Naughty Dog will take it to the ‘next level’ with the PS4

If their previous games are anything to go by, one should expect awesomeness soon.

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It’s no secret that Naughty Dog have been in the fore-front of PlayStation development. If you look at their pedigree of games, they are one of the main reasons why the PlayStation became a household name. With franchises like Jak and Daxter and Uncharted, things can’t possibly go wrong.

Andrew Gavin, one of the co-founders of Naughty Dog had left the company just before the first Uncharted. He believes that with new console hardware (PS4), Naughty Dog will keep taking it’s games to the next level.

In fact, it is widely rumored that Naughty Dog are already working or atleast experimenting with the PS4. We had earlier reported that their game assets are ready for the PlayStation 4. Last year we had reports that Uncharted 4 is in development. So something is definitely happening behind closed doors at Naughty Dog.

Andrew Gavin further believes that with more processing power at hand, there will not only be a huge leap in graphics but also certain gameplay mechanics like an increase in enemy numbers on screen will also be possible. “I think the studio will just keep taking it to the next level. Uncharted 3 and The Last Of Us already look so good it’s hard to imagine where there is to go. I expect not only will things look even more real, but the machines will have the power to include more enemies on-screen,” he said to OPM.

If Quantic Dream’s PS4 demo was anything to go by, the future for PlayStation 4 games looks bright. There are also reports that multi-platform games will looking better on the PS4. So far Sony is taking the right steps with the PS4 and we can’t wait to know what Naughty Dog is working on for the PS4.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Jack Slater

    Whatever they will bring us, it will make our jaws drop.
    When I think of uc2, the train level, or the tank in Tibet, for example, and imagine it on the ps4,at least 3 times bigger,much better textures with little compression, incredible effects like snow, sand, rain,many many more enemies, real-life faces, etc, it almost scares me how good it will look.
    ND + 7-8gb of ram = amazing stuff, for sure 🙂

    • Aidan Murphy

      hated that train level.

    • Dakan45

      You are a retard. So naughty dog can optimize on jap crap console and at the same time optimize in pc optimization.

      8gb of ram?

      PS4 is Accelarated processing unit. Its basicly a laptop that has 8gb of ram that can use for both cpu and gpu.

      So you got 8gb which is like a pc with 6gb of ram and 2gb of vram but it can change that accordingly.

      So while you got 8gb of ram, pcs have 8-16gb and 2-6gb of vram

      When ps3 came out most videocards were 256-512mb. Now we got 6gb and because consoles have so little ram, maps were made smaller in order to handle better graphics. Thats why bioshock infinite is linear with paths and elevators to load the next level and not have big maps like the previous 2.

      There wont be any games that will use more than 2gb of ram for atleast 2 years. They will only be utilized in the end of the gen and just like last gen, pc will be far ahead. Unlike the ps3 which had “the power of da core”. ps4 doesnt have a power cpu, its infact low end weak ass cpu and the gpu is average. I find hard to believe that naughty dog who always made games for ps platform is familiar with the pc x86 architecture and will provide the same results.

      But hey thats just me having brains instead of looking to sony’s overhyped crap and failure to deliver. Uncharted 2 was not an impressive game at all. On pc, pretty much every multiplat looked more impressive. But ofcourse consoletards cant tell the diffirence between graphics and good colorfull level design.

    • Jack Slater

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      Its because you are mexican?
      Stop bashing me and pursuing me wherever I go and post and express my ideas, right?
      I won’t tell you a second time I will report you to disqus, next, will publish online your private data.
      How old are you? 15?

      Just because I defended consoles and console gamers on a PC gaming website, you have been following me in every post I do, and call me this, that, retard, etc.
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      You’re warned.stop following me, my websites, my comments, stop calling me retard or whatever, for every single word I type.

    • Dakan45

      Am not mexican, not even close to MERICA

      I am calling you because you are a troll and dont accept some debate and reason.

