Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Dev On PS4’s 8GB GDDR5 RAM: “Fact That Memory Operates at 172GB/s is Amazing”

Stewart Gilray talks about the benefits of the PS4’s architecture.

Posted By | On 12th, Aug. 2013 Under News

We recently had a chance to speak to CEO of Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants development director Stewart Gilray about the PlayStation 4. Given that Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is not releasing for either the Xbox One or the Xbox 360- we thought of getting his take on the benefits of developing for the PS4.

How would the unified system architecture and 8GB GDDR5 RAM help in making a better game? Gilray stated that, “It means we don’t have to worry so much about stuff, the fact that the memory operates at around 172GB/s is amazing, so we can swap stuff in and our as fast as we can without it really causing us much grief.

“It also means we can do a lot of lead development on high end PC’s without having to worry overly about RAM limitations or graphics features our target platform DOESN’T have. Granted we are working on other platforms that do have those restrictions but the Unity Engine has helped minimize those.

As of now, despite the appeal that the DualShock 4’s Share button and touch pad hold, it doesn’t quite factor into the game majorly. “To be honest we’ve not finalized design for those yet, but the Share button is more of a system thing, for sharing captured video that the system captures automatically, I believe.”

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be releasing this Holiday season for PC, PS3, OS X, Linux and Wii U, while the PS4 version will be out sometime in 2014.

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  • Kamille
    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      maybe 176 is theoretical?

  • Guest

    Oh yeah, so amazing. The Xbox One operates at above 192GB/s now. Good luck $0ny PauperStation!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Sourpuss. Ur just upset Sony has done better so far in meeting gamers’ needs. We will see who the real winners are when they release so don’t jump to conclusions yet. Better yet, let’s just enjoy all next gen consoles cuz they all will be fun.

    • angh
    • NinoBr0wn

      I hope we’re not still using them as a source for anything.

    • Except it dosen’t.

      Only a small amount of the memory (32mb I believe) runs at 192GB/s. The 8GB of DD3 runs at a much slower rate.

    • AlilTussin187

      Don’t know why you got downvoted for speaking the truth. People must hate facts and rather live in lalaland. Oh well, next gen, I’m afraid, is going to be even uglier than the last with the fanboys. I might actually stop reading comments or visiting sites quite as often.

    • Mitchings

      No it doesn’t.

      On the Xbox One the Main 8GB DDR3 RAM operates at a theoretical peak of 68GB/s (with the CPU inherently limited to approx. 20GB/s) & the 32MB T6-ESRAM may have a theoretical peak of 192GB/s. The Xbox One will have 5GB of Main RAM available to games.

      On the PS4 the 8GB GDDR5 RAM operates at a theoretical 176GB/s across the board (with exception to the CPU again being inherently limited to approx 20GB/s). The PS4 offers 5.5GB of Main RAM to games with an additional 0.5GB being flexible if devs work close with Sony. Inherent HSA Memory Controller features also neutralise any issues regarding latency.

      PS4 offers a faster and simpler version of the unified memory architecture that also acts as a unified address space and is also suited far better to gaming.

      The PS4 also features a GPU with an additional 50% Power and a 700% increase in compute queue granularity.

      It also comes in a smaller, cheaper, more iconic box with an internal PSU. The die inside despite being more powerful is likely smaller and subsequently cooler too.

      Japanese Engineering and Good Decision Making.

      Those are the facts; deal with it.

    • Jack Slater

      You lose your precious time replying to these virgin boys that can go as far as multiplying the Xbox one cores (8) x ESram(32) x number of hours per day (24) x major nelson teeth (36) x 300’000 servers x Xbox one power brick volume x screws used on Xbox one enclosure x number of times a day they watch porno movies and masturbate (5) = 176.224 Gbs

      Which makes it more powerful than the ps4’s 176 Gbs. YEAH!!!

      Really, these guys will live 60 years in a world full of illusions, because they can’t accept the reality. Reality is :
      Microsoft has been, is and will be doing and saying all the shit they can, until these kids finally go home with an Xbox one.

      Microsoft has been inventing such a bullshit, just to raise the interest for their upcoming console, and make fanboys feel proud of their future purchase. Really, how can these kids believe, that microsoft,with +40 years of experience with software and hardware, suddenly, by miracle, engineers discover they can make a memory run and write at 2 times the initial speed. And suddenly, the initial +100 gbs of bandwidth , by miracle, of course, because so far, engineers hadn’t been able to figure it out, suddenly, the total bandwidth increases to + 180, which, of course, is just above the ps4 value. Of course.

