PlayStation Experience 2016 Preview: Expected Game Announcements, Gameplay Demos And More

PlayStation Experience this year promises to be a bit more interesting than usual.

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It’s almost time for the PlayStation Experience again. And with the importance of industry events like E3 decreasing, as more and more companies take to their own events and social media channels to interact with their customers directly (thank you Nintendo, for being prescient enough to induce this change in the industry), the odds of major announcements at the event are higher now than ever before.

See, PlayStation Experience over the last two years hasn’t had any true major announcements- the first year event was great, with loads of notable mid tier announcements, if nothing else. Last year’s show was mostly a bummer, though I suppose we did get Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom out of it, if nothing else. However, this year’s event promises to be more exciting- this year, Sony have two new platforms they need to sell (the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro), this year, they’ve skipped out the Paris Games Week and Gamescom, which means they might as well have decided to save up their big announcements for their own events, and this year, there are rumors and rumblings of some actual big announcements at the event.

Which brings us to the question- what do we expect at the PlayStation Experience this year? On a very basic level, I would say we expect a further look at Sony’s first party games. God of War is sadly out of reckoning for PSX, but that apart, we will probably see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, and Spider-Man. We might also see more of Detroit: Become Human. Additionally, existing Sony games, such as Uncharted 4, will probably see some announcements regarding their DLC at the event.


"God of War is sadly out of reckoning for PSX, but that apart, we will probably see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo Sport, and Spider-Man."

We can also safely expect all games that are demoed on stage to be demoed on the PlayStation 4 Pro- Sony so far have done a terrible job of actually selling the damn thing, but simply showing off beautiful looking games, and saying ‘this is the PS4 Pro version, incidentally,’ will end up creating a halo effect around the system- by only saying that the really visually impressive demo is from the new console, and never pointing out what the game will look like running on older consoles, you automatically create an aura of desirability and power for the new machine.

There will also almost certainly be an entire segment dedicated to the PlayStation VR. Most of the games shown off for it will probably be games from smaller, indie game developers, or smaller slices of bigger games, if they are from bigger developers (think the ‘Star Wars Battlefront Experience’). But there should certainly be enough content shown off for the new headset to make new owners of it feel as if their purchase is justified. I do expect a significant portion of the keynote dedicated to showing off just PlayStation VR games.

The Last of Us_new (6)

"Finally, I do expect there to be one major announcement from Sony themselves at the event- now, that could be The Last of Us 2, as well placed insiders are saying. But even if that isn’t announced, something big certainly will be."

Third party games will definitely be sharing the limelight, too- we might see some Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay (do remember that the PSX is after The Game Awards, which is where we get to see gameplay footage for this game for the first time- meaning Bioware should hopefully feel comfortable sharing more footage of the game by that point). There are indications that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will also be at the show, not necessarily in playable form, but at the very least with a technical demo being shown off, which also confirms the engine the final game will use. Square Enix may decide to show off some more Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the event, but it is more likely that they just decide to share more footage of Final Fantasy 15, which will just have been out for a few days at the time- maybe they can show off some of the announced DLC for the game, if they feel so bold.

Finally, I do expect there to be one major announcement from Sony themselves at the event- now, that could be The Last of Us 2, as well placed insiders are saying. But even if that isn’t announced, something big certainly will be. Sony haven’t had a major games focused event in long enough, and they seem to be understanding the significance of having their own events well enough, that I entirely expect them to have at least one ace up their sleeves. What will it be? I guess we’ll find out during the keynote.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Wonder if updates to PS4 will be announced as well as new IP’s.

    • Carlawconner

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  • Hvd

    Game Announcements??? you mean games 5-8 years out since they have already shown games 4-5 years out at last e3???….lmao

    sony is always good for a laugh.

    • Aenea

      At least they have games to announce….

    • Emil Kostović

      How about now:

      Upcoming PS4 exclusives:

      The Last Guardian
      Gravity Rush 2
      Gran Turismo Sport
      Persona 5
      Horizon Zero Dawn
      Crash Bandicoot
      God of War
      Days Gone
      Death Stranding
      Detroit: Become Human
      Final Fantasy VII Remake
      Shenmue III
      Ace Combat 7
      Everybody’s Golf
      Yakuza 0
      Dragon Quest XI
      Nier: Automata
      Valkyria: Azure Revolution
      Ni no Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom

    • Hvd

      yep looks like 4-8 years out to me and they will do nothing but show more of those trailers….lmao

    • Mohammed Allha

      It’s better than nothing

    • Hvd

      thats what sony has now nothing no exclusives since uncharted 4 and before that what the order?….that is sad.

