Oddworld Developer On Microsoft’s Xbox One Cloud: The Industry Needs Risk Takers, Tech Has A Big Future

“Anyone taking chances, I hope they have success. The industry always needs those risk takers,” says Lorne Lanning.

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During Gamescom of this year, Microsoft finally showcased the potential of cloud gaming on Xbox One by demonstrating Crackdown 3. The tech used in the game’s multiplayer’s component is dependent on a set of remote servers that will provide volumetric effects such as enhanced explosions which is simply impossible to achieve locally on the Xbox One.

GamingBolt recently caught up with Lorne Lanning, the developer behind the famed Oddworld series. In a rather lengthy interview focusing on several aspects of the games industry, GamingBolt asked Lanning’s thoughts on Microsoft’s Xbox One and cloud gaming. It must be noted that at the time when this interview was being conducted, Lanning had not seen the Crackdown 3 Gamescom demo but he mananged to provide us with some fascinating insights.

“Regardless of your system’s capability, we can make you run a game experience of a much wider performance than your system is capable of. When David Perry was pushing Gaikai in the beginning before they sold it to Sony, he mentioned to me one day that “What really blew away the guys at Nvidia was that they realized that on the computer, whatever card it’s running as long as it has a basic video capable card and they have good internet connection, we can have them testing the new graphics cards on their old computer.”

“So if you’re you’re saying, “We’ve got a render farm over here in Hawaii that is a cloud computing farm which is 10 times the power of any console today in terms of the visual interactive experience they can deliver. And now if you use this cloud service, you’re not going to know the difference. But it’s going to feel like your console is playing it but it’s really coming from the ultra Xbox hub out there that’s giving you 10x cycles and computations that your machine won’t even give you but you’ll play it on your machine like it’s local.” That is a future. That’s inevitably a big future.”

According to reports, the cloud will make the Xbox One 20 times more powerful. It is different from Battlefield 4 who have multiple people at once and have an entire city that can be leveled. It’s not like a bunch of people are coming together to destroy one building. It’s more like something like “all of us can work together to destroy the whole city at once if we wanted to.” According to Lanning that is progress.

“Now that’s progress. Technically and theoretically speaking, that’s all possible. That capability could be going through your phone as well. You could be playing something that’s PS12, super computer, insane configuration that takes up 2,000 square feet in a server room somewhere running one game. It’s not impossible. Then that game is being streamed down right into your hand and you’re playing it at that full interactive, massive data base. And you’re playing it on a device that would never be capable of it. Basically what is cloud doing? It’s capturing a realtime cloud gameplay, it’s capturing your controller input, and it’s sending that back to the farm, and it’s processing that information and it’s sending you back the video so fast you didn’t notice the latency. If that’s happening then there’s no limit to how much can be computed off the farm.”

Lanning believes that Microsoft are taking a risk with cloud computing but risk is what is precisely wanted in the industry. “Then you get into all the logistics which is not a small promise. If they’re saying this, it’s not a small promise. And I hope they come through. Anyone taking chances, I hope they have success. The industry always needs those risk takers. So it will be interesting.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Lanning in the coming days. It will be well worth the wait. In the meantime check out some amazing facts about Crackdown 3 in the video below.

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  • XbotMK1

    The cloud isn’t providing 20x the power of a current gen console. That is an outrages and obvious lie and highly missleading marketing spin.

    It’s important to understand that it is only helping for “certain” nonlatency sensitive tasks which doesn’t use 20x the power. And it only helps when “certain” games are built around it like games with large amounts of players and huge maps like BF4, PS2, and FFXlV have been using it for decades. It’s also important to understand the bad side of this. I don’t want all games designed around laggy open world destruction with subpar visuals that requires internet. We will see if these cloud enabled mechanics turn out to be gimmicks or an actual benefit to gameplay.

    • Deeboy

      Look whose here spreading lies again. There’s a demo available and gameplay shown from Crackdown 3 that makes your statements nonsense. Next year Xbox fans will be playing the so called impossible.

    • Mark

      Lol. It’s all good, in due time man, in due time. Oh and MS just announced that they’re upgrading their servers with Nvidia’s gpu GRID 2.0 technology. Microsoft is doing some big things here.


    • ShowanW

      Your comments are what’s wrong with gaming.

      Risk are what push the industry.

      Of course a game has to be built around the tech
      BF4, PS2, and FFXIV are not doing the same thing…. Heck, WoW isn’t even doing the same thing… All of these games are rendering locally, none are working with a server for physics calculations. I’m not knocking these games (as the games u mentioned are good games), but they are not doing what Crackdown is trying to achieve.