      How can these kids swallow all this shit, really? Can’t they see this is just microsoft reducing damage, because 100 gbs Is much inferior then 176 gbs, and that difference is hurting them, and they need to pull out some numbers, to calm fans down?

      Can’t they see if the ps4 had a 450 Gbs bandwidth, and microsoft, 100 Gbs, all of a sudden, microsoft would come up and say their allmighty engineers just discovered something incredible, and due to some amazing tweaks, the Xbox one has now a tremendous 451 GBs of bandwidth, which is, once again, superior than the ps4, and once again, fans would be in heaven.

      All these kids, they can fill up the forums,with nonsense theoretical calculations, to make the Xbox one look more impressive, but when they leave the microsoft Matrix, the first thing they will see is that the ps4 is ultra small and light, where everything has been mastered, from the smallest screws to the power consumption, which only require a simple cable, and then, just look at the huge size of the Xbox one, and the biiiig power brick it requires. Ohh, too bad, here, you can’t just spit random values, what is there is what you get.

      And once again, when Sony reinvents the controller, adds a light bar, a double click 1080*920 touchpad, upgrades the materials and the trigger buttons, microsoft comes up, and say their new fabulous controller uses some alien connectivity technology, which only speeds up things by 15%, copy the Wii controller pro design, make a b x y buttons float, and call it a revolution, just so people can’t use their x360 controllers, which could have worked perfectly with the Xbox one, nobody caring about 15% better response. Apart those 15% theoretical numbers, the Xbox one controller is 100% identical as the x360 one. But no, microsoft don’t want people to use their recently purchased Xbox 360 controllers, so they can charge another 60 bucks. And of course, the same kids will flood the forums, saying a new revolution has just been made by microsoft.

      And of course, microsoft will be using rechargeable aa batteries, so they can sell another 10 million chargers, at 30 or 40 bucks. Once again, the same kids will say it is fantastic.

      Just like the indie games, etc etc. They’ve been playing catch up, fooling people with infinite cloud power, amazing out of the box features that will only work if you pay another 60 bucks, and whose features will only work in north america. But of course, people will be buying a Xbox one, just to realise all those features don’t work in their countries, and the few 2 or 3 that work, they will require a gold membership. But too late, that fooled customer will already have spent his hard-earned cash, and microsoft says ‘thank you, you ignorant’.

      Really, in almost 4 decades, I’ve came across multi fanboys, on multi brands and devices. But never, I mean, never, have I seen such delusional disordered minds, as the Xbox fans, that are ready to fall so deep, so deep, just to defend the brand they know has been raping them, but they still put it above everything, even if that constitutes being fooled (buying a console they know will stop working 2 months later, due to the rrod and other severe issues) and not being able to experiment much better things, by restraining themselves from having fun and pleasure somewhere else.

      I just hope Sony will announce, 1 month before release, that they were able to increase the ps4 global performance by 25%. Oh man, that would be so delicious. That would definitely murder all the blind/deaf fanboys, who keep being raped and fooled by microsoft, swallow whatever microsoft wants them to swallow, and they still defend them and ask for more.and deeper.

    • yojimbo

      wanna feel proud? for all the xbox fans that will be supporting the xbox one, microsoft will through throw in a measly 50cent sticker for all pre-orders. Wow… a 50cent sticker! that’s how you get treated for being a loyal supporter. and after a year of loyalty will the xbox will switch back on drm, kinect watching nsa ghoul, and laugh at their fans faces. i had a 360 but wont be going to xbox one sorry.

    • John Joe Silver

      Just to point out Sony haven’t actually came out and said what resources they’re dedicating to the OS so it could be more or less than what you stated above. Those figures came from “well placed sources” but there has been no officially confirmation from Sony

    • Anthony J. Mitchell

      Sony Developers can take back as much as 1GB of “flexible memory” from the OS when it’s available for the PS4. However, taking back this memory isn’t as simple as flipping a switch; it’s complicated enough that only first-party games may be able to do it at first. What is taken back, is depriving the OS running in the back ground it’s needed ram. PS4 demos are reportedly using 4.6GB of RAM, including 3GB reserved exclusively for graphics.
      For some context, the Xbox One devotes a comparable 3GB of its 8GB of RAM to the system that will not deprive OS functions at all. Sony is betting on allocations to the OS to reduce ram usage in the future. It is not known how much in fact that the the Xbox one uses of the 3gb it has allocated for it’s OS. Windows for example on PC uses 1gb.

