PC GPUs Outperforming PS4 GPU Does Not Matter, The Last of Us PS3 is Proof of That

White Paper Games’ Pete Bottomley speaks about making the best of a generation’s hardware.

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In between all the debates about 1080p/60 FPS, which console is better than the other and PC GPUs, the importance of power over optimization is still a worthy topic. White Paper Games’ Pete Bottomley, who is working on bringing Ether One to the PS4, recently spoke to GamingBolt about developing on Sony’s console versus working on the PC.

On being asked about his thoughts on the PS4’s GPU and whether it can rival high end PC GPUs with the proper optimization, Bottomley said, “I honestly don’t know too much about the hardware side of things. My guess would be that since GPU’s are constantly being released and updated for PC’s, it’s only natural that they will outperform a PS4 at some point. I don’t think that really matters though.

“If you look at what Naughty Dog did with The Last of Us at the end of the PS3 generation it goes to show just how much you can squeeze out of a system with very clever people on your team!”

It’s an interesting thought – one that’s been repeated ad nauseam in this generation. Namely, that power isn’t everything – it’s also about who wields it best and how. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Failz

    So releasing a game at 720p, and under 30frames with bad AA is showing what these consoles can do? Lol no its not. TLOU is linear and is a cinematic style game where its designed to look good around every corner. Imagine if ND made TLOU on a platform without the limitations of a console. I agree its up to the devs to use what they have to achieve there goals but at the end of the day, these great looking console games are made with limits in mind and are watered down.

  • MrKash

    A long long time ago the “self made” PC was the better choice regarding value for the bucks, but now many of the best graphic cards cost more than the PS4 / Xbox One, so which of them gives the best value regarding graphics perfomance now? As long as it’s “true” 1080p it’s ok for me until “true 4K” is the norm.

  • Cyberats

    Let go of the dead corpse of Console Gaming, its spirit is long gone. Where in the world do you still see 4 friends around the console playing a fun child game ?
    PCs will forever outperform anything in a tiny box with little cooling and outlast them too. All console game software companies are writing themselves out of the console business, by making more & more single player game MMOs aka – No Content, No Story, No Fun, just grind, work and pay to win. Most times more expensive than new PC releases.

  • Durka Durka

    “how much you can squeeze out of a system with very clever people on your team!”

    The game looked like crap, blurry textures, noy dyamic lighting, indirect lighting.

    By the same logic minecraft is a much better game despite the bad graphics.

    I am not saying TLOU is a bad game, what i am saying is this

    PS2 was weaker than the xbox and gamecbue, having the best graphics doesnt matter.

    But seriously if you think that TLOU has better graphics than multiplats on pc such as bf3, tomb raider, metro last light or crysis 3, you really need glasses. TLOU was a step down from uncharted 3 and killzone 3 and god of war ascension had far better graphics.

  • Bobby

    were into 4k res now 1080p is so old now….

  • Gamedick

    so the point of this article is someone who supposedly works in game
    development, who admits to not understanding hardware, tries to say
    there’s no argument there because herpTheLastofUsderp

    oh well, at least it’s short, not a complete waste of peoples’ time

  • Shieru Fantomuhaivu

    Meh. I’ll stick with my AMD FX 8370 CPU and my AMD Radeon R9 295×2 GPU. I should be pretty much set in terms of not needing to upgrade for at least 2 more years, so.

  • spec

    I use both a pc and a ps4, pc for games like bf4, wow and when out gta v all because I prefer mouse for those, but every other trype of game itll be ps4 and even though my gtx 970 runs everything on ultra with 1 zillion fps to me I don’t notice that difference at hd much if any when im on the ps4, both are a great gameing experience. If your being technical about it the yeas the pc is far superior to me in terms of raw power and graphic options. Do I care, well no I love them both. Now if I was 4k gaming on a 4k screen that would be a different story. When you talk about game requirements it wel a dead argument. Games that are made for the ps4 will look great on the ps4 and games made for the pc are great on the pc, ports on the other hand well gurrr.

  • Jtrdfw

    There is no comparison except for cost. Having owned every major console since the 90’s and loving it, and also (typically) owning a gaming computer during the same time period and loving it, a computer is just better at games. Sorry.

  • Trenter

    I had to comment because i recently played the last of us on ps3 and it looks absolutely terrible running on the ps3, nothing like the videos I’ve seen with gameplay in it. The graphics are blurry, aliased and the textures are low resolution. Pc games looked better than the last of us as far back as 2011.


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