Konami Were Considering Metal Gear Rising 2, Kojima Break Up Unfortunate: Raiden’s VA

Quinton Flynn discusses working on a Metal Gear title without Kojima directing.

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8. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

If you’ve been following the situation for any length of time, then the split between Konami and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is still very much a developing story. Still, the series itself will be continuing after Kojima’s alleged departure, even if titles like Metal Gear Rising 2 didn’t and won’t be happening.

What’s the story behind the apparent sequel to Platinum Games’ hack and slash action fest? Raiden voice actor Quinton Flynn shed some light on the subject in a recent interview with Yong Yea, who asked what it was about the series that made Flynn continue to reprise his role.

I love the role, I am happy to do it any time. Create an animated series, I’ll do it. I’ll do 48 episodes in season. I’ll do 120 in a season. I’ll do as many as you like because I love this character.

“As long as they’re willing to have me back, it’s up to them, they have to develop it and I’m just waiting. After we did Rising: Revengeance, I said to the writer/producer, “Any thoughts on the sequel?” He was like “Yeah, we have some thoughts on the sequel” and I said “Any thoughts on when it might be?” and we recorded in 2012 and if I’m not mistaken and I thought he said maybe a couple of years.”

“So, I had assumed incorrectly that we might be recording in 2014 and that didn’t happen and then I thought “Well certainly they’re developing things” and then I found out about the information that  Hideo Kojima and Konami and that split. I went ‘Oh no!'”

He also shared his humorous take on the next Silent Hill game but he hopes that Konami will do Silent Hills again one day. “I met up with three women Silent Hill nurses when I was in Calgary, Canada. Amazing, they were absolutely in character. So silent. When they left the room they did that really awkward walk. It was genius. I was very excited about that for obvious reasons. The coming together of both, that’s what I would like. I would like Raiden and the nurses of Silent Hill to have a series and call it “Silent Revengeance.”

I do wonder that maybe, because I don’t know anything about the rights, if Konami owns the rights and they’re like “it’s done, you can’t have it you won’t do it,” or Kojima can go on to do it somewhere else with someone else. These are the questions I have and I do hope that they will do it again.”

As to the split between Kojima and Konami, and whether he would return to a Metal Gear game without the Kojima at the helm, Flynn said, “I find it unfortunate. It’s a breakup. Who wants mommy and daddy to divorce? No one, so it’s a drag. Again, I’m only a child, they’re not letting me know what the story is. When I grow up someday, I will be able to find the papers. So there’s that, I don’t know anything about it to be able to comment on it. And Konami going on without him and should Konami want to hire me to reprise the role, absolutely I’ll do it.”

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, pegged to be Kojima’s final project with Konami, is out on September 1st for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC version is due to release on September 15th.

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  • Reign SUPREEM

    I want a Metal Gear Rising 2 now…….

    • Holeybartender

      Why,it was crap.I love MG and that was crap.

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      How… in any language… in any universe… could you consider a game featuring a cyborg ninja grabbing a Metal Gear by the blade and then tossing it in the air… CRAP?!

    • Holeybartender

      The controls for the blade were terrible,the story was boring,and I beat it in 3 hours.Crap.

    • YuriFan

      The Controls were tighter than a posh fashion designers pants.

      The game is one of the best action games out there.

    • Holeybartender

      Says you. For me, crap. Oh and they stole the sword idea from Shinobi.

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      How were the blade controls terrible?
      How was the story boring?
      And you know MG:R is a game meant for multiple potential playthroughs, right?

    • Holeybartender

      The lock-on made it hard to swing the sword to attack multiple enemies with it.It also made it difficult to cut of the arms you needed to and the attacks would occasionally miss too.

      I just felt the story was lacking a good enough connection between Raiden and the supporting characters,however the interaction between Raiden and his dog (Sorry,its name escapes me.) was pretty cool. I also think they should’ve used the “dog” as part of his arsenal better than it was.

      I was too disappointed in the game to play it more than once but I did play the DLC though. I am well aware it was replayable but I just didn’t care to after my first play through.

    • N7Paladin

      Lord Jesus I so wanted to love this game but the controls were murder. Its so sad because they took ninja gaiden and perfected it and then ruined the controls. The most stressful game I’ve ever played. Don’t you just love when Devs make their games challenging all due to bad controls (Sarcasm). But people will argue this for days that it wasn’t terrible. because they seem to forget that its all about YOUR EXPERIENCE.

    • Holeybartender

      If we only had custom button configuration back then…

    • The Peoples Savior

      Ever stop and think that mabye…just mabye you just SUCK at the game. The controls were as simple as it could be. And as a result became way to easy for me and a majority of people. For example parrying away attacks has a minor glitch to it that can be abused. The window is to huge and forgiving

    • Persianized Mongol

      You are a real joke to say it was crap, MG Revengeance was one of the best enjoyable games in 2012.

    • Holeybartender

      I breezed right through it in 5 hours and switching between attacks had no flow. The only thing it had going for it was slowing down time to cut certain body parts and even then it got old and repetitive real quick AND it totally ripped that off of Shinobi for the PS2 . So yeah,it was crap and the story sucked. People liked it and THAT’S the joke.

    • Léon Ruck

      before you said it was 3 hours and now it’s 5? make up your mind

    • 2xwarrior

      Super late but this is still one of my fave PS3 titles. People who hate this game can’t appreciate mastery of a game. It’s easy to just run through it, it takes a true game lover to play it how it’s supposed to be played.

  • Razer Ryan

    Wish the game was already developed…. I want MGR2 now….

  • Jesse P

    If Kojima equals MG’s Daddy.. does that mean Konami is mommy?

  • Rory SoCute:3

    metal gear rising was so cool,i love the graphics,i love the controls (xbox controller) i love the bosses,the story wasnt like the best story,but raiden was just so cool,everytime,everywhere,it is and it WILL BE the best game,the most challenging game,the most fun to play,murder ninja chopping game of all time,i just want something like this,and i think most of people want it,because the characters,and the story,was just cool,playing it is cool,we NEED a sequel,or at least game like that,just pleeeeease (but longer :3 )

  • Zandatsu

    Kojima should file rights to the Metal Gear series! Then he could make MGR 2!


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