Microsoft Say That They Are Ready For Xbox One and PS4 Cross Platform Play

‘We’ve done our bit.’

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Microsoft recently made an exciting announcement when they confirmed that they would finally be lifting the decade plus long lockdown on their Xbox Live network, opening it up so that it could interact with other networks and services, adding the potential from cross network and cross platform play, including, yes, cross platform play with PS4. And on their part, Microsoft say they have done their bit, and they are now ready- the onus is on game developers, and on Sony, going forward.

“As a platform we don’t force developers to release at any point–it’ll be when the developers are ready,” ID@Xbox Europe boss Agostino Simonetta told Eurogamer. “W’re ready. Rocket League is the first game–and it is a heavily network-orientated game.

“Any title that wants to update their game to include cross-network play, any title that wants to launch soon and take advantage of that, we are ready.”

Simonetta seemed pretty adamant on that front, because when asked specifically about whether there had been any news from the Sony front on linking Xbox Live and PSN together, he repeated, “We can only say: we’re ready. We’ve done our bit and we welcome anyone who wants to take part.”

To be fair to Simonetta, he is not wrong- he can only speak for Microsoft, and it does seem like Microsoft have done their bit in this regard. Sony- the ball is in your court now.

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  • Michael

    Sony won’t do it because they know it will show how xbox live is the superior network.

    • Doggystyle

      Sony doesn’t need to do it. Doing it would be like throwing out a
      lifeboat to a drowning Xbox One console. Microsoft desperately needs
      Sony’s help to stay relevant right now in the console space by allowing
      their gaming network to interact with PSN, thereby keeping more people
      from dumping the Xbox One console and joining their much smarter gaming
      friends who chose the PS4 exclusively over Xbox, and I hope Sony just
      lets them drown. They don’t deserve to survive. They took a dump all
      over 360 gamers last gen and started to try and do it again this gen,
      but smart gamers didn’t allow it to happen. The Xbox console brand can
      now go ahead and die a miserable death. It’s starting to look like it’s
      well on its way to doing so.

      How is Xbox Live superior when the network goes down, with no explanation why from MS, every single week?

    • Maria Duckworth

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    • Michael

      Psnotwork went down for over a month and Sony got sued for millions. No, their network is not on the same level….lol you should change your name to ponystyle…lol

    • Doggystyle

      PSN went down for about 22 days on the PS3, go ahead and cling to that. Xbox Live is now currently down every week. Do the math. Sony compensated their users with free games and made up for the time lost by extending their subscriptions for free. Micro$oft, to this day, has done nothing to make up for your lost gaming time. They don’t give a damn about you, and you seem to just love it. You should change your name to the same name of whatever brand of toilet paper that Phil Spencer uses.


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