Microsoft Not Allowing Xbox One X Exclusives Is A Good Move, Says Aaero Dev

“I don’t think that’s the objective with the One X.”

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The Xbox One X is an extremely powerful system, and a far more accomplished piece of hardware than any other console currently on the market. So it’s a bit of a shame that it will be hamstrung by Microsoft not allowing any games that can leverage it fully- since each game will also have to run on the base Xbox One system. In a sense, it almost feels like a waste of all that power, right?

Paul Norris of Mad Fellows games, the developers of Aaero, disagrees, and he feels that not allowing for exclusives is the right move. “I don’t think Microsoft are holding back the Xbox One X,” Norris said. “If developers made games at 1080p that pushed the hardware then, of course, they’d be better than the current console but I don’t think that’s the objective with the One X.

“To run the games we are playing now on the Xbox One in 4K and at 60fps takes a considerable amount of extra power. I think that the Xbox One X is well suited to meet that particular challenge. To do this without alienating those that aren’t ready to upgrade yet is a good move, in my opinion.”

He does make sense- Microsoft, after all, have specifically designed the Xbox One X to run existing Xbox One games in 4K (which means it might not be good enough to run new exclusives appreciably better than existing consoles). Moreover, by making the Xbox One X a new console so soon after the Xbox One launched, Microsoft might risk alienating their most loyal base.

So, yes, it would have been good if Microsoft had made the Xbox One X a new console entirely- but given the larger context surrounding how things stand, I suppose it is for the best that they did not, and that they went the route they did. Now whether or not it pays off for them is something that remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Paul Norris in the coming days. In the meantime, check out a couple of gameplay videos from Aaero below.

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  • Sp4ctr0

    “since each game will also have to run on the base Xbox One system. In a sense, it almost feels like a waste of all that power, right?”

    All PC games must work on GTX 750TI (1.35 TFLOPS) and GTX 1070 (6 TFLOPS)
    All Xbox games must work on Xbox One (1.35 TFLOPS) and Xbox X (6 TFLOPS)

    • Wei Feng

      Best thing is not to talk about the 30fps limiting Jaguar Netbook CPUs.

    • Turniplord

      okay, i’ll bite 1. The PS4 has Cross play multiplayer with PC – there are a bunch of games out there and Sony has been doing this since the PS3 era. Take a look at FF14 – the biggest MMO on console, this has been cross play with PC since the PS3 and still going strong now – so that comment is a load of crap.

      2. ‘No cross platform buy’ – again, a load of crap. PS3 and Vita re 2 different ‘platforms’ – look at how many crossbuy titles there are…. I would say there is easily about 300+ cross buy titles where if you buy it on one system you get it on the other – there is also hundreds of pieces of DLC that is cross buy (like all the Koei games) – so if you buy DW on the PS3, Vita or PS4 then buy DLC on one, it will give you the DLC on all platforms so you can import your cross save via the cloud and carry on playing – so again, that statement is also a load of crap

      Also, the Pro has 9GB or RAM. 1GB was added before launch, its a bit slower but 512MB is for background apps to offload into and 512MB is for games to help with loading and texture importing – which is why the Pro is faster at loading and has less pop-in

    • Sp4ctr0

      “Pro has 9GB or RAM. 1GB was added before launch, its a bit slower but 512MB is for background apps to offload into and 512MB is for games”

      LOL… a bit slower? Its more than 10 times slower. Its 1GB of standard single chanell DDR3 memory 16 GB/s

      PS4 – 8GB – 176GB/s
      * games 4.5GB
      * textures avg 3GB

      PS4 Pro – 8GB – 216GB/s + 1GB slow 16GB/s
      *games 4.5GB fast + 0.5GB slow memory,
      *textures avg 3 GB fast + 0.5GB slow as disk cache

      Xbox One X – 12 GB – ultra fast 326 GB/s
      * memory faster than in GTX 1080
      * games 9 GB
      * textures avg. 7.5 GB

    • Turniplord

      Source for the ddr3 speed as all site, including DF on euroga,erm just say ‘slower ddr3 RAM’ – also, it isn’t used for active use, it is used to offload things to free up more of the DDR5 – so yeah, it’s effective.

      Also, I’m guessing you never went to school? The ps4 uses 3GB of RAM for systems purposes so 8-3=5v not 4.5 like you claim. So the original PS4 has 5GB for gaming. The Pro is also incorrect, it now has 3.5GB for the system to help with the 1080p streaming/recording. 8-3.5 is……not 5 like you say, it’s 5.5 – so yeah, not loads but you were still wrong yet again.