    • Mohammed Allha

      The last gurdian
      Kingdom hearts 2.8
      Gravity rush
      Tales of bersiria
      That’s 5 exclusives for the next 3 months

    • Hvd

      all shi* games

    • Mohammed Allha

      For you yeah they are but for other they are great games

    • Hvd

      if thats sonys idea of good exclusives im glad i dont have a

    • Emil Kostović

      Gears of War 4 – the worst rated, the worst selling mainline Gears of War game EVER
      Halo 5 – the worst rated, the worst selling mainline Halo game EVER

    • Hvd

      yep halo 5 is the worst rated game ever…lol with 16.5 people playing game on the ps4 has sold any where close to that not even

      yep sure is the worst rated…lmao

    • Emil Kostović

      You believe halo 5 sold 16.5 million? What is your IQ?

      Uncharted 4 – 2.7 million SOLD after 1st week
      Halo 5 – 5 million SHIPPED after 3 months

      Uncharted 4 even had better first week in UK – 192k, H5 160k

      If U4 outsold H5 in UK where Xbox is doing the best, then imagine sales in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan where Xbox One doesn’t exist.

    • Mohammed Allha

      Can you define what a good game???

    • Riggybro

      Ha ha go play your groundbreaking shooter Gears of War 4 (game of year 2006!)

    • Hvd

      its better then the order and uncharted 4 your ONLY exclusives for 2 years just about…lmao

    • Emil Kostović

      Can you list me upcoming Xbox One “exclusives”?


      Quantum FLOP released 3 years after announcement
      Phantom Dust announced 2,5 years ago – still no release date
      Scalebound announced 2,5 years ago – still no release date
      Crackdown 3 announced 2,5 years ago – still no release date
      Fable Legends announced 3 years ago – cancelled

      Why is Microsoft announcing games 3-4 years in advance?

    • LifeOnMars

      I have enough money to buy a Xbox One S, but I I can’t find any games that I desire.

    • Emil Kostović

      Gears of War 4 first week in UK – less than 83k sold
      Uncharted 4 first week in UK – 192k sold

      Gears of War 4 metacritic 85
      Uncharted 4 metacritic 93

      Gears of War 4 first NPD – 505k
      Uncharted 4 first NPD – 950k

      Gears of War 4 – 0 GOTY awards
      Uncharted 4 – 3 GOTY awards

    • Emil Kostović

      PS4 – 47.4 million shipped
      Xbox One – around 26 million shipped

      Uncharted 4 (metacritic 93) and Bloodborne (metacritic 92) are higher rated than every single Xbox One “exclusive”.

      All Xbox One “exclusives” on PC day 1.

    • Hvd

      ps4 now is 47m? at 3e it was 40m then later they said 45m can you guys make up your minds ?

      xbox one 26? you arnt cointing the xbox one s that is destroying the ps4 right now and npd #5 in a row for nov is on the way.

      uncharted 4? only decent exclusives the ps4 has and tomb raider is better by far.oh and out of so called 47m ps4’s sold only 2.7m uncharted 4 games sold? thats pathetic while on xbox one halo 5 has 16m at ps4.

    • Emil Kostović

      PS4 was at 47.4 million shipped by the end of September. By the end of 2016. it will be at around 55 million. PS4 HUMILIATES Xbox One by over 20 million.

    • Emil Kostović

      Last week in UK PS4 sold 142, 578 units – 50,000 above Xbox One

      In a week PS4 Pro launched, in UK PS4 sold 65,000 units and Xbox One only 45,000 so 20,000 lower

      Xbox One won September by 1500 units (LOL) and October by 25,000 units. Both months combined 26,500 units. PS4 in 2 weeks in November made 70,000 gap.

      When will Xbox One close that 20+ million gap?

  • dapaintrain

    I expect crash bandicoot remaster footage

  • Mohammed Allha

    I don’t think we will see the last of us 2 anytime soon they have that game days gone which looks good I mean they announced really big games at this year e3 I wonder what they will show at this year PXE ??

  • barny rubble

    I like to see games that’ll make me wanna turn on my ps4
    None of these open world anything military games will not.
    Marvel vs Capcom 4 Yooka Laylee,2017 need for speed ,Street Fighter 5 2 .0 Rayman 3 would. we need more remake classic ps1,ps2 ,SNES games . Fk this always open world military she-it.

  • Mr Xrat

    I predict more tears, anguish and downplaying from the usual Xgimp scum.


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