      “Just because I defended consoles and console gamers on a PC gaming website,”

      No you were a clueless consoletard and i dissproved all your arguments. Unlike you consoletard i know how pcs and the internet works. You cant do shit to me. If you were on a site and i had an acount, yes. if i was using my google account maybe. But now you cant do shit. I didnt follow you, i found you here. So listen up so we can wrap this up.

      Pc is the only platform that has horror game and unique experiances because its free platform and sony and ms and nitendo will make you pay for every copy sold and have to approve your product or you cant put it on their system. MS charges for patches.

      Pc is free and open platform and games continue ot make sales many yeasr later on steam.

      Due to “appealing to a larger audience” all games are mostly the same on consoles. Eg there are no horror games on consoles, they made them all action, pc is filled with em.

      Pcs are not expensive. You can build a cheap pc and play on med settings. I have the same pc for 5 years i still play games on high- max with 60 fps on 1080p while on consoles games run on LOW settings with 30 fps and 720p, sometimes worse but at medium settings. Thats how weak the consoles are after 8 years so the “console optimization” is a lie. Ps4 has a weak cpu and md gpu. It is an APU meaning it has 8gb of ram that can be used for either ram or graphics. Current pcs have 8-16gb of ram and 2-6gb of vram. In the future the vram alone will surpass the ps4, the reason why it has so much ram is so it doesnt end up having tiny maps in the future games due to low ram as it happens now.

      You blame piracy however the sales on consoles are doing pretty bad. Crysis 3, resident evil 5,darksiders 2, tomb rider, hitman absolution,dead space 3, sleeping dogs medal of honor warfighter and many others failed to reach their goals.

      So when pc gaming is “full of piracy” a gta clone like sleeping dogs managed to get 1.5 million sales on 150 million ps3s and x360s.

      How is that possible? Pirate much console gamers? Nope its just that games dont offer anything new so people dont buy them.

      On pc however indie development has exploded the last 4 years and many diffirent games come out. If pc gamign is full of piracy, how the hell do those games get funded? Why do we pay them to release them without publihsers or ms and sony and how pc market is increasing while the console market has not stop declining since 2008.

      Funnily enough crysis sold 3 million on pc and crysis 2 sold 3 million on all systems. Sims has reached 150 million sales.

      Make pc games and you get the money.

      So the reason the devs dont make pc games is because as wasteland 2 dev said, when they told the publihers they want to make pc rpg, the publishers told them to make it a fps and put it on consoles. Why make a pc game when you cam make a multiplatform dumbed down game for everyone and appeal to everything? Thus why so many games are cod ripoff and the horror games have turned into action.

      So wasteland 2 gone to pc gamers for funding and it got 3 million dollars. We must be such pirates.

      The games we want are not made because the industry wants to make 1 kind of game AAA dumbed down multiplat console shooter.

      Rockstar is making a pc version for gta v. If not because of “piracy” why did they released episodes from liberty city? Or max payne 3? Games that were never supossed to be on pc like manhunt 2, bully and la noire were ported to pc later as it has happen with many games such as that viking game that was ony on consoles, or btural legend. Pc is a good market, or why would they bother porting them?

      Rockstar will anounce the pc version after the console versions are released and when after the pc version is working so they wont end up in the clusterfuck mess that gta iv was and still doesnt work properly. They have been anouncing only the console versions of gta and porting the pc version later for years, pretty much since vice city. Since the ps4 has the same architecture, no point in not releasing it along the ps4 version. Just like they ported bully to a diffirent engine and releasead it for next gen wii, x360 and pc. They also want to boost console sales since they get paid extra for reaching specific sales. Big deals are made. When a ps3 exclusive is made, ps pays about 100 million for it’s development and release. Exclusives dont exist on consoles for no reason, the console owners fund them to sell their consoles. Ms paid rocktar 50 million for TIMED dlc exclusivity.

      How can pc stay relevenat with such corperatinons exchanging money to support their platforms?

      I think i have proven how clueless you are. Also disquss doesnt moderate anything. The sites who use them do. Disquss cant ban or moderate my account. Only the sites can stop me from posting.


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