      You never tried to back up your pathetic false claim of no cross play and no cross buy either. Did you realise that you are also incorrect about all of that considering Sony has been doing both for about 6-8 years now – yet you fanboys only seem to notice now with your crappy minecraft because you think MS invented crossplay and buy…

    • Sp4ctr0

      “original PS4 has 5GB for gaming”

      LOL… Sorry to say but internal Sony Studio Sucker Puch confirmed 4.5 GB

    • Sp4ctr0
    • ProAssassin84

      You look like you’re smart but you’re a Xbox Fanboy. I’m so confused.

    • chance

      You’re confused because you’re a Sony fan boy.
      Switch over and you’re iq will instantly go above Trumps. Jk jk

    • chance

      No Playstation console has ever been able to play with another console that isn’t made by sony.
      Nintendo and Microsoft have both done cross console. Sony doesn’t support that.

    • Turniplord

      His stupid image says it hasn’t dont any kind of cross-play including PC. That’s whats wrong as it has done cross play with PC for years now. Also, so what if the Vita and PS3 are Sony consoles, that are still other platforms as well – so it’s still cross-play. Just because MS doesn’t have it’s own handheld doesn’t mean we don’t include it.

      It’s like how he ignores the cross-buy feature that Sony has had since the PS3 era with the PSP, Vita, PS3 and PS4 – it’s still cross buy, you buy once and get it on multiple platforms. yet fanboys like him seem to ignore that and leave it out because it doesn’t fit their agenda when they make these stupid ‘false information’ Jpegs.

    • Wei Feng
    • Christian Armstrong

      So the xbox one x is weak cause it uses the same processor as the rest of the consoles in this generation except the switch? Erm ok

    • J.j. Barrington

      But he didn’t say it was weak, did he? Seems like- in a rather immature manner- he’s calling out those praising the power of the “uncompromised” nature of the console who are now perfectly fine with compromising. Those like Sp4ctr0.

    • Christian Armstrong

      He did actually say it was weak, I just replied to the wrong picture by mistake. I know what you mean though, seems like the people on here who fan boy the most must never have time to actually play on their consoles cause they spend all their time trolling forums :/

    • chance

      The thing is that Microsoft said that,but they also said they that devs had a choice.

      MOST gamers knew that the xb1x was going to use checkerboard tech on some games.
      Xbox fans just said that they were getting the best versions. Some will be 4k some wont, but 4k will be more present on Xbox.
      Microsoft told us what they could and could not do over a year ago.

      I think Mr Wie Feng is just a desperate fan boy.

    • ProAssassin84

      Hope you have a collection of DVDs, CDs, and Blu Rays because that’s all the XboXSEX will have.

  • V3

    We’ll see in two years if this is still the case.

  • Smart guy

    All MS needs to do is work on new ips, which they already said they are, and then it’ll appeal more to others who haven’t gotten it yet. But MS is doing just fine in the mean time. Regardless of what anyone says they will only continue to do better.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Didn’t they say they were working on new IPs years ago? When are these games going to come out?

    • chance

      It’s taken Sony 5 years to put out a god of war and gt.
      They are the best at exclusives and they have already had us waiting. We’re getting a god of war 2 before the generation is over. We should’ve had it in 2014 or 2015. It takes a while.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Of course it takes a while. Which is why these things should be done pre-generation, not three years in.

      Where your analogy fails is that Sony put out a lot of promising new IPs in that time, because they had been developing them for a while.

  • Charles Clarke

    I hate that you are putting a negative spin on Microsoft in any way shape or form. The purpose of the Xbox One X is to design a console that can handle 4K gaming in its entirety. PC’s have graphics settings. The Xbox is essentially a PC as satya has stated. But the Xbox One X knows its own power and games will be designed for its power, so settings will be automatically shifted between the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. But its all about graphics, and not everyone has a 4K TV. So leaving behind the bulk of gamers by excluding them with their legacy 1080p displays seems like nonsense and when they have a reason to upgrade to a 4K TV and then a Xbox One X, they will do that. Microsoft has accomplished an ENGINEERING TRIUMPH, AND YOU BEST RECOGNIZE THEM FOR THAT! Sony is trash, and Microsoft is gold.