      If you don’t like something, just dont like it. That’s fine… But to tell lies, just because you don’t like something is ignorant and selfish to a degree.

    • IrritableGamer

      Delete yourself you pathetic pos.

    • kreator


    • GHz

      You have a bad habit of speaking before thinking. As if you were designed to vomit feces cause everything that comes out of your mouth is bulls**t. It must be your superpower.

    • Michael

      He’s a pony. It’s what they do. They think Sony created god. If the conversation isn’t about resolution or sales they sort of go way off track with jealousy.

    • GamerJudge

      He never stops making a fool out of himself. He loves looking pathetic.

    • Tech junkie

      So much Salt. So many lies.

    • Psionicinversion

      FF 14 being doing it for decades lmao it only released a couple years ago

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu you @$$hole

    • Michael

      Spoken like a true pony with a saddle…lol

    • OC Guy

      How is it a lie? Maybe wait until Crackdown is out before you pass judgement?

    • Greetingsfriend

      It’s “up to” 20x. That vide of them playing said the highest they’ve seen it go is 13. That with with them trying to stress it.

      How much will be used by general play time is unknown. Almost certainly a fraction. But “20x” makes for a good headline.

    • OC Guy

      That’s just it. No one outside the studio knows what to expect. Even if it is seven to eight times, that is an insane amount. If it comes close to twenty it will go beyond what has been seen before. Again, everyone needs to wait until release before judgement is passed.

  • GHz

    MSFT engineers told us about the possibilities in the beginning. back then it was hard for a lot of pple to believe what they were saying. Now everybody’s talking about XBLCloud and how game changing it is. Even sony own developers are saying that if MSFT had shown off Crackdown @ launch, they would’ve had a better chance of selling the idea of an always connected console. So even Sony devs are excited about this tech. Crackdown 3 demonstrated 13x the power of XB1. All developers agree that the most powerful PC today cannot do what the XB1 did with cloud compute and If MSFT delivers Crackdown as promised, this benefits everyone, whether you game on PS4, PC, Nintendo, Linux, we all win.

    • Mark

      Check this out Ghz. MS and Nvidia are partnering for Azure to use their gpu GRID 2.0 cloud tech. Look at the Gflop performance too.


    • GHz

      Thanks! Good read! 🙂

    • kreator

      But….it was mostly the PS4 fangirls that was in denial.

    • GHz

      Not just them. Shockingly almost every tech site that wasn’t part of the console war had doubts too. That’s because they were comparing the tech to what was already available. They couldn’t imagine that there were advancements despite what Head engineer of Respawn Ent was telling us back then. Its ok to doubt but then you had those who took it a step further and pretended that they knew better than the pple who built the tech. Those are the attention whO_Ores who get high off the support of their followers. Their egos got fed everything except the truth. The internet is a loud place where only a dot minority make sense.

    • XbotMK1

      “MSFT engineers told us about the possibilities in the beginning. Back then it was hard for a lot of pple to believe what they were saying.”

      No, people just don’t like being lied to. People know about the “theoretical possibilities” of cloud. People simply didn’t like how Microsoft lied about it.

      “Now everybody’s talking about the XBL cloud and how game changing it is.

      Nobody is really talking about the XBL cloud besides a few “curious” industry figures or sites who post articles once in a while….. and the countless Microsoft drones in the comment sections still hyping it up all the time, hoping the cloud finally does something just so they can say, “See? I told you so” so they can heal their egos after being wrong and humiliated. There is nothing special or game changing about the XBL cloud either. It’s a bunch of dual-core CPUs sitting in a building, which many companies have.

      “Even Sony’s own developers are saying that if Microsoft had shown off Crackdown @ launch, they would’ve had a better chance at selling an allways online console So even Sony’s devs are excited about this tech”

      There was only “one” developer who stated that on Twitter and he worked for Naughty Dog. “One” developer does not equal all of Sony’s developers and a tweet from “one” developer doesn’t echo the thoughts of all of Naughty Dog. Developers are not gods and they aren’t always right. They’re human beings who lie and make mistakes. You do not need an always online console to use “cloud”. Crackdown 3 is still coming to Xbox One right? Is Xbox One an always online console?

      “All developers agree that the most powerful PC today can’t do what Xbox One did with cloud compute”

      Please show me where ALL DEVELOPERS stated this? And there are many games that wouldn’t be possible on PC without cloud compute such as Planetside 2. So you’re not saying much. Also, your claim is extremely flawed because most of the processing power in a gaming PC doesn’t come from the CPU.

