PlanetSide 2 PS4 Will Have Visuals On Par With A High End PC, Will Be Using DualShock 4 Features

Executive producer Clint Worley talks about bringing the MMO to PS4.

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Of the many free to play multiplayer titles arriving on the PlayStation 4, Sony Online Entertainment’s PlanetSide 2 has to be the biggest deal. After the success and rave reviews on PC, it marks an opportunity for console gamers to see what the fuss is about. How will the PC version differ from the PlayStation 4 version in terms of visuals, and has there been an improved level of performance thanks to the latter’s friendlier architecture? We spoke to executive producer Clint Worley to find out.

“Based on the PS4 hardware, we are targeting visuals that are on par with a high end PC gaming setup. PlanetSide 2 already looks amazing and being able to use all of the PS4 tech to crank up the details will really impress our players.”

Will there be any new content on the PS4 version to motivate PC players to pick it up? “One of the core decisions we made up front was to have the PS4 and the PC versions be as close as possible so that all players receive the same experience. That means that new content, balance changes and bug fixes will be addressed on both platforms. We do plan to take advantage of the features that come with the PS4 to enhance the experience, such as the DualShock 4 peripheral.”

He also explained the motivation behind bringing PlanetSide 2 to the PS4: “As players have been asking for PlanetSide 2 to be playable on the console, we wanted to open the door and invite them into the PlanetSide 2 universe. With the PS4 hardware, we can offer amazing graphics that rival a high end gaming PC without compromising the gameplay or social structures that are critical to PlanetSide 2; it is the ideal platform to showcase the game’s beauty and massive open world combat,” he added.

PlanetSide 2 is expected to arrive on the PS4 later this year however there has been no confirmation yet. Do you plan to pick up the PS4 version of PlanetSide 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • NinoBr0wn

    Later this year? Is that confirmed?

  • Tom

    Can’t wait till November, want a PS4 so much, the next gen games look amazing! The PS4 really is gaming bargain of the decade, basically for a $400 PS4 (which includes a $50 Dualshock4) you are getting the performance of a much more expensive PC gaming rig. Just incredible value for money.

    I predict Sony won’t be able to manufacture enough PS4s to keep up with demand. There are around 160 million PS3/X360 core console gamers in the world, while many will upgrade to Xbox1, predict the majority will opt to upgrade to PS4 in the next year or two.

    • LandOfDen

      Actually you can buy better for the price. My rig was about $600. But I bought all the un-needed stuff a pcgamer wants. without that stuff the price came to about $430, and i outperformed the ps4. I get 70-120 FPS (depends on battle size) on this game. My friend’s ps4 was struggling to get 50 fps.

  • Dan

    The news and momentum for PS4 just gets better and better, this is Sony’s revenge on Microsoft. Sony was king of gaming world with the PS2, then Microsoft came along won the current generation with the Xbox360, but now Sony will win this next gen with the PS4. (I don’t include Nintendo in this as all the casual/infant gamers who bought the Wii in their millions have moved over to playing cheapy crappy mobile and tablet games).

    • Tornado

      yeah i agree with your last statement “cheapy crappy mobile and tablet games”, i really hate those tablet games tbh.

    • unclesam

      Yeah, I only really play mobile IOS games on my iPhone when I’m waiting for a train or something like that. There are some good mobile games, but I get bored of them pretty quickly, but really these games are not trying to compete with console gaming, when I get home and want some proper gaming, nothing beats my PS3 on a big screen TV or my PC (and I have pre-ordered the PS4, really looking forward to it).

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Cant wait cant wait cant wait, hope they utilize the gyro for vehicles!!! Would also like some features that utilize the eye!!!

  • Mitchings

    Never played Planet Side 2 but I shall try it out on PS4, seen my brother playing it on his older PC but it looked like a pile of arse graphically and the performance was poor so it was hard to get into.

