MotoGP 15 to Use Extra CPU Core on Xbox One, Results in Big Performance Improvements

Milestone’s Andrea Basilio says “users will benefit” from these improvements.

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The Xbox One has been making some major strides since it first launched. Though recognized as less powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft has been refining the performance through patches and updates, unlocking more of the performance for developers to take advantage of. One such developer is Milestone S.r.l which brought us the MotoGP series and RIDE. GamingBolt spoke to technical designer Andrea Basilio, who is currently working on MotoGP 15 about developing for the Xbox One and the potential that lies within the console.

MotoGP 15 will be the first game in the series to arrive on Xbox One but Milestone already has experience with the console thanks to RIDE. On development being easier as a result, Basilio stated that, “The Xbox One is a really powerful and easy to manage hardware. With RIDE we’ve understood how to use the new system and its tools. On MotoGP 15 we’re performing a step forward and we’re using the Xbox One a lot better.”

Basilio also said that MotoGP 15 will be taking advantage of the extra CPU core freed up by Microsoft for development. “Yes, of course we use it, and yes, we have a big improvement to have one core more available. I think the users will benefit from this improvement.”

MotoGP 15 is out on July 19th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and PC. What are your thoughts on it taking advantage of the Xbox One’s additional CPU core? Let us know below.

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  • Gaikai

    When are they going to use the secret GPU hidden in the power brick?


    I’m still waiting for the cloud service performance increase……..

    • Guest

      Or the DX12 performance increase.
      Such wishful suckers!

    • Cyberats

      Mainframe is Sloware, not just bloatware, Brickware.
      Get off your clouds sheeple.

    • Untold Stories

      That won’t happen anymore considering that the console is no longer online only

    • Michel Simmons

      Crackdown will utilize cloud computing. The console doesn’t need to be online only, just the game itself. Titanfall online only.

    • Untold Stories

      Never said anything about gaming. He was talking about performance.

    • Untold Stories

      He was talking about how Microsoft said that the ones performance will get better because its connected to the cloud. And since the console will be connected to the cloud it will draw power from it. That’s what he’s talking about and thats why I said it can’t happen anymore since the console is no longer always online

  • Lacerz

    The cloud, overclocking, freeing up a CPU core… and it still can’t outperform the PS4. Microsoft really screwed the pooch this gen.

    • Deeboy

      Someone has a problem with comprehension. They aren’t fully utilizing the Xbox yet. Truth is a partly utilized console is able to reach parity with a so called more powerful system. What happens when the Xbox starts getting more optimized games?

    • Doll8313

      Dude, don’t even go there. I only own an XBOX ONE, but even I am not naive enough to think that PS4 games will not get the same optimizations.

    • Deeboy

      Their being optimized right now on the PS4. Their SDK kits were ready at launch. They’ve been ahead in the SDK department. That’s the main issue here not lack of power. This Gen power will be determined on a totally different level. Not just by CPU and GPU. Why do you think right now that the ps4 is only slightly ahead with resolution? It’s easier to develop for! The GPU doesn’t magically make ever game better just the way its used. You do seem naive if you don’t understand that.

    • Guest

      Well you’ve just proven you do not know what the heck you are talking about and are just a dreamy, wishy fanboy. You’re gonna have fun this gen.

    • XbotMK1

      It’s time to come back to reality Deebo. The Xbox One has not been able to reach parity with the PS4 unless you count forced parity like yearly sports titles and AC Unity.

      The PS4 hasn’t been fully utilized and 3rd party games aren’t fully optimized for the PS4. The Xbox One uses Direct X which forces 3rd party devs to use Direct X. The slower RAM inside the Xbox One and Direct X have been holding back the PS4. 3rd party games are not using asynchronous compute. Once they start using asynchronous compute the PS4 will pull even further ahead of Xbox.