    • GB is mostly a PS4 fansite, bud. The sooner you realize that, the better.

    • Charles – The Great and Powerf

      Xbox represent.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Yeah, they’re really not, though. Especially with pramath on the roster of “writers.”

    • Holeybartender

      An engineering triumph? Please. Anyone who has had as much time to make the thing as Microsoft has could have built it. I’m sure if Sony had waited another year they would’ve made the Pro even better. No, Microsoft’s desperate need to change their image that Xbox One is weak is what drove them to make the Xbox One X as powerful as it is. Microsoft doesn’t want to piss off anymore of its fanbase anymore than Sony wanted to when they both decided not to make exclusive games.But that’s the problem isn’t it? The Xbox One X can’t handle 4k gaming in it’s entirety for two reasons, no exclusive games and the console can’t do all games at native 4k. Now the truth is out,it’s not uncompromised 4k and they are back to trying to convince people Xbox One X isn’t weak,yes more powerful than the Pro but still weak..

  • Wei Feng

    The downplaying of the promised “uncompromised 4k” by the fans has helped lower expectations as the push is now towards a new narrative of praising checkerboardering.

  • it would have been good if Microsoft had made the Xbox One X a new console entirely

    No, it wouldn’t have.

    • Turniplord

      from a development stance it would – it would allow the devs to fully use the hardware and create decent looking and playing games. As it is now though, the game has to be able to scale back to the original Xbox one and not have any performance or graphical issues. It will be like how Lawbreakers is running on the PS4 atm. They have took the Pro as the model to work with and gave us a decent 1080/60 shooter with a few dips, but none that affect gameplay – but then go to a base ps4 and you see some wuite big dips and issues because the based ps4 was the after-thought.

      now imagine that as the X and the Xbox one. If a dev makes a good looking and performing game ont eh X then just uses the generic scaler to make it run on the Xbox – you will end up with a crappy version for 95% of the xbox owners. If you look at it the other way – they will spend the most time on the base model for the 95% of people then just rush through a simple upscale/slight boost to resolution for the X owners, as there wont be that many, and you will end up with games that just have a slight resolution boost and that’s all as MS have no guidelines or requirements for a dev to do anything – a dev could skip the X all together if they can’t be bothered/don’t see it being cost effective.

    • ReadySalted

      Except that there are already over 80 confirmed games that have upgrades for the One X and game devs are praising its ease of porting. Plus, devs like Turn 10 have confirmed that the new XDK improves games for the original One and S models. That’s how Forza 7 finally has dynamic weather.

      Quite simply, “from a development stance”, you’re wrong.

    • Turniplord

      First of all – the ‘upgrades’ confirmed can be anything from stable framerate to changing form 900p to 1080p – there is no info on about 90% of the games on that list. One example is life is strange. They have it as a ‘confired’ 4k game, yet the dev has said it is 1080p then standard upscale – that’s not really an enhancement is it? There is probably more like that on the list as hardly any have actually been ‘confirmed’.

      Secondly, obviously 1st party devs would say that – remember them speaking out about how Dx12 made everything faster and easier as well a few years ago – remember how that turned out to not be true and only 5-7 games came out actually using DX12?

      What I was saying was – if this was a new console and a new generation then games could tap into the power a lot easier and release games that use the full potential – you will see when it comes out how games will be gimped on the original Xbox one and won’t run very well at all if the dev concentrates on the X. However, even though it’s small, the devs will concentrate on the base model due to its bigger playerbase – this will result in improvements being gimped so the base model runs okay and they haven’t spent too much time or money on the X version.

      I don’t see any devs (except 1st party and UWP paid-for products) wasting time, money and resources on preparing 4k assets for the X versions – they will simply up the resolution and maybe increase some AA or draw distances. We will see when it’s out, but as we’ve seen with the pro, the mid gen update isn’t that big because it has to cater to the lowest in its family – which unfortunately is the original Xbox in the case of the x

    • ReadySalted

      Over 75% of the games have been confirmed to be native 4K, with the rest awaiting confirmation. If you’ve missed that, it doesn’t make you right for guessing.

      You’re wrong on DX12. The tests showed big improvements in performance, especially for AMD graphics cards. It has support from EA, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, Ubisoft, Microsoft Game Studios, 2K, Square Enix and others.