    • twinspectre

      buy a Xbone and stick it up your ass
      Damn Fagboys

  • jack

    @ James1o1o

    But the problem for eSRAM is that he can not do read/write simultaneously.

    • Guest

      Yes, it can. There was an article on Eurogamer about it.

  • Matt

    Lol at all the debates about ram speed. You guys do know that those speeds won’t be fully saturated at any given time? It’s just not possible for either system as the hardware requirements needed to saturate those speeds don’t exist yet. It’s more like an ISP touting “Speeds up to xx” and then leaving the actual performance up to the servers your downloading from.

    XB1’s bandwidth is well within the abilities of what the processor and GPU need… it’ll make due with it’s faster latency and smaller packets.

    PS4 is going to need those compute units to back up the slower latencies of the GDDR5 considering the processor won’t be able to communicate with the ram as fast as it can process the data.

    • annonymous

      Yeah, I’m sure they just invested in GDDR5 for absolutely no reason.

      That makes much more sense.

    • Matt

      Stuff is cheap right now and it still benefits the GPU more than DDR3. You can reverse it and say DDR3 is better for the processor than GDDR5 as well. Both consoles will be on par with each other in terms of visuals…

      The APU’s inside both consoles; if based off their FM2+ counterparts were designed with DDR3 in mind to begin with. Sony made their own modifications which will help out the GPU but the lack of any type of low latency ram means the processor is going to be queued while it read/writes to the ram. The only option to offset that is to rely more on the compute units to do the real time work loads that the processor is unable to keep up with. Taking that into consideration means that since the GPU is taking on some of the CPU’s workload it will take a percentage amount away from it’s rendering capabilities.

      Everything is really just marketing on Sony’s end… They can’t tout about anything other than the ram which has been the main selling point since it was announced. With the PS3 it was all about the power of the Cell and RSX which at the time were amazing but this time around it’s just impossible for them to do anything but make a really nice power friendly bundle and market it the best way they can.

    • MiddleWay14

      That’s nice. That’s why we have multiple confirmed/vetted 3rd party developers with no skin in the game saying that PS4 outperforms XBone on average by 40-50 % (e.g., 30 fps @ 1080p for PS4 vs. low 20-ish fps @ 900p for XBone with regard to a 3rd party multiplat), even after the GPU and CPU upclocks on the XBone. You can rattle off from your armchair all day long. Fact of the matter is that the architectural design decisions on the PS4 are that of an optimized (albeit moderately-powered) games machine. XBone, on the other hand, is compromises all around to be everything to everyone: a literal jack of all trades–master of none.

    • Guest

      Yes, and MS in all the infinite wisdom made a system that performs even worst. You talk alot of nonsense guy. You’re obviously a fanboy instead of realistic.

    • yojimbo

      Didn’t the cynics (sorry i mean xbox fanboys) use to say when the 360 first came out that there was no need for hard drives, or wireless consoles or bluray or HDMI or HD tvs? Funny how wrong they where in the early days. I tell you what mate, i’ll swap my less powerful PC DDRAM3 for your more powerful PC DDRAM5? Didn’t you see all the ps4 demos running at e3 or purely blinded by your fanboyism? They were flipping amazing! And I own a high end gaming pc! Whereas the xbox one demos at E3 were running of nvidia PCs (sic).. google that one up!

    • Matt

      I don’t even want to talk about Microsoft… I’ll comment on the way DDR3 interacts within the system but they can go F themselves; in particular that Larry Herb fellow for selling out Xbox live.

    • John Joe Silver

      That rumour got debunked I believe it was only battlefield running on a high end pc while all the other Xbox developed IPs were running on Xbox one dev kits

    • Guest

      Wow, what you said is pretty dumb. Its obvious you know nothing about this. You can never have to much andwidth. If you were right than both systems would be doing 4x MSAA instead of the much lower bandwidth and cheaper quality FXAA. Also, the X1 would be able to easily hit 1080p yet the system struggles like all heck to do it. You bots are pretty dumb. Now wonder y’all are stupid enough to buy a X1

  • David Vaughan

    Xbox fanboys know, deep down inside, that Xbone is weaker than PS4 in virtually every technical category. They’ll just never fess up to it. Simple as that.

    • yojimbo

      look i say support our bros and sis gamers-in-arms. if they wanna go xbox one let them. that’s their choice. wrong choice 🙂 but their choice. with 5-1 in amazon sales for ps4 it’s clear who’s side the gamers are on this season. lets all enjoy our gaming. peace

  • neil

    fap fap fap sony this xbox that


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