Microsoft’s Albert Penello: Xbox One Overclock Remark “Wasn’t a Shot”

Also wishes to put to rest any rumours of production issues.

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It was recently announced that the Xbox One clock speed had been bumped up again from 1.6 GHz to 1.75 GHz before the console went into manufacturing. Microsoft’s Albert Penello recently tweeted about the same, stating that:

Of course, some one remarked on GAF that Albert was “taking shots”. This prompted Penello to respond that, “C’mon seriously? That was not a shot – only you guys would think that. I was in a meeting on my phone, shot out a quick tweet. Seriously.

“Sony haven’t announced the CPU speed, as people have noted. Plus – when I take a pot-shot at the competition I’m gonna be way more obvious than that. I’m not a fan of the passive-aggressive. As I’m sure you’ve figured out – you don’t announce something like this at the same time you’re working on it. Obviously this has been in the works, but now that we’re in full production we felt OK about announcing it.

“Devs should start seeing this soon – so any performance gains were happening on the 1.6 boxes. (everything at PAX was on the 1.6). This is a boost to developers on top of the optimizations going on.

“Lastly – can I PLEASE finally get you over this ‘we’re having production issues’ thing that’s going around? We increased the GPU 6%. We increased the CPU almost 10%. We have been showing retail boxes. We are now in full production. If at this point these facts don’t outweigh random rumors…”

Meanwhile, the Xbox One has a confirmed release date of November 22nd.

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  • Counterproductive

    Not sure who thought it was a shot, considering they’re still so far behind.

    • Jim Neerland

      Hiyyoooooooooo! Look at this PS fanboy making jokes, how cute

    • Counterproductive

      Look a this. Someone who mistakes facts for jokes and attempts to denigrate people using the word fanboy. How droll.

    • Jim Neerland

      Because clearly your assumptions of it being so far behind are facts. How’s about we give till the very least after Christmas before spouting off about how far behind one or the other is. Both will sell boatloads, “Deal with it”

    • Counterproductive

      Because clearly you’re assuming I’m making assumptions. I’m going by the actual specs of both consoles now that Microsoft has finally “released” concrete figures at Hot Chips 25. If you want to buy an Xbox One, go ahead. Just know what you’re getting rather than accepting all of the self-serving PR that Microsoft executives have been campaigning on for the past few weeks. The very day Sony announced the PS4, they handed the media a specs sheet on the console and provided an indepth tour of the architecture. It was four months after the Xbox One’s announcement that the specs became known. They were not released, but rather leaked after being presented at a technical conference, and Microsoft has been doing damage control literally every day since.

      The only assumption I’m prepared to make at this point is that Microsoft’s defensiveness is caused by their genuine concern that people might understand the substantial difference between their hardware and that of their competitor.

  • andy

    And there are games running on Xbox One. Really? Apart from Forza and Ryse, what else? They delayed the console in over 5 countries right before Gamescom. They didn’t know what the release date was at the event 2 weeks ago and now they do? It all pointed to problems if anything.

    • ShowanW

      Your reply makes no sense at all.
      Read that back to yourself and think about what you typed…

      Do some research and go from there.

      have a good day.

    • jahFou Z

      I agree – 3 brain cells, all fighting each other.

    • spideynut71

      Actually, it’s only 2 ; the third is a mediator. 😮

  • spideynut71

    I don’t know why he even felt the need to address those idiots. Besides, nobody called out Sony AT ALL for all the “shots” they’ve taken, so even if he did mean it that way, it should have been left alone. Fact is, MS is gaining a ton of momentum now, and certain people are getting nervous. I , for One, think it’s quite entertaining to watch…

    • Feocart

      The Xbox One gaming division is still being mocked by the silent majority, not just by Sony fanboys. We still get news like “FIFA 14 free only for Day 1 editions in select EU countries”, when at the Gamescom conference, Phil Harrison stated that all Xbox One’s in EU would get it.
      As far as gaining ground, currently projections show that the PS4 has 600k preorders in the US and the Xbox One has 350k preorders in the US. I’m not exactly sure that the Xbox One is doing so well.

    • spideynut71

      The PS4 was announced nearly 2 months prior to the X1. And if you refuse to recognize that the X1 is gaining ground, then you’re just in denial.

  • Demetre HG

    who’s Sony lmao


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