correction?

A little bit of contrast here, some darkening there..

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We, as avid video game enthusiasts, will often tell you that graphical fidelity isn’t important and that quality of gameplay and the experience is what counts. Well, that’s only a half truth. You see if you can make something mind blowing and fun, then you certainly should. But if you can make it mind blowing, fun and beautiful, then you should probably do that, because why limit yourself?

As was proven with the image of PT Silent Hills that went viral, yes this one, we do like our games to look as amazing as possible, after all we do pay enough for them. The same goes for Uncharted 4’s visual which have previously only been shown in somewhat washed out tones.

This is when NeoGaf user Skux stepped in and ran some colour correction on the footage to get a much better end result. Just looking at the images really lets you see how robbed of depth the game was by using the muted tones. With the game still being in development, lets hope this was just a video issue and won’t reflect the games final quality.

You can check out more color corrected images here.

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  • d0x360

    Hope it was a video issue? Who comes up with these kind of comments? Sony wouldn’t release a trailer with an “issue” like that. Captured video from trailers is direct feed from the frame buffer. What you see is exactly what is output. If by some freak change they ran color correction by accident when encoding…a mistake that’s nearly impossible to make, anyone who has ever edited video would know that…but had that happened they would have released a corrected trailer immediately.

    This is the game. At this point in development art is basically final. All that will change now are effects. Things like lighting, shader effects, particle effects etc.

    • jonedevil

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  • bardock5151

    Lots of hoping “just a video issue” and spinning of Uncharted downgrades. Everybody jumps all over The Division and starts accusing them of downgrades (it’s even further away from release than Uncharted) but ignores more noticeable cut backs since E3 for Uncharted. Maybe people just expect this sort of thing out Sony.

  • Mark

    Uhh ok?

    1) The updated colors look richer…….but was that somehow supposed to get it closer to E3’s showing?
    2) The game still looks handsome
    3) The faster people get over the E3 trailer, the better
    4) This console war is bringing out the worst cherry picking and bashing from people, ever lol


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