    • LandOfDen

      that was just his pc. on a decent computer the graphics and performance surpass next gen consoles

  • Donovan Clarke

    I’ve played plantside 2 on the PC on ultra settings, for such a massive games it is quite amazingly breathtaking. For those that want to say it looks bad, obviously it wont be on Killzone/gears level graphically, i mean when you have 1000v1000 player battles how would you expect that to be handled currently with the best of the best graphics? But i love it because it reminds me of MAG on the ps3, huge battles and there was always something to do. Planetsides biggest draw has to be the persistant worlds that even if you sign off, your faction is always fighting for control.

  • Ashton Fisher

    Now, why can’t battlefield 4 look the same on ps4 as it does on pc and planetside 2 can?

    • Pauperkiller

      Because you’re being lied to by $0n¥ PauperStation about it. The PS4 is inferior to any modern gaming PC and PlanetSide is also inferior graphics wise.
      Yet PauperStation N4Gtards swallow all pimp daddy $0ny can shove down their throats and gospel it around the internet like blind zealots.

    • Lordmatt48

      Jesus! It sounds like you took that one personally… you need to sit down and cool down your prejudicial hatred for anyone who likes the Playstation console series and Sony in general……

    • Twintwine

      That would be because planetside 2 has terrible optimization, the devs built the game on an mmo engine and optimized for 6 year old gaming PC’s. Since they are coding the PS4 version specifically for the PS4 architecture there will be great optimization. Because games like battlefield are fairly well optimized for the PC, there is less of a gap that can be filled with architecture specific optimization.
      Planetside on PC = terrible optimization
      PS on PS4 = good optimization
      Battlefield on PC = Fair optimization
      Battlefield on PS4 = good optimization

    • Jacob

      HOLY CRAP!
      NOT A CHANCE!!!

      Do you realize the man who helped make this machine said that graphically it has the graphics of a lower-end PC! I have games that Run 60Fps on max graphics and, look way better than the PS4 already! And I only spent 400$ dollars in total and paid retail!

  • Pauperkiller

    Sure $0n¥, more lies, overhype and underdeliver. Let’s see how many lemmings follow you off the cliff.

  • Den

    I’d like to hear if splitscreen will be an option. I preordered a ps4 so i could play it in college…

    • jim

      splitscreen wont be possible

  • Saren

    I’d only play it on PS4 (if I get one anyways) if I can actually link my SOE account with it. I don’t need to be able to use my characters, but I want to be able to have SOE All Access Pass work with it…

  • thomas kostis

    this game is just so dam good. on so many levels. could be the next COD if its good on ps4

  • Koltin Kosik-Harvey

    i would only play on Ps4 if you can move your character over. Even if its a paid transfer. i spent sooo much time and money on my character on pc, and im not doing the grind again on console. Besides it shows prestige over the new players and well help outfits on consoles get Squad leaders with over a year experience. (its also awesome to have the Beta decal)

  • PS2Vet

    If you actually go to the Planetside 2 forums, you will soon understand why this game is such a mess, at least for PC players. This game is good, absolutely. But the level of optimization for PCs is appalling at best. Too many glitches, bugs, crashes and weird things going on.

    However, this game may found its true home in the PS4 platform as I’m pretty sure the game would be ‘very’ playable for everyone as they own a common console.

    Can’t say the same for PC users. After all, this game is still best played with a keyboard and a mouse. Unless Sony releases them for PS4.

  • jake gent

    I am disappointed that Planeside 2 will not have cross platform servers.

    • Twintwine

      Why is everyone so disappointed about cross platform play? I think it would be stupid to have it. Mouse and Keyboard players would have a HUGE advantage, it would ruin the game for console players.

  • Shanghaidilly

    Planetside 2 is the one thing that’s tipping the scales towards the purchase of the PS4 over the XB1. I played the original Planetside, and thought it to be one of the best online experiences I’d ever had. If I do indeed choose the PS4 over the XB1, I’ll definitely be getting Planetside 2.


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