PS2 Emulation on PS4 Will Fail In The End – This War of Mine Dev

11 bit Studios’ Karol Zajaczkowski believes it will only interest roughly 5 percent of PS4 owners.

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PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4, all thanks to an emulator developed by Sony, is still relatively new. Given the relative momentum that PlayStation Now has had with its collection of PS3 games (though that’s streaming-based and not running on emulators), you’d think there’s a strong audience for old PS2 games, right?

11 bit Studios (known for their fantastic This War of Mine and its expansion The Little Ones) PR and marketing manager Karol Zajaczkowski has a different opinion. When asked from a gamer’s perspective whether it would be successful, especially since Sony is charging money for digital PS2 titles, Zajaczkowski said, “It’s a thing that may only interest I don’t know, 5% of the PS4 owners? Probably even less.

“That’s why in my opinion it will fail in the end. Of course it will be available as a feature, but as soon as everyone realizes there is no money in it, the developers will stop doing it and new titles will stop appearing.”

Sony isn’t the only one to delve into backwards compatibility – the Xbox One’s support for Xbox 360 games has been propped up as a huge selling point for the current gen console despite some hiccups. But unlike Sony, Microsoft’s feature is completely free and does not require players to buy digital copies of the game. But then again, Sony is making PS2 emulation on PS4 attractive by adding trophies and other minor graphical updates.

But what are your thoughts? Will PS2 emulation the PS4 ultimately fail? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • robert

    Other then the GTA collection (on sale) I have no plans on ever buying any other ps2 titles for my ps4 …just my opinion

    • DarthDiggler


      I bought the trilogy too. May get the Dark Cloud games.

      The PS+ sales for PS2 games have been cheaper than they go for on Amazon. I own a bunch of PS2 games and would like to see at least basic PS2 emulation, but its not a feature that will make or break the next generation. Most people buy PS4 to play PS4 games.

  • Michael Thomas

    I have NO INTEREST in PS2 games on the PS4….UNTIL SOCOM II is one of the games. That is the only one I will buy AGAIN.

    • Cole Cawtuh

      Say they added socom. Do you think there would be online play?

    • Michael Thomas

      To be honest….I don’t think they should bring back Socom II emulation. I just think that they should bring a Socom next-gen game for the PS4 with dedicated servers under the scope of what Socom II was for the PS2. What Sony fails to understand is that the Playstation hardcore gamers don’t want Socom game done with a “Call of Duty” paintbrush. Sony needs to stop dangling emulation. Either build the console to play previous gen games or just develop new ones for the current console. The PS2 was great for being able to play your previous gen games, but since they took it away, they should focus on the current gen and bring the games. It is not my fault that they have not topped previous gen games with this current generation of games. The fact the people are clamoring for last gen or old gen games should say something about their current console and current console games. My PS2 and PS3 each got more usage then my PS4. Is it any wonder that there is a cry for emulation.

    • fabricio

      the ps4 already has many great AAA exclusives to play and this year they will release many more (there’s a reason why the ps4 is the best selling console worldwide right now), what you don’t understand is that at least some people love the idea of earning trophies with this ps2 games on ps4 and with an upgraded 1080p resolution, and the games are already selling well on the store, so i dont know what this guy is talking about

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      You are aware that there is a negative Pi chance there would actually be online play right? They would NOT dedicate servers to a 10+ year old game….

      Not sure why people keep going on about Socom games as if they would have full functionality, last I checked they weren’t known for having a super strong single player

    • DarthDiggler


      Well they did release Twisted Metal Black. Has that been confirmed 100% single player for PS4?

      EDIT did a quick search looks like TM Black does not but someone pointed out that the “Online” version came out at a later date.

    • Michael Thomas

      Oh I am definitely aware. As you say, I go on about Socom, the same way people carry-on about PS2 Emulation, when we are talking about the PS4. It was not my idea, but Sony brought it upon themselves, with their idea to charge for games that I have already bought. I understand that they are digitizing them. The cry for Socom games on all Playstation consoles has always been strong, given that Socom II had a great following by hardcore gamers. Sony in my opinion made the mistake to leave the hardcore gamers in the dust, by catering the Socom franchise to the Call of Duty mindless gamers. So whenever there is an opportunity to rage against Sony with the hope that they give the Playstation hardcore gamers what they want in the Socom franchise, whether it’s last-gen or this-gen, count me in. Also, for the record, Socom II did have single player.

  • J.j. Barrington

    “PR and marketing manager”

    is not a developer.

