Microsoft Have Been Consistently Improving Xbox One’s GPU Performance

Although mere percentages, these improvements may matter in the long run.

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Ever since the Xbox One SDK Documentation was leaked, a lot of fascinating information has poured out. Microsoft have been consistently improving the console’s performance by releasing monthly updates to their SDK. We recently uncovered a few new technicalities about the console’s architecture such as 8 Graphics Contexts which are all available to games, a 7th CPU core which can now be accessed by developers, reduced CPU cost of rendering and improvements to graphics drivers.

However there is more interesting information in the documentation pertaining the Xbox One GPU. It seems that Microsoft have been consistently the console’s GPU performance. In the July 2014 update, the GPU performance was improved by 3.5% which saw benefits such as shaders were automatically pre-fetched by the GPU thereby eliminating shader stalls.  However this improvement depends on the game’s workload so the performance gain might vary depending on the game.

In August 2014, Microsoft once again improved the GPU performance by 1.3% which bought in benefits such as reduction in the GPU Command Processor and lower overhead driver synchronization. In the same update, DDR3’s bandwidth was improved by 1.5% which has helped titles that faced uneven bursts at 30hz and would have affected 60 fps titles.

The September SDK saw Microsoft fixing GPU Performance counter issues wherein the counter won’t match with the Xbox One hardware.  It’s intriguing to see Microsoft carrying out these changes to the console’s GPU, a component that is weaker compared to the PlayStation 4.

But there is still a long way to go before these optimizations bring in substantial gains as far as GPU specific processes are concerned. One prime example is Grand Theft Auto 5 wherein the Xbox One version lacks dense foliage and lens effects, something which is present on the PS4 due to its more powerful GPU. 2015 seems to be an exciting year for multi-platforms game releases so we will definitely test to see whether these optimizations have helped the console in the long term. Stay tuned.

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  • Hvd

    2nd paragraph down you forgot improving:) good read tho

  • This screenshot tells a very different story about GTA V. A few more blades of grass isn’t worth the blurred out faded colors.

    • Guest

      Aw sh*t. You’re going to make the PS Poor people cry again.

    • I love how the gaming media is still harping about a power difference when there’s plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. They did one benchmark test on the gpus according to PC specs and ran with it. Without even considering everything else that accompanies game development.

    • Guest

      Yeah cuz they aint using PC gpus? Are you that dumb? No amount of pretending is going to change the fact the the PS4 is more powerful, period, and this is after all these updates from MS. FC4 runs at 1440×1080 on the X1, that’s only slightly higher than 900p, so its basically a 900p game (1,555,200pixels vs 1,440,000). Same thing with Dragon Age, CODAW (1360×1080=1,468,800), Halo 5 720p, PES15 720p, The Golf Show 720p, SSOD 900p, TEW 1600×640 and more. And these are all recent games. The system is weak, face it.

    • Guest

      Or make the stupid xbox girls giddy over false sh it.

    • theCharlieSheen2

      Still have no life I see, and still aren’t intelligent enough to think up a simple user name, what a moron.

    • Guest

      Wow, you fanboys are straight up athetic and desperate as all heck. You people actually believe that the X1 version really looks better? How sad. The PS4 has way more foliage, lens flare, better framerate (not drops during gun fights or when alphas are used) whereas the X1 ver. does. And they both drop frames at the big intersections, its just the PS4 ver drops a frame or two more. You MS fanboys want so badly to believe your POSbox is good that you clowns will believe and upvote anything you clowns say. SAD!
      In the meanwhile, the majority of the people are enjoying the superior system. And MS better keep pushing their POS box, cuz they need it.

    • coolgamer

      you^re the biggest troll ever. an ugly virgin troll.

      just check what i could get, with a simple “automatic contrast” click, on photoshop. yes, by magic, it corrects the contrast and brightness on the ps4 side, which another ugly xbox must have done, to make the ps4 look bad.

      keep on trolling a few minutes more, and then, just go kill yourself.

      even a blind guy would notice tha the picture has been modified.

      also, the picture on the left also comes from the ugly xbox one version, that someone deliberately photoshoped. there is not ps4 version here.

      try harder, troll. what a shame.

    • theCharlieSheen2

      Cool thanks for posting doctored images to try and prove your point.

    • Calm down man. Their just screenshots.