      Games “gimped” on the Xbox One”? Nope. Not according to this article: “How the Xbox One X helped Forza 7 shine on older consoles”

      How do you explain third party developers saying the complete opposite of what you’re saying? Here’s a snapshot of some comments:

      Is there anything factual you can say, or have you convinced yourself of false information you’re happy to continue believing?

    • Turniplord

      We’ll see when those games are out and analysed – the original Xbox versions will either be crap or the enhancements won’t be as much as you lot are hoping for.

      Anyway, onto your claim that 75% of the games are ‘confirmed’ 4k – provide a link to every single game dev for each game clearly saying that the game is native 4k…. I’ll wait.

      What’s that? You can’t? No, because most of the ‘confirms’ are taken off Xbox market pages which aren’t even telling the truth. They have Assassins creed as 4k yet it’s a Cb 2160 with a dynamic resolution as well, life is strange is 10800 UPSCALED to 2160 (same as every game on the pro as well might I add) yet they claim that as 4k and others.

      Until a dev comes out and says what it is or someone actually analyses it, you have no idea what the enhancement is. I’m guessing the majority of the list won’t even go above 1440p or 1800p CB yet MS seems to be classing everything that gets the generic upscale as ‘4k’. Something you lot seem to believe.

      Oh, and all those games on that site were already on the Xbox platform, so already optimised for the base model so all they had to do was run it through the dev kit to up the resolution – have you seen the latest AC footage? It doesn’t use 4k textures anymore, standard textures, juts a resolution boost (CB 2160).

      Just wait until it comes out – you lot are damage controlling now, yet come November you will be doing it a lot more.

    • ReadySalted
    • ReadySalted

      Plus native 4K games that will go over to Xbox One X (FIFA, NBA, Pro Evo):

      So that’s over 50 native 4K games. Now you just have to find proof of 1080p upscaling for Life is Strange, as you like to keep mentioning it.

      David Hein, Deck Nine’s Producer on Life is Strange: Before the Storm:

      “We will support the features set of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro–4K upscaling, those sorts of things. So that’s a benefit there. A lot of what we look at is: How can we make the best game possible? How can we tell the richest story possible? And what’s the best way to do that? Yeah it’s a conversation with a lot of different variables and a lot of different considerations. We talk through all of those things with Square Enix, internally talking about technological challenges there for supporting multiple platforms, as well as business concerns. All different manner of variables. At this time, it’s just PS4, Xbox One, and PC that we’re supporting”.
      He doesn’t actually confirm anything beyond they’re using the console feature sets. He didn’t say what resolution it may upscale from, did he?
      The only person here damage controlling is you.

    • Turniplord

      Like I said – the lists are made up of guesses and not factual info. Look at the first one – they clearly say the info they have is just based on it saying ‘4k’ at E3 – which we now know means anything pretty much. I’ll give you F1 and mantis and the f2p games a nothing surprising about those ones. The final link has no credibility for 2 reasons – 1. It says it was updated 09/09/17 (in the future) – so the writer is clearly a bit simple 2. They have AC listed as native 4k when we know it is in CB and not native 4k.

      So yeah, like I said, no point trusting these lists as they are going off what MS has told the, and not the devs themselves. I believe there will be more native 4k titles than there was at the launch of the pro – however the vast majority of the games listed as ‘enhanced’ will not be running at a native 2160p – which is what all the fanboys believe is going to magically happen. Also, I’m sure one of them had anthem listed as native as well – we know that’s CB as well, and that’s directly from the devs

    • ReadySalted

      Well I can’t win them all. Like you said, it’s a case of waiting until we actually see the games running on final hardware that we can actually get a concrete answer.
      We do know that the Xbox dev kits aren’t running at full power yet (not expected to until October this year) so we’re not even seeing the best of the One X yet from the game footage that’s been released. Plus games like Assassin’s Creed are still in Alpha (but I will expect CB as Ubisoft deploy that across all platforms, including PC). From the 4K footage I’ve seen, the games look awesome – and that’s even with YouTube compression.
      I don’t expect all games to be native 4K, but I expect there will be far more than CB or upscaled.

    • Wei Feng

      Unless you don’t mind the Jaguar netbook CPU bottleneck

    • chance

      Hey its better than play 14fps at 1080p with the ps4 pro.

    • It’s not the same CPU as the One/One S, so what’s your point? CPU model and console versioning are 2 separate, independent things.

    • Wei Feng

      so they up clock the netbook cpu a bit.
      It’s still a 30fps bottlenecking lemon

    • The PS4 Pro is worse & most gaming PCs can’t hit 4K at any decent framerate so unless you’re a PC gamer with a 4K60fps+ rig you’re really just clowning yourself with this argument.