    • Elisa Cueva

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    • archfiendx

      Not sure how an added feature that just adds more games to the store can ever fail. But then again, Gamingbolt is one of the biggest jokes on the internet.

  • Cole Cawtuh

    I don’t think it will be successful. I wish Sony could pull off what Microsoft is doing but I think it is hard because the way the ps3 games were made with the cell architecture. I could be wrong though. I care more about ps3 games then ps2. They’re newer. You can still buy ps3 games new not for ps2 though. Even if I still had my ps2 games I wouldn’t want to have to pay again to play them since I still have the physical discs.

    • fabricio

      its funny because it had a lot of interest from the public, people requesting on many forums what ps2 games they want to see on ps4 and they are selling really well from what i saw on the store, so i dont know what this guy is talking about.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    It will fail because it is too expensive and will not have enough interest from consumers and/or developers. You’re essentially charging for nostalgia over and over. You might try it a few times then that is it. It is not sustainable as a economic model.

    • fabricio

      its funny because it had a lot of interest from the public, people requesting on many forums what ps2 games they want to see on ps4 and they are selling really well from what i saw on the store, so i dont know what this guy is talking about

    • J.j. Barrington

      It’s fairly reasonable, all things considered.

      Not like it coats that much. And it’s not for people that would only play it a few times. It’s for people like me who miss the games and would love to play through them again, but have neither the original game nor the hardware it’s native to.

      Honestly, the complaints about this are so shortsighted it’s painful.

  • I like it but who knows if we will get the games we want. I’m waiting for Persona 3, Onimusha 3 (or all of them) and Suikoden V. May never happen though.

    • fabricio

      sony was asking which ps2 games we want to see on the ps4 on twitter, and many people mentioned those games, so yeah i think they will port them

  • Jean-noel Durand

    I love it, I already played arc the lad, dark cloud and Gta. They look great, trophies add some values by 100% them. They look a lot better than if you played the original. Overall, I do think it’s a minority that want to play them but it expands the library.

  • Matthew Bryant

    Please bring Xenosaga to the PS4. And Final Fantasy XII. Then I’ll be happy. Seriously though, 5% of PS4 users is a pretty sizeable demographic. Especially since the games probably don’t cost that much to rework. I fail to see how this won’t be profitable. I don’t see this “failing”. It won’t be a huge feature, but it was never meant to be a huge feature. Slow news day?

    • fabricio

      yeah, i don’t think they cost that much to port and add trophies and upgrade the resolution, and the games are already selling very well on the store, i dont see what this guy is talking about, he obviously didn’t saw the games’s sales

  • James

    I will not be purchasing any PS2 games with my PSN account.
    Additionally, imho …. purchasing digital only nostalgic PS2 remakes is very different to providing an emulator to your customer base for utilisation of previously purchased XB360 games – MS has made a fantastic gesture to their customer base, kudos to them!

    • fabricio

      yeah, because they know that the ps4 is overselling the xbox worldwide so they had to do something about it, and even after they did that the ps4 is still overselling it so, haha?

    • U’re laughing because the system you like more has better sales, so it is allowed to f…. it’s customers – instead on trying to get better like the “weak” competition does?
      Now I’m the one laughing…

    • William Orlando Figueroa

      Kinda wish if Sony did hear its fans like Microsoft. Probably since the Ps4 is selling like hotcakes, they started acting ignorant like Microsoft at last gen. Maybe when the X1 has atleast 1 million copies more than the Ps4, they’ll start hearing its fans again.

  • stevenm281

    It should have been thought of before the release of the console, as a built-in feature, so that the console can read PS2 discs. This buying again the games you already own is surely gonna fail.

    Instead of adding this now, they should focus on making sure the PS5 can read discs from PS1 to PS5.

    • fabricio

      its funny because it had a lot of interest from the public, people requesting on many forums what ps2 games they want to see on ps4 and they are selling really well from what i saw on the store, so i dont know what this guy is talking about

    • J.j. Barrington

      If you already own it, nothing’s stopping you from playing that game.

      However, that game was made for its own hardware set; you’re not entitled to any versions that work on any other hardware.

      Complaining about that is childish to say the least.

  • Zarbor

    Gamers have become really silly. I personally could careless if PS2 emulation fail. Simply from my gaming interest it failed once it was announced. I personally thought it was a STUPID idea and only done because of MS BC announcement.

    I don’t have one PS2 game left and if I do I can’t even see myself booting it up. The graphics are sooooo poor from two gen away that it hurt my eyes on an HDTV. Put that crap on the Vita. You know that defunct machine we paid for that is only useful as a doorstop Sony. People should be able to play those PS2 games on that handheld that’s as “powerful as a PS3.” LOL…..

