No Real Benefit in Buying PS4 Over Gaming PC – Nordic Games BM

It depends on the games ultimately.

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The business development manager at Nordic Games, Reinhard Pollice, had some interesting things to tell us about the PS4 and also about their recently released game Painkiller Hell and Damnation, in a yet to be published interview.

We asked him what he thought about the next generation and about Sony’s recently revealed console, the PlayStation 4.

“I like a few functions that were announced but so far I personally cannot see a real benefit from buying that instead of a gaming PC,” Pollice told us.

“We will monitor further development closely and are also in a stage, where we evaluate certain game concepts for this hardware. Even a great platform sometimes isn’t able to convince a critical mass. A lot of factors are important here. Plus we are not in the position to be under the obligatory first-movers in that sense, so we will be careful for the time being.”

He also told us why they decided to do a modern remake of Painkiller and Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell instead of doing a true sequel.

“We brainstormed a lot here and had ideas looking into a lot of different directions about a new Painkiller game,” he revealed.

“We ended up concluding that the market is lacking a key element of the original Painkiller, that “old school” element. So we decided that our game should be in the spirit of old school shooter games. We also noticed especially that console gamers never really had a chance to get into Painkiller, which is why we decided to take that route.”

People who are too invested in the PC platform may not find the PS4 that interesting considering what Nvidia had to say about its specs, but ultimately it all depends on games. More details on the PS4 will be revealed at E3.

Stay tuned for our full interview soon.

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  • ps4 won’t cost ya a couple thousand dollars, so you can have more money for games. console master race! (relax, that last part was a joke.)

    • hamidious01

      You would be stupid if you pay that for a PC unless you already have the money or want to run games on 3 screens in full 3D..etc. Or you want windows to start in 2 seconds.
      Besides, the PC is already there for me to do work, check email, watch movies, etc etc. I might as well upgrade it to play games on it because it can do that too. That actually saves me money rather than buying a console which has less games that are more expensive.

    • sweettooth


    • Less games only if you’re counting years and years of shitty games on PC as well as games that came out for console first. Then yeah, less games. I don’t care about the pricing of the games, you finish it in a week or 2 trade it back into gamestop for $40. A $67 (taxes in) price tag hurts if you buy the game and kept it. It means almost nothing if you manage to finsih that game in 5-7days to maximize it’s resale. Then you’re always getting a new game and only paying 17 bucks. Thats how I have managed, some games like Skyrim couldn’t be finished in a week, but it held it’s value for a while

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      I’m more interested in the fact that you get a DRM-free copy you can loan to friends or sell or do whatever you want than saving $10 on most new games that’re $60 on console. I’d take a retail console gamer over a PC game with DRM (Steam games, for instance) any day of the year.

  • PC will never have ALL of the console exclusives which make owning one of these machines worth it. And really? Who wants to spend hundreds every year or 2 just to mae sure your pc can play a certain game. Like I understand it’s slightly better than console, but for all those who claim their PC’s are the shit, or developers who say they are unimpressed, Why is it that I have yet to see a game graphically on par with ps4? Nothing PC has ever done looks remotely close to Deep Down or new Final Fantasy game. Where are these games? Crisis 3? Get real. PC is soooooo already next gen but yet I see nothing next gen about whats on PC, just higher resolution and a few extra frames. Why do we have to wait for next gen consoles to show us next gen graphics when these PC elitists have nothing to show us graphically? Where are ps4 graphics? Nowehere yet, because we must wait for a next gen console to show us.

    • hamidious01

      The PC usually have more exclusives than consoles. And you know what, they sell based on good gameplay and word of mouth, not bloated marketing budgets and company hype. Look at kickstarter there. The PC crowd are even funding the games they want to play! And most of those are exclusives to our beloved PC 😀

    • PC releases the same shit over and over again. It’s either you’re playing an RTS, some free to play mmo, or the handful of shooters, BF 3, Crisis, L4D. If you have an Xbox, you have access to these games already, PS3 does not. My point is, all this shit is talked about ps4 when PC has yet to release anything that looks half as good. Yet ps4 is the underpowered one. I Will tell you what’s really underpowered, your elitist gaming “rigs”. Not performace wise, bt in your game selection. Off some of the shit I have heard from some of these goofs, its a game of mine is better than yours. So what you have these awsome specs in your setup. Still doesn’t change the fact that your games look nowhere close to the shit thats coming out on console next year. Yeah you have the specs or close to it, but your games look more current than anything, yet you brag.

      Oh and by the way, it’s not like PC users are the only ones who have used kickstarter to fund “their” games. I have put into Ouya, project cars, and will be putting in for Shenmue 3 when it’s listed.

    • BF3 and Crysis are on ps3 too lol. I’m a PC gamer but I really REALLY want to get back into console gaming… The new God of Wars, the new Final Fantasy’s, new Kingdom Hearts :'( I love my gaming pc, but console exclusive games are more to my taste

    • Well yeah, I know BF3 and Crisis are on it, they do look better on pc though, which was my point. Final Fantasy 13 is a pretty good game on it’s own, but its complete shit when you compare to others in the series. Fianl Fantasy 13-2 feels like the exact same game, just different story. I know what you mean though, there are just some games I would rather play on PC my self, certain RTS games are just not meant to be played with a controller, Thats the only genre I will play PC for, thats the only thing worth playing on PC. BF 3 looks the same as pc except it’s a little darker and fram rate is not as good as PC, it’s also sharper, but the game looks the same mostly.

