Phil Spencer: Leap to 4K, HDR Not As Transformative as SD to HD

The Xbox boss believes the current visual leap is different.

Posted By | On 03rd, Nov. 2016 Under News

xbox scorpio

Much has been made about the benefits of the PS4 Pro and even the upcoming Project Scorpio from Microsoft. How big are these leaps in gaming though, especially compared to the days when standard definition was making way for high definition?

Game Informer Australia posed this question to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. With regards to whether the leap to 4K and HDR is transformative, he said, “Big leap is an interesting one…I’ve been around Xbox since the original Xbox and I remember the shift from SD to HD. I remember seeing Gears of War 1, which for us was the first game that I saw on pre-release 360 hardware, and I went, ‘Wow, that just looks like something new…’ The first time you saw a sporting event on live TV in HD, you went, ‘Okay, that is something different.’

“One of the challenges for the generation we’re in now is the jump from 360 to Xbox One, or frankly PS3 to PS4, is visible on screen but not at that same level. It’s not a 2D to 3D transition or an SD to HD transition. You have to be closer to understanding the content and appreciating the content, because those late-gen 360 games look pretty good.

“When I see 4K games, they look demonstrably better, but it’s not the same difference that we saw from SD to HD, or from 2D to 3D when gaming went that direction. HDR is the same way: I love the way movies and games look in HDR, but I don’t think it’s that same transformative thing that we saw with [earlier leaps].”

How will that affect the success of the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio then? We’ll have to wait to find out with the PS4 Pro out on November 10th and Project Scorpio arriving in Holiday 2017.

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  • Luke Skywalker

    My 4k TV is ready

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    • Luke Skywalker

      Blocked list. You must be John Cena because I can’t see you.

  • Good ole’ Phil you got to give it to him he’s trying his best to downplay the PS4 Pro launch.

    • Troy Marcel

      sony seems to be doing a good job at it them selves

    • guess you haven’t been reading the news for the past week then.

    • Starman

      Don’t think you have……………..

    • No, you don’t think I have but you don’t know what you think I know you have.

    • Troy Marcel

      Not where I live

  • Starman

    4K is very nice but, I think it will come down to 1080p , HDR (textures) and 60 to 120 fps… Games will run beautifully ,smooth and textures will look more authentic and life like ..Just a theory..
    The new systems should be able to handle a simple task as this……… least we know the “Scorpio” will , I’m just saying….

  • Mr Xrat

    But I thought TRUE, NATIVE 4K was the clincher for the Shitpio’s existence? That’s why it’s a year out. It had to be 6TF, so it had to be TRUE, NATIVE 4K because that’s what devs (or at least, their in-house hacks) said. But now the gap isn’t that fantastic? Oh, OK then.

    Backing off from “highest quality pixels,” backing off from VR, backing off from hyping up the performance of their beast fire monster. I told you all, just like I did with Direct X 12.

    • Starman

      What the fk are you even talking about ….. Sony is paying you too much , I say that , why ? “You’re aren’t doing a good job at convincing anyone with your childish antics ..A bunch of Sony loyal’s are jumping ship ….so what are you trying to prove…..Oh yeah i almost forgot …STFU !

    • Mr Xrat

      Funny how you’re suddenly in ignorance of the s**t you’ve been talking about for the last three months. Go drink bleach.


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