Microsoft Seeking Legal Action Against Xbox One Leaker

Seek and destroy, or something like that.

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The NeoGAF user who leaked tons of information yesterday regarding the Xbox One, upcoming exclusives and unannounced projects, and oh so much more is now being pursued by Microsoft.

According to Kotaku, Microsoft is looking for legal action to identify and capture the man. You can reasonably deny that any of the above is true but Microsoft taking the effort to persecute the guy does lend an air of authenticity to it all. Nonetheless, grains of salt and all that.

Among other things, the user leaked information regarding Halo 5 being delayed into 2015, Halo 2 Anniversary launching this year, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Conundrum being out by Q4 2014, a white Xbox One going on sale to the general public, a $399 version of the console lacking an optical disc drive, a TitanFall Xbox One bundle that was being internally discussed and much, much more.

What are your thoughts on the above? Let us know below.

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  • Dennis Crosby

    Won’t believe it until I see some proof because those claims were already outrageous. It could be Microsoft trying to show all these anonymous insider that there not untouchable

  • DNA

    That’s kinda retarded of MS because if they really are prosecuting him they are validating the info he leaked as being true.
    Otherwise they could literally just say we don’t answer rumours when asked if this “leaked” info is true or not and by the time they go to officially announce these various games the general gaming public would have forgotten about this information in the first place.

    • Maverick

      Not exactly. This information gets spread around to all the media outlets and thousands of people will see it. If its false, it has the potential to impact them negatively the source of the false information could be sued for libel.
      For example. I could go around and spread a bunch of rumors about you that are not true, and now nobody wants to associate with you now, or hire you, or do business with you because they think they are true. Are you just going to let it slide because its not true, or defend yourself against false information and possibly sue me? Under your thought process, you would be confirming the rumors are true if you fight them, but letting it go means the rumors still spread and people assume they are true.

    • DNA

      Except none of the information this person is spreading is negative or libelous.
      Now if this person hacked in and used severely illegal means to obtain this information then I can see MS’ point of view. But when it’s literally only launch dates and small tidbits of information that would and probably is spreading around the internet as rumours regardless of this persons actions it only hurts them to prosecute him.

    • Maverick

      In this instance it may not be libelous. It still Microsoft’s information to decide when and how want it released. If true, you can bet somewhere along the line somebody broke a rule or law to acquire the information. Could be hacking, could be breaking an NDA. Even if the person who put the info out there was not the one who did anything wrong, going after him would lead you to the real one.
      Either way, you don’t want false information out there. Negative false information has an obvious impact. False information that is deemed positive in this case could turn out negative in the long run. If Microsoft doesn’t deliver on them, but everyone thinks they were true, now Microsoft is in a position where they look like they can’t deliver. Even though they didn’t promise anything and the rumors were false.
      You don’t want false info out there. If its true info, you want to find the leak and stop whoever is leaking the information before it has adverse effects.

  • coighty1 .

    Quantum conundrum?

    • Bidoof

      Infinite power of the fluffy cloud dimension.

    • Johannna_L


  • Budgiecat

    leaky poo

  • Bobby Jennings

    Pfft, Microsoft.

  • Funballons

    Lol so first u believe a neoGaf forum user and now u believe another rumor saying MS is looking for the leaker, lol rumors are just that and ur a fool to believe them.

    • Gamer1231

      Not necessarily. I personally believe these all to be somewhat true. Sure, I’m not discounting the possibility that none of this is true, since like you said, it’s just a rumor, but you are not a fool to believe a rumor to be true. I wouldn’t put it below Microsoft to push out an online only console. Sound familiar?

    • Dennis Crosby

      Yea this last week has been hit with some outrageous rumores

    • Orlɛanž


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Oh shit…something’s gonna go down-American style.

  • RoadShow

    Xbox sucks in every measurable way. Now xbots that is compared to all competition. Simple fact is every other platform offers more for less. PC is amazing and keyboard/mouse is simply best input for FPS. Headshot heaven I call it.

    Playstation has all the power, exclusives, exclusive content, free games, no paywalls to basic features, free to play games that don’t even require ps+ and much better features like 15 minutes video capture, friend spectate/take over mode, PS Now etc.

    Contrast free game PS+ in February. Confirmed 1080p and 60 fps. All those multi plat games on X1 running at 720p native and or only 30 fps. $500 brick without xbox live…renting features. Disgusting

    • Dylan Vice


    • knightswhosaymeh

      I have a PS4 and a Gaming PC. I like em both, due to the fact I can lay down very comfortably while playing a game on the PS4. But I do agree with this statement.

    • RoadShow

      While I agree that PC will always be better than console it does not change the fact that I get more from my PS3 and my PS4 than I do my gaming PC.

      My gaming PC compliments my PS3/PS4 but console is where most my gaming is these days.

      Again I love my gaming PC and agree it’s the best however:

      (1) Not all games come to PC. Like Red Dead Redemption & Destiny.

      (2) PC doesn’t have an army of studios making exclusive games for the specific hardware. It does have a ton of smaller games but again those compare to the smaller games found in XBL and PSN marketplace. Sony has some of the best exclusives in the world. ***PC is a good place to play xbox “exclusives” that you know. Aren’t actually exclusive.

      (3) PC doesn’t fit well in the living room. (A) No where good to set up keyboard/mouse. Break out a fold out table or something and plop it in front of the TV is all I can think of. (B) UI for non gaming things on big screen TV is a pain in the butt. It’s hard to see and navigate. Console is designed for the living room and big screen TV.