    • Johnny

      Ever heard of Arma 3 and Star Citizen?

    • Jim Raynor

      Like the console don’t get the same shit over and over like tps. I seen so far no games being played on the ps4 just demos run on the PC but no proof it will look good on the ps4.

    • we’ll just have to wait and see. I think when developers had a hand in making it, devs are obviously gonna want some crazy shit to make better games, and sony actually listened to them. Im confident it will be.

    • Dona

      really Killzone, Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, and Mario are like the almost the same shit with slightly better game play in almost every game

    • TimG

      I have yet to see any new Final Fantasy besides a tech demo and get real if you think deep down will look like that on the ps4. And no you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars each year on a pc.

  • gamer_twins

    PC Elitist the most Pathetic community ever

    GRAPHIC doesnt make you a Gamer

    • hamidious01

      Then what does? Aren’t you the same guys that complain about the Wii U power?

      Stop saying your console of choice is a technical leap if you don’t care so much about graphics.

    • Person1122231213

      People complain about the Wii U because they dont want it to hold back other systems in terms of quality of games. Games are usually made the best for all consoles they are simply ports from another console usually the weakest ala Wii U and are not made at max for other consoles. Also I personally dont care as unless the Wii U isnt supported by developers like the Wii then I will care. That is when you have to worry because then that is less competition for Sony and Microsoft which is needed for better support and more games.

    • Anukul

      last week tomb raider sold 30k on pc compared to 500K on xbox360+ps3 , thats why developers care more about consoles and don’t hesitate not to release on pc

  • gamer_twins

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA guess what PC butthurt ”gamers” all your exclusive sucks untill the games comes out on console where once the game releases on console the game would be fixed , SIM CITY 5 Sucks , WARZ sucks so why we console player should play on PC , people PC is already Dead deal with it now on console we get DIABLO 3 , the Witcher 3 , Cyberpunk so why i should play on PC suckas all your PC exclusive are gonna be released on console too SUCKAS DEAL WITH IT

    • johnny

      lol the pc is far from dead and guess what we got the Dark Souls and Castlvania series coming to PC. I don’t really care much about Diablo 3 it was a terrible game Tourch Light 2 and Path of Exile are way better

    • After we’ve already finished them.

    • Deathjamtheradio

      The new ones are coming to pc at the same time as the other platforms.

    • Jim Raynor

      And there never was a Cyberpunk game for PC and warz is nothing but an indie no big lost. I also forgot MGS ground zero has a confirm pc port so yea we’re getting games that were only on console as well. Have you even played Sim City?

  • Axe99

    This bloke’s a bit parochial here – there are lots of PC _and_ console gamers – in fact, most core gamers I know play both. There are plenty of issues with PC gaming, and plenty of positives with console gaming, and being oblivious to these suggests he needs to get out a bit more ;). I wish him best of luck with Painkiller, of course, but I game on PC, PS3, Xbox360, PSV and Android, and most of my time is on console because the PC is less reliable, far less optimised (my PC is, on paper, 3-4 times as powerful as my consoles, but in reality can’t match the visuals of God of War: Ascension – that’s the ‘power’ of PC for ya – eaten up by Windows and poor optimisation).

    At launch, the PS4 will (at 1080p) likely match high-end PCs from what we’ve seen so far, at a fraction of the price. If the PS3 and 360, PS2 and PSOne are any example, at no time in their lifecycles will a PC that costs twice as much be able to produce a similar gameplay experience.

    Add in the reliability of consoles, the lower incidence of hacking and glitching online (not too mention knowing that everyone’s playing on the same hardware – so if you win or lose it’s because you played well or badly, not because you were playing against someone else with higher resolution and frame rates)

    On the by, cost (at least on Playstation platforms – Ninty and Microsoft have some work to go) is getting far more competitive digitally with PC – there are a number of games that are now cheaper on PSN than they are on Steam, and PSN has regular and generous sales.

    PC is great, don’t get me wrong – I have one, game on it regularly, and wouldn’t like to be without it – but if I had to choose between the PC and PS3 (my two most-used gaming platforms), I’d keep the PS3 – it’s just easier to have fun on it, easier to play online, and more reliable.

  • jwhyrock

    No benefit aside from saving yourself a shitload of money, but really who cares about money? This guy is really in touch with the needs of gamers.

  • Anukul

    all the bad for ps4 is coming from business peoples, they don’t understand a true gamers needs(PC jerks not included)

  • brianc6234

    There’s a huge advantage of buying a PS4 over a gaming PC. If you don’t have a PS4 you won’t be able to play Sony’s first party games. They’re a lot better than the games you can only play on the PC. And most PC games will be going to the PS4 so you can play most of them too.

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