  • Mr Xrat

    LMAO Xgimps get mad over their sad little upgrade being hamstrung not only by MS’ corner-cutting but by the need to match the base hardware and they blame GamingBolt for this.

    Blame your cult leaders instead.

    • ReadySalted

      Microsoft’s marketing must be doing extremely well this gen as even haters, like you, can’t get Xbox out of their heads. I’ll have to give the marketing team more credit.

    • J.j. Barrington

      That’s not really praise, though. After all, the Xbox might be on a lot of people’s minds, but that isn’t translating into many purchases.

    • ReadySalted

      Would it not be worse if no one was talking about Xbox, though?

    • J.j. Barrington

      Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as bad press. If no one were talking about the XB1, Microsoft would still garner more sales by virtue of there not being negative stories that turned people off from the thing.

      It’d be a different story if their company or the division absolutely NEEDED success this gen, but they don’t. Microsoft could have gone quiet, gone about their business, and come back next gen with a lot of noise. Indeed, that’d be a better plan of action than the frequent bad news, reversals, cancellations and so on that have plagued it most of this generation. To go from silent competitor to evident contender would boost the brand’s image far more.

    • ReadySalted

      The thing is, we’re commenting on a story of a game dev praising Microsoft (good publicity), which has happened alot since the One X was announced.

      The negative stories for Xbox just pander to the fanboys. The press has gone from the ‘TV TV TV’ non-story, to resolutiongate, to the apparent lack of games to keep the PS4 fanboys clicking every article and commenting, regardless of what console the story is covering.

      If Microsoft switched to paying for more advertising and the One X started selling really well, the press will change their tune quickly enough.

      Either way, the Xbox division is still growing in profit every year so the bad press isn’t affecting them too much.

    • J.j. Barrington

      “a game dev praising Microsoft”

      For something that some view as a negative.

      ” ‘TV TV TV’ non-story”

      I wouldn’t call that a non-story. You expect a gaming device’s debut to be about games, and that wasn’t the case. Resolutiongate was obviously part of the power debate that raged all of last generation. And it’s a little odd to connect fanboys clicking to a lack of games that way: you’re leaving out too many steps there.

      “If Microsoft switched to paying for more advertising and the One X started selling really well, the press will change their tune quickly enough.”

      Not sure that’s true. Besides, that’s two “ifs” that need to happen that may not at all be connected to the press and their tune changing. The fact that they’re getting decimated means they HAVE been affected, and quite considerably; profits aren’t coming much from software or hardware sales.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Their latest financial report speaks otherwise about their profits on software than what you speak here.

    • J.j. Barrington

      That wouldn’t have anything to do with Minecraft, would it?

    • Luke Skywalker

      Why are you asking me that, is minecraft not their software? Is the Xbox department not profitable?
      Their FH3 is selling really well and halo 5 is still selling too. minecraft isn’t the only game they have that is selling. While halo 5 was still on the charts games like uncharted 4 fell off. Sometimes Microsoft would 7 games on the top 40 while Sony had 3 or Nintendo with 4, I’ve even seen Microsoft with as much as 8, Sony 2 and Nintendo 4 this year.
      I’m almost sure those numbers would surprise you, didn’t they? you were probably like this: reading them. What I’m trying to say is regardless of popular belief they do make money. So I’d like for you to explain how did you come to the conclusion that their profits aren’t coming from software or hardware.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Well, Minecraft is theirs because they bought it, and it sells regardless of what they do. So I’m not sure that does or should count.

      If Xbox were doing so well, why were other divisions added to it in recent years for fiscal reports? Don’t strong performing divisions get their own reports?

      When were these times that Microsoft had more games in the top 40 than Sony or Nintendo? How long did these trends last? Did they even last long enough to be a trend? Common sense and pretty much all evidence says that Xbox might be profitable, but not as much as other gaming divisions.

      For one, they don’t seem to be selling much hardware. This one’s a little tough to tell, since the numbers were bad enough that they stopped reporting, altogether, but the XB1 seems to be no longer tracking as fast as the 360. Sure, by now, they probably make some profit on each console sold, but R&D for the XOX will likely have eaten into that some… and there IS that console to consider, too: is it being sold at a profit, at cost, or at a loss?

