ICE Programmer Explains Why 4K Gaming May Not Be Possible On PS4, Urges Devs To Use AF In Their Games

OS and video output impose additional limits.

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Update: The portion about AF was sarcasm from the developer.

Senior programmer Cort Stratton  who is a part of Sony’s ICE Team, has revealed a few interesting tid bits regarding the PlayStation 4 capabilities to support 4K gaming.  He was asked whether the next gen console is capable of playing 4K games which are not resource heavy [like Towerfall], he said that the API is capable to do so but the operating system and other factors may post certain restrictions.

“Gfx-API-wise, render targets can be up to ~16K*16K (same HW limit as GL/D3D). OS/video-out may impose additional limits; I dunno.” he tweeted.

Sony never marketed the PlayStation 4 as a 4K capable machine so one may think that they can consider it for games that are not resource intensive. But Stratton stated that there are plans are to support 4K for movies, but not for games.

Stratton also urged developers to use anisotropic texture filtering in their games as he thinks this is the defining feature of next gen. He also revealed that the implementation is similar to D3D and the code is simple.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    I think it would be suicide if Sony started to market PS4 as 4K gaming capable as newer games like watch dogs, cod: ghosts with mega texture pack think the next cod is 4k straight out the box (or maybe a download cus its not exactly standard), Star Citizen etc will not run or wont run at an evenly remotely playable speed if even at all. Sony may think the PS4 is powerful , it may be able to do new gfx but tbh there not that impressive… for the tech yes but the power needed to run it isnt exactly out of reach a simple £250 gfx card upgrade is more than enough to run the stuff faster than PS4 can hope to achieve

    “Of course, to play games at 4K you’re going to need a top-end system, one that features SLI GeForce GTX 770s, GTX 780s, or GTX SLI TITANs,” Nvidia’s Andrew Burnes wrote in ablog post published in September.

    “Only these configurations have the performance to power games like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Watch_Dogs to their maximum potential.

    Which of course you all should know that type of power is at least 2x the power of the PS4 with console level optimisations but it might be able power 4K games like Tetris and Pac man, i saw the gampeplay for trine 2 @ 4K on PS4 wasnt impressed seems like it wasnt doing much at all, Basically just running powering the background and couldnt even run the physics on the clothing all the time.

    If they say it can do 4K gaming review sites will test it out on the latest FPS’s and will make sonys rep look like rubbish so theres no way in a million years theyll ever say it

    • madbads

      PC games are far from optimized in comparison to consoles also. No low-level stuff ,majority of games are still using 1 cpu thread and so on.. GPUs are underutilized and can do lot more than they do now with dx11 , hopefully that dx12 update and maybe even mantle help to turn things around for the better soon , and we on PC get full advantage of what we actually paid for!

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah soon as the GPU is able to power up to its full potential free from CPU bottlenecks speed increase will be astronmical especially on SLI setups. 4K is already here just most GPU’s cant stretch there legs properly

    • Michael Norris

      Eh the API’s for consoles need to mature,right now they are new and even the Sony Ice team just started to improve API.I agree with you that Pc’s are more optimized then consoles right now.

    • Michael Norris

      I don’t think Sony ”thinks Ps4 is powerful”if you compare it to both Xone and WiiU then yes it is indeed more powerful then both of those console’s.I never liked Pc vs consoles because you are talking about price vs performance.Right now you can not build a $400 Pc that has the Ps4 specs.That said Pc’s will always beat down consoles,the more money you spend on upgrading your Pc the larger the power gap becomes.

    • Psionicinversion

      btu the point im trying make is why even talk about the PS4 and 4K gaming it hasnt got anywhere near the power to run a full fledged title at 4K, so its a pointless time asking them. They may give a hint thinking maybe it could for some thing you guys can say ooo at but in reality no chance, got more chance of getting a present of mr. scrooge before he got visited by all the ghosts

  • Anon

    Well done for not picking up on the full-blown AF joke going on there! Journalism bait, win!

  • mad games

    Impressive team guys

  • Psionicinversion

    “said that the API is capable to do so but the operating system and other factors may post certain restrictions”

    “and other factors”, yeah the hardware duh

  • madbads

    AF = “defining feature of next gen” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Psionicinversion

      hey man dont be so judgemental… its a very important part of gfx settings… more so when it was also created when cavemen learned how to make fire!!!! 😛

  • GnomeFighter3d

    what happened to K-3k why are we onto 4k already

    • Psionicinversion

      has to double :d 1k 2k 4K 8K prolly 16K 32K 64K etc

  • You are flat out wrong

    Sounds about right. Would require an OS update further down the line when 4K becomes mass market.

  • Crapgamer

    All about that Henna2. Xbox One looks like the only console capable of doing 4K games.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      LOL. Brainless and wrong as usual.

    • You are flat out wrong

      On its worse hardware? Doubt it.

      By the way, it’s HANA2 you f*cking quart-wit.


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