    • draez
    • XbotMK1
    • draez

      After 5 months of patches? What I said was true 5 months ago so I’m not sure of your point since that was a conversation about the state of the game back then.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      What happens when pigs fly or they find bigfoot? you know since we’re talking about what if’s and all. You keep dreaming the dream though xkiddie.

    • Fayz the Lad
    • draez

      Actually it does in some games and not in others.i have both so no favoritism but I’m starting to see that ps4 1080p games stutter more than their xb1 counterparts at 900p. Now, while that’s not unexpected, it does seem to point to the ps4 as just barely being able to hold 1080p on some of these (like the witcher) where it could have ran it much smoother at 900p. They can’t do that though or all the ps4 talk about it being so much better would go out the window.
      Personally I think both of them should stop worrying so much about 1080p and more about making it a smooth experience. They’ve already let us down in terms of what horsepower they should have been running this Gen.

    • Guest

      And yet, Witcher 3 runs smoother on the PS4 than on the 900p X1. And why is the X1 pushing 900p when the system struggles to do even that? Cuz you MS fanboys will cry like the little hypocritical babies that you are if they release the game at 720p on the X1. Also, why is project cars only 900p and have a worst framerate on X1? X1 games are stuttery too but you clowns seem to think its not when the fact is, it is.

    • slasaru

      It’s vice versa, Witcher smoother on Xbox, lol

    • draez

      It is smother on Xbox one, see vid above. On ps4 they sacrificed smooth frame rates for 1080p. As soon as the scene has any kind of action the ps4 starts to struggle while the Xbox doesn’t. I’d rather have 900p and smooth gameplay vs 1080p and choppy any day.

    • draez

      You keep talking smack but where is your proof? Here is mine… Don’t take my word for it… Look at the comparison video by digital foundry:

      PS4 dips dips dips. You’re a fool my light headed friend and it’s you that is buying into the hype. 🙂

    • Logic First

      Yea that’s why Don Mattrick got the boot and went to Zynga where he also got the boot. The guy is an idiot.

    • XbotMK1

      The funny thing is that Slightly Mad studios said the same thing about using the seventh core and we all know how that turned out.

    • Lennox

      Lets take your logic and switch it around. A lot of you like to boast about resolution a lot. So why not just play Atari at 1080p, or even 4k? Who cares about graphics?

    • shadowhedgehogz

      Well when a 270x GPU is kinda low end and is pretty on par with PS4 performance, the PS4 isn’t exactly high end either. 30fps games aren’t that great, in fact it kinda chugs at that frame rate if you’re used to 60fps+

    • Icaraeus

      270X isn’t low end, it’s high end. PS4 runs TW3 high settings and doesn’t use the PS4’s hardware effectively.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Nice seeing developers catching on even before the Windows 10 launch.

    • Guest

      Yeah cuz W10 is going to make such a big difference, just like every other supposed improvement. When are you fanboys going to realize that the system is weak. Period!

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Yes, Windows 10 is going to make a big difference. Probably not for you since you obviously don’t care, so why comment?

    • shadowhedgehogz

      Windows 10 is mainly going to bring large differences to PC with DX12 and mid-high end GPU’s, so when games are made from the ground up they should get the same optimization as consoles, meaning great performance.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I agree, if porting from PC to XOne is as seamless as they claim, XOne versions should have great performance.

    • Mark

      Yup. I expect MOST games next yr run on DX12 for both PC and X1, atleast triple As.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    So with this magical extra secret sauce they will come closer to but still not match the performance of PS4. Oh and this is a total niche game anyway so its not like it even matters.

    • shadowhedgehogz

      A lot of newer PS4 games are still 30fps, i don’t see what’s so great.


    Why is this site closing comments/pending them after they’ve been on here from before!?! With six up votes………. My OG comment is now pending…….talk about “locking it down” in your favor…! WTFever may’ne……..MOFO OUT!!


    And I was serious about my comment about the cloud……, but if pigs have their way then they can suck it FO’SHO!!

  • Riggerto

    Apparently utilising this extra core will allow the Xbox to SMS message, make phone calls and play Snake 97.


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