Oculus Founder On Competition With PS VR/Vive, Working On Reducing Headset’s Price In The Future

Palmer Luckey further addresses concerns about Rift.

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Oculus Rift

It’s been a pretty busy 24 hours for Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, especially following the announcement of its $599 price point. However, the company is pushing forward even with upcoming competition like HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

In a Reddit AMA, Luckey talked about how well the company has been doing before similar devices such as PS VR and Vive appeared on the scene. “We have been working on VR for a long time. A lot of these players did not even come into the game until long after we were well along on our current path – when Vive was first announced, for example, we had already shown our Crescent Bay prototypes six months prior, and showed the final Rift just a couple months later. Our strategy cannot change at the last second just because competition shows up and ships after we do.

“Same goes for future research – we are researching nobody else is, and have by far the largest VR team in the world to do so. We will continue doing things that we are uniquely positioned to do.”

As for whether Oculus Rift could have its price reduced later, Luckey said that the company would, “Continue working with GPU and CPU manufacturers to optimize for VR, thus reducing the required hardware cost. Use economies of scale and the passage of time to reduce the cost of good enough PC hardware. For the average person, the PC is by far the biggest cost, not the headset – the end goal is to make sure people can use the PC they already have in most cases.”

As for competing with Vive if its price is close to Rift, “I can’t comment on price speculation, but I think the Rift is the best headset with the best content and the best long-term support.”

Oculus Rift is out on March 28th. Thoughts on its success and price point? Let us know in the comments.

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  • polysix

    Bollocks, the price of the PC wasn’t what he was asked. They won’t cut the rift price (sadly). It’s over priced, and that’s coming from a former oculus fan (and dev kit owner) it doesn’t ship with real VR input (touch) which is a double whammy.

    The smart money will go on Vive (VR controls included) even though it’ll likely cost more again it will be the ‘real deal’.

    Sony VR is also looking more tempting now for the lower end (but still fun). I’ll probably end up with Vive + PSVR and leave Oculus to their Xbox Gamepad fun.

    • Truth™

      Why would you buy a low resolution PSVR? It’s a waste of money when you can just buy Vive and get the best experience on the market

    • extermin8or2

      How is it low resolution it’s full 1080p OLED screen with bgr subpixels…. I know one of the others is lacking sub pixels…

    • Truth™

      Viewports are 960×1080. PSVR Games running at that resolution or under. Oculus has a custom pentile display which removes subpixels (Confirmed at CES) as does Vive.

      PSVR has less tech specs and is underpowered as a headset chained to an underpowered console.

    • extermin8or2

      The ps VR won’t have any major power issues, it has external processors that require a fan which means they must pack a fair punch. Plus occulus have just said their 599 gaming device will have similar life span tk a mobile phone that means they are looking at new versions every year or two, are they off their rockers? The Ps vr’s OLED screen will likely look absolutely fine and probably measure up to the others screens just fine (developers with the final spec models have certainly said it does) whilst ps VR will likely be about 400 maybe even less if Sony sell it at a loss to get the install Base larger. Why would you buy a ps VR? Because you know it will work with games on ps4 without having to upgrade any parts, it should be usable with future PlayStations based on what sony’s said. Sony has FAR more experience with gaming fb products and that market than Facebook and unlike HTC they didn’t almost go under last August, and are likely to get all or most of the games Occulus rift and HTC vice can play plus all the games they have their first parties working on and it’s likely as I say that it will cost a fraction of the price. Oh and they’ve already demonstrated the motion stuff occulus has plans for both with ps move controllersand without using their camera tech to assist with tracking of the headset. There are alot of reasons why someone would choose a ps VR over the competition. I’d I were buying a headset for pc, HTC vice with valves backing all the way thanks.

    • polysix

      For PC – Vive will be the smart/best choice – purely because it has correct input.

      Rift CV1 isn’t worth it at that price. I have a DK2 already and it’s not a MASSIVE Upgrade, esp because it will still rely on a stupid gamepad which doesn’t cut it for VR in many cases. Touch is delayed and won’t be the standard now.

      HTC/Valve are getting it RIGHT – at a cost, but worth it. While Sony are doing it right for the low end, very robust, easy solution even if it’s not as ‘stunning’ as Vive/PC VR. While oculus fall in the middle ground now, smilar HMD spec to Vive but without proper control and predominantly seated VR it’s just not as fun/good as Sony or Vive.

      Oculus went rotten after FB buyout and that’s a fact. RIP

    • That does not matter at all. The experiences they push on PS4 are not graphically dense like on PC. They make unique experiences which will run and look great. You need to realise that Sony know that the consumer market doesn’t consist of rich people who want to spend boatloads on a gaming rig. This is why a console is so sought after on the gaming market these days. You pay 1/3 of a gaming rig and get to enjoy all the games at a reasonably high graphical fidelity. As long as there isn’t anything to break the immersion in the games like visual glitches then I think they will win the market on this one until prices gets slashed off or another set comes out which will be cheaper and bundled with movement tracked sticks.. That is, if the price isn’t as high as the rift. Then things will definitely go in a different route. Time will tell. Interesting times either way 🙂

    • polysix

      He’s an idiot, the facts ARE true but we all know this, you don’t need to parrot them, we can all read mate. And they are entirely irrelevant for the experience sony are pushing. Where Sony will win is in the polished, robust, ease of their VR.

      Buying a PSVR for the exclusives and easy (if less stunning) experience AND buying Vive for the best PC experience is what any VR fan should do if they can afford it. Clearly “truth” here can’t afford shi cos he just sits on here talking about how great the pc is all day while not actually playing anything (cos in reality he owns a 386 with green screen)

    • Truth™

      “Muh exclusives”

      Still 720P VR. LOL

    • Gamez Rule

      Oh right NOW you’re stating that the OR has “a custom pentile display which removes subpixels” as a few weeks ago you stated “OR has FULL RGB and not just a Pentile” LMAO!

      ♦Link to offically show 100% that OR is ( Full RGB like PS-VR and not pentile ) like you stated♦

    • Truth™

      PSVR is 720P lol 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      Apparently Oculus Rift has a 2160 x 1200 resolution display compared to PSVR display which is 1920 x 1080p.

    • Truth™

      PSVR Viewports run at 960×1080 but games are upscaled slightly above while the real internal resolutions range from 960×1080, 720×1080 for RIGS, and a hilariously low 640×720 for London Heist (Thanks Digital Foundry for your pixel counter)

      OR runs viewports at 1080×1200 with the game rez dictated by user and since games need to be higher rez than the viewports. Recomended settings will run them at 1600×1200.

      OR will still win in any digital foundry face off and I await the comedy that will come with the PSVR launch.

    • polysix

      You’re a very sad person. You get your fun by ‘awaiting comedy’ and hoping for misfortune while others are just playing games and having normal lives. I suggest you go get one*

      *a life not a VR headset.

    • polysix

      When will you get it through your thick skull that it’s not all about tech? I won’t be playing Sony VR exclusives on Vive will I?

      So I get both – pretty fkin simple concept if you’re not a motard.

  • XbotMK1

    Sounds like he’s speaking arrogantly. Apparently, Sony was working on PSVR as early as 2010. According to Wikipedia that is one year before Palmer Lucky started working on a VR prototype in his garage in 2011.

    I think the price is ok, considering everything it comes with but it could be a problem if PSVR undercuts them. Sony doesn’t need to include any controllers or sensor. I think all you need is a PS camera, and depending on how much the extra processing box for PSVR costs, it could undercut Oculus.


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