      On the software side, the XB1 is seeing half- or less- of what the PS4 is doing. All Microsoft will say is the attach rate for the console is “great” but, like the hardware, they won’t give any details.

      Here’s an example of why it’s difficult to tell, but also why it doesn’t seem likely that they’re doing THAT well:

      “The driver of that growth was Xbox Live, with Q3 software and services revenue up 7% over the prior year. The only other solid figures related to Gaming that Microsoft offered were a 13% rise in the number of Xbox Live users, from 46 million to 52 million active accounts.

      The lack of detail is down to the way Microsoft reports its financial results, with Gaming buried in the larger Personal Computing category, which also includes Windows, search and other businesses.”

      As per article articles/2017-04-28-xbox-live-lifts-microsofts-q3-gaming-revenue-by-4-percent

      Considering the competition is giving them a drubbing, I highly doubt that XBL is adequate enough.

    • Luke Skywalker

      – yes exactly, Minecraft is theirs, they bought it so they own it and they’ve been doing some great stuff with that software. yes it sells well and is almost always on the charts but as I’ve said before it is not their only software that sells.

      – I believe you are being silly here. its’ not about a division doing well or not to get their own “fiscal report”, afaik windows doesn’t even gets it’s own report as it’s grouped under the “More Personal Computing” segment. so i’m not sure what you’re trying to get at. last quarter Microsoft reported that gaming revenue was up $44m or 3%. by my simple calculations that should be a $1.466b revenue for that 3 month, for the fiscal year Microsoft said gaming revenue was up $134m or 1%…you do the calculations and see how much that comes out to. they made money on halo 5, FH3 and Minecraft.
      so to answer your question: No, strong performing divisions don’t get their own report. they are apart of the segment report, business and productivity, intelligent cloud and More personal computing.

      – Microsoft consistently have more games in the top 40 than sony or Nintendo. it is more than a trend. go check the top 40 Chart-track you’ll see for yourself.
      you said: “Common sense and pretty much all evidence says that Xbox might be profitable, but not as much as other gaming divisions.” however, in your previous comment you said: “The fact that they’re getting decimated means they HAVE been affected, and quite considerably; profits aren’t coming much from software or hardware sales” (emphasis mine).
      about their hardware sales, I thought you would’ve referenced something more tangible than the “they don’t seem to be selling” like their financial report where they stated a decline in hardware revenue, but in the same report they’ve stated that software and subs have increased, so I would like you to explain yourself here.
      Also, I would believe R&D for the XbX are already accounted for since research and development is already done. The only cost to the hardware should be manufacturing but this cost will be recouped once the device is sold. Also, Phil has already noted in an interview that the XbX will not be sold at a loss.
      on the software side do you care to tell where you got that bit of information? because as I’ve said I see Microsoft software on the charts consistently more than their competitor.
      – interesting quote you have there. here’s a screen cap of what Microsoft said:
      to me it’s pretty interesting why your quote or the author left out that bit of detail I underlined.

      regardless of what the competition is making how can you say Microsoft are not making much solely based on what you think without facts?

    • J.j. Barrington

      “they’ve been doing some great stuff with that software.”

      The only thing they’re doing is not getting in the way.

    • ReadySalted

      Why would releasing games to play on both your current console and your new one be considered bad? That’s a benefit to gamers, not a negative.

      It is a non-story. They revealed the console before E3 to show the features of the console. That way, they could focus on showing the games at E3. They were very upfront with this on the reveal yet people conveniently forget this.

      If they were getting “decimated”, they would be heading out of the business. They’re making a yearly increase of profits and player base against the bad press. Think about that. They do profit from software. If they didn’t, it would be difficult to explain where the money comes from…

    • J.j. Barrington

      That can be viewed as a bad thing because, for all the power the XOX has, it WILL be held back by the base model.

    • ReadySalted

      You WILL be proven wrong:

      “How the Xbox One X helped Forza 7 shine on older consoles”

      Your move.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Optimization proves me wrong? Sorry, not seeing it. Especially since this is saying the new model helped the old one; it doesn’t confirm or deny the old model hindering the new one.

      Care to try again?

    • ReadySalted

      I didn’t think the article was hard to understand, but I guess I was wrong.

      “The most interesting part was in optimising for Xbox One X, we found features that made the original Xbox One and lower-end PCs look better.” The improvements even allowed the team to drop the minimum specifications for the PC version. “As a result, the Forza Motorsports 7 image quality on the original Xbox One looks dramatically better than Forza 6 – in optimising for the high end, we improved the low end.”

