Making Games For Xbox One Is Like Assuming All Your Users Have A Powerful Gaming PC: Press Play

Studio director Mikkel Thorsted also talks about the dev’s relationship with Microsoft.

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Even with the lesser number of exclusives and some hardware problems, both the Xbox One and PS4 have presented an ideal development solution thanks to their x86-based architectures. This makes it easier to create cutting edge visuals and optimize the game without too much effort. GamingBolt recently had a chance to speak Press Play studio director Mikkel Thorsted, who worked on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for the Xbox One, to find out just how much easier it is to develop for the next gen console as compared to the PC.

“Developing for the Xbox One has been a smooth experience and the great specs has removed a lot the fiddling we are used to when making our games run on consoles. In comparison to PC working with Xbox One is great. You know the exact specs and resolutions you want your game to run in and all the meta systems like Achievements and DVR are build into the platform. Making games for the Xbox One is like assuming all your users have a powerful gaming PC with a certain set of specs, which makes developing games a lot easier.”

Given that The Curse of Brotherhood is a remake of Max and The Magic Marker, which released for PC and Mac, and the former is an Xbox exclusive, what does that say about the relationship Press Play has with Microsoft? Thorsted pretty much snuffed out any chance of the game coming out for the PS4 or any other consoles down the line.

“We were acquired last year by Microsoft. We’re proud of the relationship between Press Play and Microsoft. We have been able to maintain our independent culture, and are able to make our own product decisions, with the full support of Microsoft. We view the relationship more as a partnership – than anything else. But since we are a Microsoft Studio I feel safe to say that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will not be released on PS4.”

What are your thoughts on the development process for the Xbox One? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • james

    More like a 6 year old piece of crap stuck in 720p-900p.

    • Rare_defect

      It runs at 1080p/60fps!

    • Eagles83

      What is your comment even responding to? If you are comparing it to a high end gaming machine then sure but even then I would say 2 or 3 year old and not 6. Although not one of the most demanding titles this game runs 1080/60fps. You are either a PC or PS4 troll and either way it is pathetic.

    • mpk61

      The great truth about this whole argument is that XB1 900p looks better than PS4 1080p. Killzone characters look creepy in the face, and are only high res versions of their ps3 counterparts. The only thing different is the fact that’s it’s in 1080p.

      Ryse SOR on the other hand, much more believable character models, in game and off. No loss of quality from scenes you cant interact with and actual gameplay. All in 900p XB1 style, and looking much more next gen than KZSF.

      All that talk about ps4 being the most powerful when people couldnt even tell the difference between the 3rd party games unless told. Based on what? Software to run analysis of the games. These same sites admitting that the XB1ver popped more graphically, which meant it looked better, then to nit pick, make up phrases like crushed blacks to descredit it. WTF! That’s ps4 fanboy logic @ its best. The cockroaches of the internet.

      I have friends who are ps4 suppprters, and they’re good pple. But you fanataics, ps4 fanboys are whole different sort of i dont know what. I mean, are you that unsure of yourself and lack the confidence in your purchase? Wow!

      For the record, both systems are great.

    • dookerj

      Xbone fanboy


      you do know that theres more higher resolution better looking games on the xbox right?!,,, keep dreaming about all them bullshit claims sony spit out to get sales an never back it up with proof!, we are 50% more power hahahaha ok sony!, if i bought a console and the one with 50% LESS power had better looking games id be asking foir my money back!!!!

  • kevin

    I bought and had a great time with it , hope for more games from them of this caliber.

  • Time2shine

    Good thing m$ spends their money on bunk developers, should work out in the long run for sony(rare anyone? Perfect dark zero? Avatars….what talent, they could to even develop KI for xboxdone.

    • Time2shine

      Autocorrect… Couldnt^ and missing a “)” after talent before I get flamed for apple uncorrecting my correct sentences

  • dookerj

    Fail. PS4 50% more powerful than Xbone, unoptimized. Faster when it gets into the 20+ exclusives this year. Not to mention PS4 runs multiplats fast at 1080P, Xbone at 720P. PS4 controller is better too with touchpad and speaker, and motion controls. MS is wayyy behind the game. Most of the machine is used up by the OS, anyway.

    Any real gamer knows PS4 is the lead SKU this generation; all the devs have said so. MS cheaped out on hardware and made a poor design with high failure rate.

    It was all over as soon as the multiplats came to light:

    COD Ghosts: PS4 1080P, Xbone 720P
    Assassin’s Creed 4: PS4 1080P, Xbone 720P

    Xbone is an old-gen machine, marginally better than the 360. Wii U even outsold it throughout the holiday season! With PS4 at the top.

    Xbone = fail
    PS4 = best next-gen console by a large margin (10X the power of PS3, lead SKU for multiplats, way more exclusives, and outsold the Xbone by 3 to 1 just in North America; much higher internationally).

    Sorry MS, you’re on your way out with your crappy Kinect, huge case and external power brick, and AA batteries sold at overpriced prices.

    • dookerj

      In reply to psybot_tron:

      Blah blah. Ryse is a multiplat game, dummy; it’s built on the x86 CryEngine editor. It could be instantly ported to PS4 and run in a higher resolution just like all the other ports. The only truly next-gen game (“to beat”) right now is Killzone: Shadow Fall; it’s graphically the most impressive, and the gameplay is the most interesting (both campaign and extremely well thought-out multiplayer). Killzone: Shadow Fall and Forza 5 are the only next-gen games actually “optimized” for the consoles. Forza 5 is fine, but it’s a car game, and won’t be a full game until Forza 8; it has very few cars/tracks/content, just like the original Forza. It may be good later on, if the Xbone is still around, but right now nobody is buying them; they’re just sitting on shelves, rotting like… old BONES.

      PS4 = 1080P Next gen, 50% more powerful unoptmized, moreso when optimized
      Xbone = 720P last gen, slow graphics, inferior controls, fewer polygons, poorer physics systems, etc. Console for dumb people. Not selling much at all.

      They failed because Sony beat them at their own game, devs wanted and easy platform, so they both went AMD, but Sony went with next-gen hardware (GPU/CPU/RAM GDDR5 vs slow old DDR3 in Xbone); devs all had input on the PS4 development, MS was closed in their development and didn’t listen to devs. So, it’s all over for Microsoft. Sorry, MS loses, game over. It happens, I’ve owned every console except the Sega consoles, and Sega eventually died off; sometimes it just happens when you don’t listen to your dev studios.

      MS’s manufacturing sucks, too; they have to outsource it. Sony builds HDTVs, phones, tablets, cameras, lenses, Blu-Ray players (including the one found in the Xbone). Sony could have denied MS the use of the BR player. Instead they allowed it, and every time an Xbone sells, Sony makes money off of it! Their engineering/manufacturing advantage is obvious: just look at the consoles, the Xbone is huge and bulky, with a giant external power brick, the PS4 is slim, just a power cord. Yet the PS4 is twice as powerful a machine. What a joke, MS. MS gaming fail, MS business fail, MS XBONE FAIL

  • You are flat out wrong

    First party Microsoft developer says Microsoft console is just swell!

    Not really news, is it?


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