Next Car Game Dev On Nvidia’s Claim of Consoles Inability To Have Better Graphics Than PC

Bugbear Entertainment producer Joonas Laakso believes hardware will become irrelevant.

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Next Car Game
If you’ve been following Nvidia, then you would know that the GPU manufacturer isn’t very high on next-gen consoles. In fact, the company had stated that it was “no longer possible” for consoles to have better graphics than PC. We decided to speak to Bugbear Entertainment producer Joonas Laakso, who is developing Next Car Game (working title), who has extensive experience developing on both PCs and consoles for his thoughts on the same.

“I don’t know if that’s a very relevant thing to say. I expect our PC and possible (likely) Xbox One and PS4 versions to look very near identical. For me personally, graphics have long since passed the point where I really care anymore; most of them look so nice that I don’t need anything better. Take something like Dishonored: it won’t get substantially better by increasing lighting effects or resolution or particles, let alone polygons.

“It’s more about interesting, unique takes in an artistic sense than just pushing more bits. On the whole I expect all manner of hardware to keep converging and in the not so distant future, the whole notion of hardware will become irrelevant. Nobody will care anymore, it’s just games and screens and experiences.”

Speaking about next-gen consoles, we also asked Laakso if Next Car Game would be taking advantage of the Xbox One’s Cloud gaming feature. “Some sort of cloud streaming is definitely in the future. We have no concrete plans for it yet, though.”

Next Car Game is slated to release in 2014 for PC.

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  • SHU


    • logic_criticalthinking

      “betraying the economy” by buying an Asian product? just like the Japs buying Iphone 5 an American product. fuck fanboy logic

    • Dakan45

      The console is made by amd not jap engineers and will be released on japan after Usa and europe.

    • IWorshipCats

      AMD only makes the SoC.

    • Dakan45

      amd makes the entire apu.

    • IWorshipCats

      The APU is the main part of the SoC….

    • extermin8or2

      Ummm pretty sure both MS and Aplle use Foconn for manufacturing too…. and the ps4 was made by a mix of japanese and european and american and asian engineers and the head of SCE currently: Andrew House is infact British,… so your point is… incorrect SHU.

    • kyle

      SHU, The XboxOne is also manufactured in China as well, and Sony Computer Entertainment is headquarted in the US, that image is really the worst fails in Xbot trolling I think I have ever seen.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      You do realise that Xbox One’s are being manufactured by the exact same company as the PS4’s in China, Foxconn.

    • Koala

      You didn’t realise the PS4 gets the highest portion of Foxconn’s parts (plastic case and cartbox) compared to the Xbox One’s 10% only.

      Similar but not the same.

    • TheUltimate

      Check your facts before misinform anyone. X1’s are being manufactured by Flextronics

      Flextronics lands 90% of Xbox One orders, leaving Foxconn the rest …

    • extermin8or2

      They are still both using Foxconn…..

    • Vulcanproject

      Free market economy. Compete better or lose, don’t get bitter wringing your hands over people who won’t buy inferior products. Don’t promote capitalism and then whine when somebody beats you at your own game.

      Know why nobody but Americans buy American cars? Because they are mostly crap compared to European or Japanese efforts. Make them better or get over it.

    • kyle

      LOL, WTF, this is the worst and most desperate Xbot trolling I have ever seen! All of these companies also use Foxconn (from Wikipedia):

      Acer Inc. (Taiwan)[39] (United States)[7]
      Apple Inc. (United States)[40]
      Cisco (United States)[41]
      Dell (United States)[42]
      Google (United States)[43]
      Hewlett-Packard (United States)[44]
      Microsoft (United States)[45]
      Motorola Mobility (United States)[42]
      Nintendo (Japan)[46]
      Nokia (Finland)[40][47]
      Sony (Japan)[8]
      Toshiba (Japan) [48]
      Vizio (United States)[49]

  • Dakan45


    Some facts

    Ms and sony can no longer build their own cosnoles because in order to make hardawre that is powerfull enough, they need to spend billions in reserach and development, so they go to the masters like amd and nvidia. Just like you go to a proffesional to do the job who has the tech and the knowledge.

    Now this whole “nvidia is butthurt” is rather stupid. Sony went to nvidia first, nvidia turned them down because they wanted to build something more expensive and powerfull.

    OBVIOUSLY nvidia knew they gonna go to amd next. Its the logical move.

    Amd likes to be more cheap, and thats fine.

    However what the developer says is 100% correct.

    IT DOESNT MATTER who has the most powerfull hardware or the best graphics, in the end they are just games and they look great. When i think of a great game i dont think of a game with graphics but with good gameplay, deus ex and dishonored are FINE and i would rather play then than generic scripted fps. Infact if you ask me, watchdogs or ryse/killzone SF, i would say watchdogs and NOT for the graphics.

    As bioware said games have become to expensive, to make a trully next gen game you need 10 million sales, only gta can aford that.

    So games this gen will be a smaller jump and HOPEFULY will focus on gameplay.

    Most games may look the same on pc and consoles, but thats mostly due to xbox one being weaker and thus games are made to work on both consoles and the pc version doesnt have much of a improvement, HOWEVER, sometimes the developers focus alot on pc, eg Cod ghosts, bf4, watchdogs and black flag are confirmed to have superior graphics on the pc version that surparss the next gen console versions.

    So its a matter of how far the developer is willing to go. But, yeah screw the graphics, they are good enough and make games too expensive, focus on gameplay instead, thats what i want to see in next gen if you gonna make a linear corridor shooter with amazing graphics or a game like dishonored and deus ex, go for those instead not a reallistic corridor.

    • kyle

      100% agree, gameplay should be king, the budgets required now for creating super realistic graphics on mega budget games is just too much money for the law of diminishing returns.

    • IWorshipCats

      Hard to know who really turned down who in this bidding thing but I agree with your view. The industry needs to focus again on gameplay but games are so expensive to make and the masses mostly buy COD and Battlefield….Innovation has become such a risk that’s a shame.

    • Dakan45

      Yup samey games.

      Look a tomb raider game, but you mostly stick behind cover and regenerate health, look a ghost recon game, but it is linear and scripted with no tactics. Look resident evil 6, but its mostly action than horror.

      Games miss what they are made for, in order to “appeal to a larger audience” and still they dont manage to get those high sales they want, only bf, cod, fifa and gta sales everything else struggles to reach 3 million sales.


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