      The bit where he says that Forza 7 looks better than Forza 6 on Xbox One, that’s the bit that proves you wrong. He even attributes it to the Xbox One X.

      Brilliant comment on optimisation by the way. How else do you find improvements without added hardware!?

    • Holeybartender

      Keep the PS4 fanboys clicking every article and commenting regardless of what console? How about it’s just because we are gamers and we are just interested in all gaming.

      Microsoft did spend more on marketing when Xbox One came out and it didn’t help.
      If they did do more marketing now it will be that they have to because it’s a new product.

    • ReadySalted

      Look at Mr Xrat’s comment, to which I replied to, is that a gamer interested in all gaming?

      I was talking about press advertising, as in websites like these, but the TV spend was interesting (although it omitted the adverts from game deals like Destiny, as it states in the article, so it’s not a true reflection). If a website starts making more money from Microsoft’s ads and click-through on Xbox articles, you wouldn’t expect them to cater to that?

    • Holeybartender

      Doesn’t matter about Xrat,your comment was directed toward any gaming site who has anything bad to say about Xbox One X and that the only reason they do is geared to PS4 fanboys. The fact is is that Microsoft’s claim of it being uncompromised 4k is turning out to be lies and all gamers are upset just as they would regardless of console.

      I for one don’t see this article as a hate piece but a good thing. The biggest fear from gamers was that there would be specific exclusives with these mid-gen refreshes and developers confirming that is the case is a reassurance.

    • ReadySalted

      I’m not suggesting that all articles that are saying bad things show bias, as Xbox is far from deserving of constant good press. I’m saying that the press are blatant in their bias when they choose to show it. Case in point: Eurogamer get the exclusive on the ‘Scorpio’ specs, Kotaku and Polygon take minutes after to publish articles on how the new console doesn’t matter as it has no games. N4G was full of articles spewing hate after Eurogamer’s article. Is that not bias?
      This article is good publicity, I said that right away, so I agree with you there.

    • Holeybartender

      But they were right,a new console is useless without games. The Xbox One X has no games (not technically anyways) and it showed at E3 this year.There was what,two games that actually seamed worth it? Not all biased agreements are wrong,you can be right and still be viewed as biased.

    • ReadySalted

      The Xbox One X technically has no games? What are you talking about? There’s nothing technical about it; there is over 1200 Xbox One games that will work on it, plus near 400 Xbox 360 games, plus however many original Xbox games. How many games does it need to count as a single game in your mind? You just prove how influential the press are when you spew the same crap as them. If you thought only two games were worth it out of 42 shown, then do you even like gaming?

    • chance

      Are you talking about the Xbox or ps4?
      Seriously it sounds like ps4 pro talk.
      Corner cutting, hardware held back to match the base. That’s ps4 pro dude.
      All you need is the 900p vr box and that hits it on the nail.

    • greatnessIsaLIE
    • chrisday85

      Are you serious? Ok, I found a PS4 pro for 260 (230 after they discounted it because the controller battery needs to be replaced, and I won’t say where because I don’t want others figuring this out) but I am not sure if I would buy a PS4 pro at $350 at this point if PS4 was 250, or, say $200, vs $300, or even 250 vs $200, and the big reason I say this is: Many games of PS4 have had crap launches, or don’t have support on PS4 pro. I wanted the batman games, oops they run like crap. Bloodborne, one of their best exclusives (in my opinion their best exclusive), barely different and still runs pretty meh. Fortnite is having serious issues on it, I can’t even tolerate or play it. Prey, while fixed (ish) still has stuttering. New releases are having issues or poor support and enhancements more than they should.

      Xbox one x sounds like it has way more planned support. Either way I’m seeing this isn’t a huge deal. The frame rate is more important to me than the resolution. I just tested batman arkham knight on my pc and found that 1080p maxed out vs 4k maxed out just doesn’t look all that different. You can tell. But as you play….The frame rate is the biggest noticeable factor. Locking to 30 is way different than locking to 60.

  • stopbeingafanboy


  • Legionarius

    When Xbox One X gets games that the basic XB1 won’t play then I’ll purchase it. I don’t care about 4K or any of that stuff.Even if my base model XB1 broke down I’d go for the cheaper Xbox 1 S to replace it.

    • Wei Feng

      that’s 720p-900p @ 27fps support to the max.

