One of The Big Differences Between PS4 And Xbox One’s GPU Is How They Support Async Compute – Dev

“It is a challenge to take full advantage of the compute capabilities on both platforms as you have to write custom async compute pipelines for both consoles.”

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15 Ways to Enhance Your Experience on PS4 and Xbox One

The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are both consoles marked by having relatively weaker CPUs, but more powerful GPUs- to the technology enthusiast, the workings of the consoles, and especially of the CPU and GPU in these consoles, can be fascinating. Which is why when we at GamingBolt got the chance to sit down with Sampo Lappalainen, COO of Umbra, we decided to ask him for his take on the PS4 and Xbox One GPUs, and the difference.”

We don’t actually consider ourselves huge GPU experts. That said, to my understanding one of the big differences between the two GPU’s is in how they support async compute, which makes it possible to use the GPU for various compute intensive engine operations — not always related to rendering,” Lappalainen said.”So from the perspective of game engine design, it is a challenge to take full advantage of the compute capabilities on both platforms as you have to write custom async compute pipelines for both consoles.”

He also talked about the CPU, noting that while a stronger CPU is always preferable, optimizing your software more than makes up for any CPU deficiencies that may otherwise exist. “Our software runs 100% on the CPU so the faster the chip, the better for us,” he admitted. “However, we pride for being platform agnostic and light in terms of CPU cycles consumed, PS4 and Xbox One are amongst the easy platforms we work with. Embedded devices like tablets, cell phones and the Hololens push the envelope of anything that requires processor cycles quite a bit, but we are well optimized on those too.”

It sounds like with proper software optimization, any platform specific quirks can be smoothed out, leading to a very efficient and streamlined development pipeline. In today’s era of multiplatform and platform agnostic development, things like that probably go a long way for most third party and perhaps even first party developers.

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  • TheNorthFace

    yet they manage to make games look the same on both platforms except it’s either 720p/900p or 900p/1080p. Not major jumps between the 2 but you can see ps4’s 30% advantage or 0.4tflop advantage.

    just imagine when scorpio gets 1.8tflops + more and higher memory bandwidth than ps pro. This is a difference will be more worth seeing.

    • Guest

      It doesn’t work that way, the difference between Pro and Scorpion will be even smaller than the difference between the PS4 and X1 due to diminishing returns. You xboners are obvious idiots who cant seem to understand this really simple concept. Especially since both systems are still limited by their base systems. You bots are in for a rude awakening. Keep believing MS’s and the ignorant media’s lies. You see.

    • TheNorthFace

      talk about a dying sony fanboy here.
      ps pro is 2x the power of ps4, scoripio is 3x the power of ps4
      and thats just talking gpu, the memory bandwidth is 320gb/s vs 218gb/s, and 12gb ram vs 8gb ram. Interestingly it will most likely have a way higher clocked cpu.

      you can go back to your diminishing fairytale now

    • Mr Xrat

      When both are going to be held back by the old consoles? Keep hoping. It’s all you have.

  • Mr Xrat

    More Xgimp fury.

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