How Much of the PlayStation 3’s Power Do The Exclusives Use?

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Just like its predecessor the PlayStation 3 is an amazing machine and for any developer to exploit the capabilities of the hardware, he/she has to be well acquainted with the architecture and the internal processes of the machine. Today, we take a look at how much percentage of the PlayStation 3’s power did some of the well known exclusives utilized.

Note: If I have missed out on any other quotes, readers are requested to add more in the comments below.

Resistance Fall of Man

Power Used: 10-20%

One of the launch games of the PlayStation 3,  Fall of Man utilized an astonishingly low percentage of the PlayStation 3’s power. According to Insomniac’s Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings, Resistance only used 10-20% of the PS3’s SPUs.

“The tech and gameplay teams have moved tons of things over to the SPUs that used to run on the PPU. Collision and physics are entirely running on SPUs now, which allows us to put much more on the screen at once than we were able to with Resistance. Moving more and more code to the SPUs is an ongoing process and I think we’ll continue to see major benefits from this for several more years”

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Power Used: To Capacity (100% ?!)

One of the best exclusives on the PlayStation 3 and perhaps one of the greatest games in the last decade, MGS4 was a stunning example of technical perfection. So how much power did this game used? Konami Digital Entertainment President Fumiaki Tanaka said that Konami had used the PlayStation 3 to its capacity.

“We believe that the PlayStation 3 still has some undiscovered capabilities, and there’s still many points where we can be more clever to take its full advantage. We will continue to create more good products in the future.”

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Power Used: Less than 50%

One of the first games that looked mind blowing on the PS3, Drakes Fortune garnered critical and commercial  praise. According to designer Richard Lemarchand, the 2007 PS3 exclusive used less than half of the PS3 power.

“That’s why we think we’re probably only using 30 or 40 per cent of the power of the PS3 right now, and there’s this great, untapped potential.”

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  • Time to jump in Sony Slaves, KINECT IS THE FUTURE!

    • you best MOVE aside

    • …the *uck? you have eyes and brain do you? KINECT?

    • You realize Kinect is nothing but a glorified inferred camera right?
      Those have existed for years.

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  • woowowo

  • Kinect? You think the future is casual impresses lag-fest defected gaming?

    Count me out.

  • Tom

    If all of these games only use a fraction of the PS3s power, then why are those games not all 1080p? Why are they not all 60 fps?

    I’ll tell you why: because the RSX can’t handle it. Obviously, these percentages are completely meaningless.

  • I jumped in and then jumped right back out, ps3 has surpassed whatever i used to think about the console, i am a 360 to ps3 convert, and now i am a believer, ps3 gets the point.

  • cj

    how about Resistance 2?

  • Actually I don’t care how much CPU/spu is being used by exclusive titles on ps3. What I wanna see is the same quality of the multiplatform games – to have ps3 versions of games look at least the same as on xbox…

    • nas

      You realise that GTA4 originally wanted to do 30GB of content and high textures but needed to strip tons of stuff and compress like crazy to fit it on a DVd because that’s all the xbox can handle? They originally wanted to do 30GB worth for the PS3.

  • Man, theese awesome PS3 exclusives just prove that the PS3 is pushing the boundaries of gaming while the Gay – Box 360 is dead because of it’s lack of exclusives and last – gen graphics. Kinect has flopped hard because it has no games, Kinect is dead, the Xbox is DEAD. Microsoft have already confirmed that they will be shutting down their games division in 2011 because it is no longer profitable, Kinect flopped hard and Microsoft are on the verge of bankruptcy, which is why they cannot afford to have any exclusive games made for the 360.

    I am Mark, look out for me on various N4G articles where I will be spreading the cold, hard facts about the Crap – Box 360’s lack of exclusives and utter failure, wait…….what’s that, mom? You want to stick what – what up my butt? OK. Like I said, I will be spreading the truth on various N4G articles but I can’t do it right now as it’s family game night and we’re playing……….sex.

    • LOL QUAGMIRE!! HAAA. btw microsoft on the verge of bankruptcy? wow.. complete utter bullshit. I like the humor but no need for stupid retarded lies. I don’t give a crap which company is better. Competition is good for the industry.

    • You seem to be delusional…

  • Considering that KZ2 used 40% of the cells power and KZ3 is using the same graphics engine I dont see how they managed to do such a large jump. Maybe it is being utilised better. Interesting article however…

  • JC

    “One of the most amazing games I have seen visually. Literally, there is no difference between CG and real time for Final Fantasy XIII.”

    That’s what Squeenix were claiming in the lead-up to its release, but the reality is far different. The difference is huge. Just look at the DigitalFoundry analysis if you need convincing.

  • Just because a game has used a percentage below 100% doesn’t mean it hasn’t maxed out, the reason is because the devs allocate certain processes to one of th 7 cores, the most important processes such as AI or sound effects pretty much max out the cores but smaller processes such as post-processing doesn’t which is responsible for the under utilisation of the total CPU as a whole.

    None the less, devs are always finding new ways to improve. The recent jump from the use of quincunx AA to MLAA is a good example of “maxing” out the cores.

  • buncha pr bs… yeah the games have improved as the devs learn how to better take advantage of the hardware, but putting a definitive numerical percentage on it? cmon… 😛

  • It’s funny how many developers claim their game uses 100% of the system. Why is it a good thing to “max out” a system? What does maxing out imply? Better graphics? Better FPS? Better gameplay?

    It’s not hard to use 100% of any console if you’re reckless with resource consumption. Sometimes, it only means the game isn’t optimized and is using more processing power or memory than it should.

    I guess everybody knows that already but maxing out a console isn’t by itself reason enough to buy a game.

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  • rak33n

    killzone 3 i heard uses over 90% thats really good but crysis 2 may use more

  • tareq salah

    wow uncharted at 50% and mgs4 at 100% i would have never guessed. i though unchartd pushed the envelope but maybe metal gear was lengthy and its videos were long and costly


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