    • Legionarius


    • Luke Skywalker

      nothing wrong with that, if base xb1 works for you then great but for me i’m upgrading day one though

  • Mark

    Of course it wouldn’t be a good move; who would these devs sell their games to? 1-3 million players on X1X at launch? When you’ve got 30 mill on OG Xbox? Of course they won’t do that.

    • Turniplord

      It isn’t going to sell that much – 100-200k in the first week at best

    • chance

      Dude its hitting a million in the first day or week.
      A million people bought that crap box in 2013 even with all the bad publicity.
      Now those same people and more will upgrade. I am upgrading simply because I like to play on the best and every platform on top of that.
      We’ll see when pre order numbers come in.

    • Turniplord

      Like you said, we’ll see – however, 1-1.5m is more likely the number sold in 12months – not on launch.

      In 2013 it was a new console, a new generation, a new start. This is an update with a version out there that’s half the price that plays the same games – so the majority of Xbox sales will be the S.

      Don’t forget it’s also around Christmas and the PS4 is supposedly getting a perm reduction and the pro will follow shortly after making it about 130-150 dollars cheaper.

      You would be surprised as to how many people actually know or care about the X. It seems like a lot because of the sites and people you are around, but the general public don’t care – they just want something to play the games they like that is the cheapest – hence the S selling more than the X. It will have a
      Little bump on release, but after that it will die right back down again – also don’t forget all the media and you tubers get theirs free as well, so that’s a bunch of lost sales as well.

      I’m guessing 100-200k by the end of November with 1.5m max by the end of 2018. The adoption rate won’t be more than 5%

    • Mark

      Well yeah I was just giving the absolute best scenario, which still wouldn’t be enough for X1X exclusives

  • J.j. Barrington

    Curious, but how is a console that hasn’t even hit the market yet “far more accomplished” than anything else?

    • x1xCLUTCHx8x

      They’re referring to the specs

    • J.j. Barrington

      Wouldn’t that be sufficiently covered by calling it the most powerful, as is done prior?

    • x1xCLUTCHx8x

      I feel like it would, some of these writers really like to hammer some things home..

    • J.j. Barrington

      Pramath is certainly one of those.

    • Luke Skywalker

      hmm don’t know, I believe it’s probably due to the great developer support the X has already. I believe I’ve read that it has more supported games than it’s competitor.

    • J.j. Barrington

      But if those games aren’t even out, how has it “accomplished” anything? Rather than belief, that sounds like wishful thinking.

    • Luke Skywalker

      The games have been released though, and the developers are building in support for the console but I see what you are doing, you are settling on the semantics while refusing took see the bigger picture.
      I’m not faulting you though because obviously you are technically right in the sense that you can’t win a race you haven’t run yet, so the Xbx can’t “accomplish” any thing if it’s not released yet.

    • J.j. Barrington

      No, I see the “bigger picture.” I have been, from the start, questioning the use of that phrase because it doesn’t fit. There’s nothing “technical” about it: you can’t be accomplished until you’ve actually done something, and as the console isn’t out, it can’t have done anything yet.

      It can BE more powerful, and so there’s no problem there.

    • chance

      He was talking hardware wise. Ever piece of hardware this gen was half-assed and was developed well aware that it would become outdated faster than any other console gen before.
      The Xbox one x is a properly developed console with quality and value in mind.

      Even though it hasn’t been released it has accomplished more graphics wise than any other console. That’s just an obvious statement.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Now you’re just making excuses. The XOX is already outdated, based on its performance, so exactly what has changed?


      It SHOULD be more capable than any other console, considering its whole focus is on power, and it’s newer than everything else on the market. That’s no great feat.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      The Scorpio is not outdated.
      It won’t until the mass pc market has a better rig.
      Right now most have rigs a little more powerful than a ps4 close to ps4 pro range.
      Right now the Xbox 1x is more powerful than most pc rigs in people’s homes.
      It’ll be a couple of years before the pc crowd passes Scorpio performance.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Being outdated isn’t dependent upon what the mass PC market has, and it never has been.

      More excuses.

  • x1xCLUTCHx8x

    All the comments on these articles make me laugh. In all honesty id buy the X if they left the graphics the same, the box ran cooler, and the loading times were better.

  • hvd hvd

    neither did the ps4 crap pro.

  • crizz1066


    And so it beggins………devlopers just not gona waste the extra time…well unless M$ force ’em so how.


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