      “If MSFT delivers Crackdown as promised this benefits everyone”

      LOL This doesn’t benefit everyone. You’re not making sense. Does it benefit PlayStation when Halo comes out? Does Uncharted 4 benefit Xbox?

      “XB1 which in my opinion is the only true next gen console”

      I think you need therapy, or special help.

    • GamerJudge

      “I think you need therapy, or special help.”
      That would be you who needs all the help. Everything that comes out of your mouth is pure BS and misinformation. You never have proof and no one every agrees with you except for yourself with your alt accounts because you are a pathetic individual who needs to feel some sort of comfort and liking your own comments while speaking BS is that comfort.

    • GHz

      It just amazing that such an individual exists. It must be an act. I cant believe how dumb this kid is. Then there are the fake accounts to up vote himself. Unreal! & for those who genuinely up vote him, that’s just troubling.

    • GHz

      “Nobody is really talking about the XBL cloud besides a few “curious” industry figures”

      WOW! O_O How do you do it? How do you fabricate your bubble of fantasy that you and your followers reside in? Jon Shiring of Respawn Ent had already told us that publishers are pretty much pounding on MSFTs door after their test with Titanfall proved to be a success. So who’s talking about MSFT cloud? Respawn Ent. EA, NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, QUALCOMM, Rackspace, Square Enix, Naughty Dog, and the list goes on. Whether they are building their own solutions to match, or incorporating their tech with Azure, the people who matters in this industry are talking about cloud compute and MSFT Azure is in the center of it because of their approach in making it more accessible to developers/publishers. It has the size @ the right price and performs “technical wizardry such as automatically configuring the right number of servers based on demand.” Not my words, but those of the people who make money in this industry. So who’s talking about it? Dude you better do your HW.

      Everything you mentioned just prove yet again that you are the biggest of idiots. I mean really, what are you? Where do you come from? Cause your stupidity is immense & measures up to the pile of lies you preach.

      One last thing. For the Fact that the biggest names are talking proves that everyone is talking about it. They don’t have to believe in it, but they are talking about it. Next year we’re playing Crackdown, and if it is deployed successfully, it’ll usher in a new way of thinking in creating video games. Only on XB1. Deal with it.

  • Michael

    MS are the only ones innovating. Sony’s idea of innovating is adding
    RAM we were using 5 years before and trying to bring back VR. I guess it’s gonna take it to bomb twice for them to get the message. Meanwhile, the PS4, over 2 years later, still can’t do what PS3 can do. They are too focused on making money.

  • Mr Xrat

    Can’t wait to see that super duper cloud game Lorne Lanning is making.

    Oh wait.

    More smoke and mirrors for Xbox fanboys to cling to, just like DX12.

  • GamerJudge

    XboxMK1 with his usual BS talking and using his alt accounts to upvote himself. Man how more pathetic can he get.

  • GHz

    @mrxrat:disqus or @XbotMK1 and the hundreds of other accounts you sign under to troll XB fans,

    For the Fact that the biggest names are talking about cloud compute the way MSFT envisioned it for gaming, proves that everyone is talking about it. Not all have to believe in it, but they are talking about it. Next year we’re playing Crackdown, and if it is deployed successfully, it’ll usher in a new way of thinking in creating video games. Only on XB1. Deal with it .

    • Mr Xrat

      “and if it is deployed successfully, it’ll usher in a new way of thinking in creating video games.” Just like Kinect was supposed to.

      800 million times more powerful with da powwa of da clawd!!!!!!

      In three games.

      Multiplayer only.


    • GHz

      “Just like Kinect was supposed to.”

      The tech worked, gamers however did not want it for gaming. Reason? Gamers are impatient. We want instant gratification & developers didn’t create ENOUGH compelling games to warrant it as a must have device as far as gaming goes. Everyone I know though have it and they love it. Why? cause telling your XB to open up your apps is way more practical than pressing through menus and sub menus. . You’ll understand when you have over 20+ apps. OR when youre making a skype call while skipping through TV channels. So You dumb! LOL OMG.

      And if you weren’t sooooo dumb, you’d know that Kinect is huge in the scientific/educational field where programmers find all types of use for it. See how that work when you fab great tech? But you hate that too right?

      “800 million times more powerful with da powwa”

      Naaaw! We’re not like you. We’ll stick to what’s been proven so far. Crackdown showed 13x. You’re not going to find me exaggerating unlike you who thinks the PS4 is some extra terrestrial tech given to you by your god who lives in japan -______- LOOOOOOOL!! 😀

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