      (4) Console gives a lot of bang for the buck. $399 PS4 is equive to mid to high range gaming PC. Sure it can’t do 1440p and 120 fps but not many gaming PC’s can either. It takes a high end set up with cards costing the same or more than the PS4 and that’s just the card. Just saying, console gives more for longer and at less cost.

      But gaming PC is good.

    • Dylan Vice

      $500 better graphics, faster, more “Exclusives” free games, mods, etc. etc.

    • Bobby Jennings

      You talking about PC? Cause PC doesn’t have more exclusives than PS.

    • Thad Vanity

      Wrong. It does. Take any Web browser game. Most Indie games. Facebook games.

      Cumulatively the PC has more games than any other platform and more exclusives too.

    • Bobby Jennings

      I guess in that case, you’re right. I’m mainly talking about big games though.Those triple AAA quality titles.

    • Chris Scott

      You have no idea how ignorant you sound, do you?

    • cozomel

      attack the guy acting least like a fanboy, yeah you sound smart

    • Terry Wiensch

      Oh no, someone just like you! What a shame, you should insult him!

    • Terry Wiensch

      @bobbyjennings:disqus You realize there are literally thousands of games only for PC. If you totaled ALL of the Xbox 360, ps3, ps4, xbox One games combined PC would still have more exclusives. You console gamers are a sad, sad breed.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Whoa no need to insult bro, this is a discussion.

      You guys may have exclusives, but you don’t have many.

    • Psionicinversion

      Theres is one thing that absolutely winds me up people say consoles have better price to performance than an equivalent PC… well of course they have there fixed hardware and can purchase units in 100,000 to 1million chip quanities making them cheap and becuase your only producing the one SoC its going to be very cheap cus you tool a factory/fab once then pump out millions of the same thing and get the whole thing built cheaply you cant do that with a PC cus of all the differing parts.

    • dirkradke

      From the perspective of most people your first sentence is actually accurate. A free game like solitaire or a web game is a non-issue and completely different game in terms of quality. Those web game sites make money on advertizing and I admit there is value there, but not $60 to a consumer. They play them because they are free. If people want to change parts in there PC they have to have someone do it and that kills any idea that it is cheaper than the buying a console. To exasperate this problem they will usually take it to a store like Best Buy and they charge even more with the idea that for $100 more you can simply get a whole new PC, which isn’t necessarily a better value.

    • Terry Wiensch

      One butthurt Sony Pony.

    • knightswhosaymeh

      I sense great Peasant force in this one.

    • cozomel

      he’s not even a peasant, that would be to high a class for him.

    • Terry Wiensch

      I only spoke out against someone tossing out rash insults. I’m happy with my Xbox. I feel no need to insult the PS4, I suggest you all realize it’s just hardware and attacking someone over their preference of an object is just sad and low; that personality won’t get you far in life.

    • Hates bad writers.

      He needs to justify his next gen purchase without any decent games somehow. (and don’t take that the wrong way folks, the Xbox One’s library doesn’t exactly shine either)

    • cozomel

      doesnt shine? its garbage, Forza sucks, DR is even worst, KI is junk and Ryse trash. And p.s. Wii U is even worst

    • cozomel

      One butthurt Xbone. And p.s. your system is a POS

    • s3ltzer

      It’s an XBOner…

  • araczynski

    Probably some dimwit working for Microsoft. Either way, if a person signs a NDA as part of the employment process they should get everything that’s coming to them for breaking it.

    • s3ltzer

      Waaaawaaa….he’s ok in my book. Corporations needs checks and balances….

    • araczynski

      Checks and balances are for crime, not for leaking secrets you got paid for saying you wouldn’t leak.

  • Sony is a cheater

    Originally, Sony planned to release a 4 GB gddr5 console (Orbis) before some idiot decided to leak Durango’s full specs. A couple months after the leak Sony came out, and announced a new “superior spec” for orbis. Because of that
    leak, now ps4 is a bit more powerful than xb1. First month of the year,
    already, Microsoft’s 2014 plan for Xbox one is all over the
    internet, which again tells Sony exactly what to do to make sure Xbox one
    stay behind ps4 for the year… Personally, I think Sony is spying on Microsoft.

    • knightswhosaymeh

      Get your facts straight kid. Sony increased their ram because of developers requesting it. Get your facts straight, your logic above is wrong.

    • Arron Clements

      Its not a ‘bit’ more powerful, it’s just more powerful.

  • Imperial General Zimmerman


  • dirkradke

    As for the rumors listed here I can’t really see how they could do without an optical drive for the console. This would split the user base and force some users to simply not buy games because files sizes would be too large to download and you would only be able to store so many on the hard drive.

  • Megaman

    smart…take down all these fake insiders that are spreading negative info and false info

  • cursealoud

    A $399 sku? That’s all I focused on

  • Arron Clements

    What a load of stage managed bollocks. Seriously, they’re scraping the barrel of PR BS.

  • cozomel

    F*** MS

  • mbounce88

    I think microsoft is being greedy once again. They think we are stupid. Heres a 399 system with kinect, but no DD. Good deal! They just want to monopolize digital sales and not have to go through a middle man. Greedy greedy Microsoft.. I switched and will never look back. PS4 FTW!

  • s3ltzer

    disc-less $399 XBO? How about for the SAME price, I get a more powerful console, the best controller on the market, a Blu-ray drive, swapable HDD, ability to use any universal headset, built-in rechargeable battery….AND a sleeker, smaller console as well…? Wow. This just made me realize that MS really needs to fix the XBO.


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