Layers of Fear Running At 1080p/30fps on PS4/Xbox One, Not Using 7th Core CPU On Consoles

Bloober Team’s Rafał Basaj talks about the upcoming horror title.

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layers of fear

Layers of Fear, otherwise known as one of the best horror games of the year to not be officially out yet, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 along with PC. It’ll be out for PS4 and PC this month and GamingBolt spoke to Bloober Team PR Manager Rafał Basaj about the same.

As for whether Layers of Fear will be running at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS o either current gen console, Basaj clarified that the Xbox One version will be 1080p and 30fps. With regards to PS4, “As with Xbox One the framerate has been locked to 30fps to maintain the movie-like feeling and the pacing of the game. Of course the game runs in 1080p resolution.”

Will the developer be using the seventh CPU core on either console? “No we aren’t. We didn’t feel the need to do this, as we have already achieved the desired, stable version of the game we wanted to create.”

Layers of Fear will be releasing on February 16th.

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  • kee1haul

    Bit presumptuous to declare it one of the best horror games not yet out.

    • Rob Hestar

      People have been playing it on steam early access and say it’s one of the best horror games to come out recently.

  • Fay_Z

    probably not a demanding game if parity is possible. i want to see developers to stop focusing on resolution and give us better visual, fps, more player counts, better effects, polygons. maybe consider 900p 60fps as the standard for consoles.

    • theduckofdeath

      I’m not sure how precisely they can predict how the base product will run. The devs may put targets in place for assets, the game world, textures and effects, then target a frame rate and res. Maybe they get enough of the pieces together and realize “no way will this game ever run at 60 fps above 720p” or “if we push, we can hit 900 or 1080p at 30 fps.” Even with more headroom in performance, the money may never have been there to expand the scope.

    • Fay_Z

      i guess the hardware this gen consoles is a joke then.

    • theduckofdeath

      Both console makers shot pretty low and played it safe, for the most part (low cost, low heat, low retail price). I don’t know what kind of future they envisioned, though. PC are just pulling (or leaping) further & further away. About six months until Pascal and AMDs new architecture show up. The consoles still have 5 years left in this generation.

  • Terminator

    Hey XbotMK1 can you tell me with actual proof that they are doing dumbing down the PS4 to do parity here?

  • Mr Xrat

    Parity like The Division, I assume: better image quality, fewer frame rate drops and no screentearing on the PS4.

    Parity indeed!

    • shane

      Oh, Mz zrat with her Play Station Superior complex.

    • Patrick Mackey

      Yea parity like the division using ubisoft servers. Instead of using Microsoft dedicated servers.

    • shane

      What, playstation doesn’t need servers. Don’t you know PS4 is so freaking powerful It doesn’t need servers, Jesus!

    • angel

      Ill take 900p 60 frames. With microsoft dedicated servers. Sucks that we cant have that because it would be unfair for other platform. Dedicated servers to me are better than 1080p. 900p upscale would work. Not sure why people think this 1080 is the end all. Games are games as long as they are fun some of the most fun games have nothing to do with resolution.

    • Mr Xrat

      You won’t be getting 60fps at 900p on the Xbone either, or your precious dedicated servers for the above reasons.

    • Truth™

      Ratboy now defending 900P, Such a bad year already for PS4. Losing Final Fantasy XV, The Witness is only 900P. Only thing to look forward to is a port of a mediocre vita game and an Uncharted rehash with the talent long departed Naughty Dog.

      And PC already has the GOTY in the bag with XCOM 2. What happened, ratboy? I thought it was the year of the PS4?

    • Mr Xrat

      Publishers want to use their own servers so they can control the experience.

      The platform it’s on isn’t the factor that’s going to lead to Azure being rejected.

    • Truth™

      Ratboy why do you pay for a network that doesn’t work?

      What happened to hardware rivals?

      Why did you lose Final Fantasy XV to PC?

    • Adgx

      So now the game is the same, and you’re still trying to create an argument? Are you the game developer? Do you know how pathetic you sound?

      Last time I checked, it was the PS4 struggling with frame drops and screen tearing on games like The Crew Wild Run…

    • Marjorie Levine

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    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      Wow and thank you

    • archfiendx

      Then why does…

      Call of Duty Black OPs 3
      Star Wars Battlefront
      Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
      Just Cause 3
      Rainbow Six Seige
      Batman Arkham Knight
      Fallout 4

      All have better framerates on the PS4?

      The PS4 is a more powerful system and you look foolish trying to fight it by using The Crew Wild Run. If anything, your video supports Mr Xrat’s argument over your’s.

    • Mr Xrat

      Read the article, numpty.

      Congratulations, you found one of the few games that perform better on the Xbone for some reason. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    • shane

      Hey, Mr Zbra. Why don’t you ever respond to my comments. I’m starting to think you don’t like me. Is that it Mr Zbrat? I really am trying hard to get you to be my buddy like all your lil ppl that follow you and always up vote your comment’s even though your always wrong. See we can still be friends even if we don’t see eye to eye. So what do you say A$$ hole want to be my friend?

    • Truth™

      ratboy what happened to Hardware rivals or The Witness being 1080P with PSVR support on PS4?

    • Truth™

      Ratboy your increasingly desperate defenses of your trash PS4 now devolving into “B-B-BUH SILKY STABLE 30FPS” is hilarious. What an underpowered console the PS4 is. Especially when the Division runs so better on PC it’s not even a contest what the best version is with how many effects PS4 is missing.

      And PS4 lost Final Fantasy XV today. Oh dear. Another definitive version exclusive on PC and another reason not to buy the 900PS4. Going to be a very, very tough time for you when you lose Persona 5 later on

      But you have “The next rocket league” Hardware Rivals, right? 🙂

    • archfiendx

      Sweet meltdown PC tard.

    • Truth™

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