Nolan North Explains Why Uncharted Isn’t Multiplatform, Comments On Next Generation Uncharted

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the biggest games of 2011. If you are a PlayStation 3 owner and if you are not planning to pick up a copy of Nathan Drake’s next crazy adventure, I suggest you take a look at some of the scores it is getting from various respected publications.

If there is one developer who has continuously raised the bar for PS3 games, it has to be Naughty Dog. They showed what they can do with an outdated hardware which is now five years old. Uncharted 3 is looking absolutely amazing, there are no two ways about that.

Obviously this means that any hardcore gamer would absolutely love to own this game. In an interesting interview with T3, Nolan North, the voice behind Nathan Drake explains why this is not the case.

“One of my first questions was why isn’t this multiplatform? You’d sell 25 million copies if it was multiplatform. The problem is only the PS3’s processor is powerful enough to be able to handle all the information. Naughty Dog pushes that processor to the break, it pushes the PS3 to its limits. Because they are so passionate about the project, I would certainly hope that in the next generation of consoles that Uncharted would get the nod to continue to push those boundaries,” he said.

He also hopes that Uncharted will be present on Sony’s next generation PlayStation. “I’m not too sure, I’m not really privy to that type of information but if and when there is another generation of PS3 and they get a bigger processor and greater capabilities, I would hope that Uncharted would have the opportunity to see what they could do and take the gaming experience for the Uncharted fans to another level, ” he stated.

Whether we will see Uncharted on next generation PlayStation is a topic that should be kept for a later date. Right now you should mark the date 1st November in your calendar.

Also, stay tuned for our full review of Uncharted 3 over the weekend.

For our full coverage on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, click here.

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  • I almost wish that it was multiplatform, just because the xbots are so blinded by their sheepish love for M$ that they miss out on what is one of the greatest games on the PS3. But then again it isn’t a FPS so they might not like it as much.

    • The irony is the PS3 is the superior hardware with 1 exception it seems: Cross-game chat. I chat with my buddy whether he is playing a video game or watching a movie. We can be doing 2 completely different things with the only common factor that we are both online and not in the same video game. The ease of using this 1 social aspect is what makes the 360 and X-Box Live superior despite the cost.

  • Its funny how PS3ers bash the xbox 360 and the FPS games but there number 1 selling games are Killzone and Resistance. Im sure Battlefield and Call of Duty do great also…..

    The xbox has just as many non shooters as the ps3, so you can stop with the hate. I do prefer my xbox over my ps3 but thats mainly because all my friends have 360s and xbox live is so much better then PSN.

  • “Only the PS3 could handle this game with it’s power” Wow…………. my computer could handle that power 10 years ago, I’m going to go with: That sounds like a Sony employee is speaking right through him. I understand Xbox and Wii, but he obviously doesn’t even consider “multiplatform” to be PC included.

    There’s so much more that could be done with this game to unlock it’s full potential! Could you imagine if they put that time and effort on the PC? The visuals in DX-11 would be mind blowing, a good example is BF3, now that game, NOTHING else other than PC could handle the power of BF3 on the PC, hence – 24 player Console max Vs. PC’s 64 player max, and not to mention DX-11, Incredible 7.1 sound, and up to 1920×1600 resolutions? 1024x1080p is barely existent by itself in consoles. (It’s not all about graphics, but neither is PC. If you still think that to this day, it’s time to pick up a book, read some articles, maybe ).

    Companies that create console want this blind faith put into their consoles. They think “that’s where all the money is”, and they are dead wrong. PC is ever so strongest right now and has always helped to push developers to the limits of their games. It’s helped to keep games from being a “mediocre visual experience” or stuck at a limit due to hardware.

    Console players may find these games to be visually stunning, and artistically beautiful and most the time they are, but for PC players we’ve already seen that, it was 5 to 10 years ago depending. PC alone has raised that standard bar that much higher for game development, and gamer sports.

    Better start showing some love to the PC community, it’s the Grandfather of technology, the Grandfather of gaming. Nothing will ever replace a PC, only the insides.

    • Funny. There’s two MAJOR problems with what you just wrote which just Raises the “PC tard” flag.

      1 – 10 years ago, puts you in 2001. Your PC could handle the likes of Uncharted3 in 2001 eh? Funny, when people were playing stuff like Ghost Recon and Serious Sam: The First Encounter was considered high tech visuals for the time. You know, you’re totally right, This

      looks EXACTLY on Par with this

      2 – You contradict yourself with “The visuals in DX-11 would be mind blowing, a good example is BF3″ and ‘It’s not all about graphics”. Everyone I know whom defend the PC as their fav platform ONLY EVER talk about graphics, EVER.

      Yes, an updated PC packing dual 1Gb+ video cards, 12+GB of Ram and the rest of the bells and whistles can out preform a console, It can displace high resolution and larger textures, it can process physics better, but that’s all for nothing if a gamer can sit down to his/her console and completely loose themselves in games created for said machine. There is such a wide girth of titles available on consoles that you never see on PC and if you take the outlook of “I only want the absolute top of the power chain or I don’t play it” then you’re missing out on A LOT of incredible gaming.

      I’m not saying that the PC is a dead market, I’m not saying the PC isn’t important, but I am saying that just because a console doesn’t pack in the highest of specs right now, doesn’t mean you can dismiss it and claim the PC platform is the only one worth looking at.

      Lastly. Everything is a damn computer. Consoles are made specfically for gaming purposes by the companies behind them, but in the end it’s all CPU, GPU, RAM and other PC components. If you look at it from that perspective, these gaming developers are getting a WHOLE LOT OF JUICE out of 512mb total system/Vram and the other parts that make up these system.s

  • Uncharted isn’t multiplatform… because Sony OWNS Naughty Dog. Simple. Done.

  • In real world tests of utilization by independent testers they determined that the 360 has equivalent capability with the edge towards the PS3. They said the PS3 design actually hurts what a developer can get out of it. There was a lot of speculation as to why they thought the design was this way, but the people they apparently asked had no comment.

  • the engine was made specifically for PS3 hardware, which shows. UC3 on 360 with no hd pack haha

  • I don’t think uncharted will be on ps4 because naughty dog said they are one franchise a generation. PS1

  • I wonder if Nolan North and ND will swallow those words when he sees the craptastic sales on this game. PS3 gets zero marketing because Sony can’t afford it and adding to that it’s the loser of this console generation with the most financial losses for Sony. If you see the Sony (SNE) stock prices over the year, you know they are in grave danger. It’s not only the PlayStation division that loses out big time, the rest as well for their mediocrity.
    Uncharted 3 is the most overhyped piece of software out there and the reviews only prove that. The game has the most linear experience ever, zero replay value and shabby unbalanced multiplayer. Sure the PS3 fanboys will claim it’s the cream of the crop because it’s only for their system, but that’s absolute nonsense once you played it and look back at it a couple of times. Plus the viuals look less impressive than part 2 ever did.
    Another plus is the Cell processor BS he is spouting out. There are tons of developers out there that absolutely HATE that processor design and claim it is holding them back. Why on earth are 9 out of 10 multiplatform games better on the competing platforms then if the machine is so good? Sure a taylor made game like Uncharted does the trick at 30fps, but even Rage proved it can do better on multiple platforms and at double the framerate. Biased Sony influenced BS Mr.North, and YOU KNOW IT!

  • jeff

    that didnt explain shit

  • JasonEnzoD

    That’s total bs. The reason why it’s not multi-platform is because Sony want to keep it exclusive to their console, so they compete with other consoles more aggressively.


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