Kinect-Less Xbox One Will Make More Sense To Consumers, Microsoft Is ‘Listening’ – Chariot Dev

“Following PlayStation’s lead in embracing the indie community with their ID@Xbox program is a great step forward for the medium.”

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chariot ps4 and xbox one

Chariot is an upcoming co-op adventure platformer in which two players must work together to guide a chariot through various levels. The game is due for release on the PS4 and Xbox One later this year. GamingBolt got in touch with Martin Brouard, Executive producer of Chariot at Frima Studio and asked about his thoughts on the Kinect-less version of Xbox One and whether Microsoft took the correct decision of decoupling it from the Xbox One.

“Giving the option to consumers makes sense to me and I’m sure that it’s going to help sell more Xbox One units in the long run. Since Chariot does not make use of the Kinect, that is a good thing for us,” Martin stated.

Microsoft has changed its stance a lot in the last one year or so. So has it affected indie developers in bringing games for the Xbox One and furthermore did it changed Frima Studio’s stance as well?

‘It means they’re listening,” Martin explains. “Right now is an important period in gaming and seeing that Microsoft is following PlayStation’s lead in embracing the indie community with their ID@Xbox program is a great step forward for the medium. Gamers win.”

This is a snippet from our interview with Frima Studio and we will have more in the coming days.

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  • David

    I think those who purchase it without a kinect are missing out

    • minhin

      I agree, but MS need to sell Xbox to China and the rest of the world. It will have to do without one for now.

    • David

      Yeah I understand the move. It’s unfortunate but gotta give people what they want. They’ll sell plenty of kinects separately though

  • Jason Brody

    They’re only listening cause they don’t have a choice. If Xbox had it their way DRM would be the standard.

    • john smith

      Sony are no strangers to DRM and the PS brand has seen it’s share in the past but ignorant people like you don’t care because you don’t want the truth. Bad Microsoft! Good Sony! Am I right? Of course I am.

    • Daryl Braithwaite

      Both are corporations and don’t have our interests at heart, but Sony
      were humbled earlier than Microsoft were for their arrogance and they
      will get the benefit of the doubt way before Microsoft would with their
      horrible E3 2013 presser.

      Sony are in a much better position right now and Fable, Forza, Halo and Gears is more of the same from the 360 generation.

      Hopefully Microsoft will take some risks on games and not just rely on TV announcements and the 4 franchises that are safe.

      just needs games to come and hopefully something on Agent or The Last
      Guardian and they’ll walk out of E3 in a better position by default.

    • minhin

      I disagree with corporation without our interest. Corporation like MS, Sony, Google need us to use their services.
      Sony is not in a much better position, they are bleeding money right now. You are entitle to an opinion as I am, where MS make it known that DRM is real and the future. MS decide to add it when public are ready because of the E3. Sony…. they are stuck with offline with no way to introduce family sharing or should I say similar like “Steam” without 24 hour authentication. Even if Sony will introduce family sharing. Sony fanboy will lose credibility if they don’t scream and cry because of mandatory 24 hr. That’s my opinion not a response to you.

    • john smith

      Sony are so cash strapped that they have to rely on indie games I don’t see how they’re in a better situation. Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, Infamous, GT and TLoU are more of the same from the PS3 – so what was your point here? You hope MS will take some risk on games; have you been hiding under a rock somewhere or something? So Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Crimson Dragon and Ryse aren’t risks? Plus Phil has mentioned that they will be announcing even more new IP’s at E3.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ PauperStation boys are going to cry again.


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