Mass Effect 4 Dev Looking To Get The Most Out of Current Gen Hardware, Bioware’s New IP Looking Stunning

A lot of stuff is happening at Bioware it seems.

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mass effect 4

Mass Effect 4 is starting to climb its way up the hype ladder for many gamers now that E3 is on the distant horizon. Hype is pushed even further upwards when you take a look at the personal Twitter feeds of the game’s directors, developers and writers. Chris Wynn, the games Senior Development Director told an enquiring fan that their current focus is to push the current generation of hardware.

How far will they will be able to push it is something that remains to be seen but if Dragon Age Inquisition is anything to go by, Mass Effect 4 should be a treat given that it will most likely be a current gen game only. Good things generally happen when dev teams push hardware to extremes. Amid concerns regarding the PC version of the game (where it solely belongs in my opinion) Mac Walters, the games creative director, said “I was just reviewing on PC today. Looking great!”

That’s good news for the PC-centric audience. On top of all this, the Senior Producer at Bioware Jonathan Warner and BioWare writer Jay Watamaniuk have been talking and teasing about Bioware’s new, unannounced IP. Jay has said that it’s “looking damn cool even at this very early stage” and that a reveal is still “ways off yet.” He then let us know that they have endured another milestone review and that things are looking “stunning”.

Jonathan Warner echoed the sentiment by saying, “I am so proud of my team! An amazing milestone review today. Honestly one of the best feelings ever. #Secret #BioWare”.  Hopefully we will know more about Bioware’s new IP and new information on Mass Effect 4 this E3.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    Yea, all I see is talk about how great the game is and that is fine and all but until I see gameplay and more than 2 or 3 screenshots that is all that it is – talk. This is the so very tiresome part of where there is no real information and a lot of incorrect speculation. Before we go into overdrive with the hype – put up or shut up already. As an example: I like every single Mass Effect game including #3 right up until I got to the ending of #3 and then it all turned to crap and made me not want to play another Mass Effect game. I got over that part and can’t wait for #4, but it also means I have a lot less patience for it especially since the Mass Effect people aren’t really saying anything that matters except – we are working on it.

  • Kate Newton

    The consoles are already not current gen. They are already year and a half old.

  • Imran

    they are the only ones building “hype” alot of Mass Effect fans are confused on how the next game would either be a sequel, reboot, restart, prequel, alternate universe or a freaking ark theory line


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