    • Matt

      They aren’t doctored… It was like this in PS3/360 comparisons. It’s Sony’s default TV RGB level settings that wash the image out but it can be fixed by adjusting the TV settings to the source… when screencapped with an external device the color and contrast thresholds are captured in their non-modified state.

    • Guest

      Far be it for me to defend PS4, but you can make simple TV adjustments if needed to clear up the gamma/contrast issue shown in the screenshot.

    • Not sure if that’s the problem. I mean these games are developed a certain way. If it comes out clear on one and you have too constantly adjust on the other. Isn’t that something to do with the console?

  • Cenk Algu

    I think gamingbolt skipped what is being spoken right now on b3d. The documents telling that sky is the limit for XO’s GPU. Better accept the PS4 has 14+4 eco system. The CPU can not respond more than 14CUs because lower clocked cores and less operation per cycle does not let this happen. High latency of GDDR5 choking the weak CPU on top of that GNM an OGL based API and it requires realy powerful CPU unfortunately the PS4’s CPU is not what the API looking for. Thats why using 4CUs as GPGPU to prevent of melting weak CPU on the console. Even Mark Cerny”s its self confirming it in a roinabout way. Interestingly DF saying that this cant be a lie when they ask this 14+4 eco system question.

    That % 40 more power was alwys a lie. Lool at Sony’s first party studios who claimed that the CPU is a bottleneck and the only way to exceed it is using strong GPGPU commands but Sony fans dont even believe those guys. Realy funny.

    • Guest

      More made up assumptions by a bunch of nobodies. And yet the X1 still can barely match the PS4. FC4 runs at 1440×1080 on the X1, that’s only slightly higher than 900p, so its basically a 900p game (1,555,200pixels vs 1,440,000). Same thing with Dragon Age, CODAW (1360×1080=1,468,800), Halo 5 720p, PES15 720p, The Golf Show 720p, SSOD 900p, TEW 1600×640 and more.
      The skies the limit? Ha, more like the ceiling is the limit. The system is a weak POS, the thing struggles to do 1080p 30fps. You fanboys are clowns that believe any nonsense out there.

    • Matt

      Just shut up already

    • theCharlieSheen2

      Funny how his comment gets modded and collapsed and the trolls above talking trash about PS4 get to stay, pretty clear we have xbox fanboy mods here at gaming bolt.

    • Matt

      No what he was saying was the PS4 Fanboy equivalent of “Hey I just made $15,000 by selling my girlfriend to a Chinese sweatshop click this link that’s totally not spyware”.

    • Mark

      I agree with u Charlie, as I’ve seen the same over at DualShockers lol. I guess it pays bills. Haha. Bu I think Cenk was getting more into the numbers than simply trolling. Sorta like clearing up stuff. How I took it. But I agree in general, we’re all probably grown men and should treat each other as such. Most have jobs and families or working hard in America.

    • coolgamer

      “the thing struggles to do 1080p 30fps”

      the thing struggles to do 720p 30fps. FIXED

      dead rising 3, call of duty ghosts, killer instinct, ETC ETC ETC

    • GK15


    • Will
  • JoeDaniel

    “Microsoft have been”? guys all due respect but please read these headlines out loud before you publish them, it really makes the site look like amateur hour… it should be “has”…

    • coolgamer

      the guys at microsoft HAVE been…

      microsoft isn’t a one man company. they’re hundreds thousands, actually. it’s more HAVE then HAS…

      but this sentence, it’s a HAS, not HAVE.ex:

      “since 2005, every xbox user HAS been AS S RAP ED, paying 60 bucks to play online”.

    • JoeDaniel


    • Jimmy Jangle

      Hehe, funny Uncle Fester, funny.

  • GHz

    Here’s something to pay attention to from the leaked XB1 documents. It has multi GPU tech hardware XDMA. Why? Then hop unto AMD site to read Modernizing multi-GPU gaming with XDMA – See more at:
    Everyone is talking about it right now trying to figure out what is going on. Anyone understands this stuff? It makes for a good discussion until everything is cleared up. One thing is for sure, some tech in the XB1 is still locked and waiting for updated API to grant access. Sweet!

    • Mark

      Thx for that AMD forum post. Gonna be reading it soon. Hope to see Microsoft Studios and 3rd party exclusives make most use of this stuff. SCALEBOUND!


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