    Its a slap in the face personally since they refuse to make PS3 game BC on PS4. I have quite a bit of those games as well as 360 games. I MS is only doing BC to gain a leg up on the competition but I could careless their motive. Its great. I have not finish the Witcher 2 and now I can. Can’t wait for Red Dead.

    • TraceSkipper

      They had plans for this years ago – setting up trophies for old ps2 games. Its not a bad idea if your a trophy hunter.

    • But it is a very bad idea to charge theese people for emulating old fart classics – that they probably even still own for their Ps2.
      Zarbor is the one who get’s it!

      It’s a slap in the face for all older users.

    • SiliconNooB

      The bigger slap in the face is that if you digitally bought a PS2 classic on the PS3 then you have to buy it again on PS4 if you want to play it on the newer console!! That is such a stingy move by Sony.

    • fabricio

      the ps4 versions have trophies, 1080p, streaming, remote play, second screen capabilities, etc which the ps3 versions don’t have, so in some way they are incompatible, i don’t see why they should give you this superior port

    • J.j. Barrington

      A slap in the face that you have to pay for something you don’t own?

    • SiliconNooB

      Only they do own the game. Digital purchases should transfer to new consoles if the same content is available on that console. Are you such a corporate thrall that you would actually excuse Sony’s miserly behaviour?

      Act like Microsoft, not Sony.

    • J.j. Barrington

      It’s not the same content, though, is it? What’s on PS2 and somewhat playable on PS3 doesn’t have trophy support- an inclusion that requires months per game- or the improved graphics seen on PS4 versions. It’s also not native, meaning it requires work in order to work on ANY console that’s not the original. And they’re not obligated to grant anyone use of that content for free; did you forget that, even for the PS3, it cost money to include the ability to play PS2 games? We still paid for that, if just up front in the cost of the console.

      Don’t get me wrong- though you obviously want to, and I’m certain you’re not alone in that- I’d rather have full native BC for all previous consoles and not pay a dime for it on ANY end. But that’s neither reasonable or sensible. None of these companies is obligated to give us that at all, let alone free of charge. So complaining that they don’t is whiny entitlement, nothing more.

    • TraceSkipper

      Microsoft’s desperate.

    • J.j. Barrington

      I should further clarify: what people own is a PS2 game that is not compatible with the PS4. What Sony is now selling are PS4 versions of PS2 games that are not compatible with the PS2.

      With that in mind, it’s NOT something they already own, except in the form of the experience itself. And, again, this is exactly like the same as thinking you deserve a Blu Ray because you bought a VHS years ago.

    • TraceSkipper

      You have a choice loser.

    • Yes, and made my mind up directly not to support this kind of rip off – otherwise I’d feel like a loser loosing all of my customer rights.
      By the way, what was that system that you are using as an avatar? I use this as a doorstopper…

    • TraceSkipper

      I use it as a paper weight but really just not interested in changing it haha.

    • J.j. Barrington

      If they still own the games and their PS2, isn’t that where they should be playing them?

      It’s no more a slap in the face than having to buy a Blu Ray even though you own the DVD.

    • Zarbor

      You would think this was common sense but obviously not to a bunch of gamers, who really are just dumb sheep. They can’t even tell when they are being herded and slapped. Why? They don’t think.

      Welcome to this gen of gamers. They get railroaded, sing the praises and give compliments for being railroaded. We have several names for that but I’m sure others can think of a few. Amazing.

    • mechlord

      Dude, the ps4 does not have enough power to emulate the ps3.
      Sony has had the patents for trophies on ps2 games for a number of years now. Mos def this wasnt because of MS.
      There are alot of gamers out there that value story and gameplay for example more than graphics…the ps2 has a lot of gems that i would not mind playing again in hd with trophies…lot of rpgs and it doesnt stop there.
      You also seem to not know alot about the vita…typical.
      You can be sour&salty, but dont let that stop you from seeing the big picture.

    • Kevin Scott

      I agree with everything u said!

    • J.j. Barrington

      Why would you agree with ignorance?

    • Matts Computer Support

      it’s not just that that’s the problem saying it’s not compatible with ps3 power is 1 thing, it’s funny, all this time they are more than happy to port ps3 titles to ps4 and charge people again.
      All they had to do was get ps3 users to prove they have an exiting ps3 copy of the game if those users do that, then they can download the ps4 version for free from the ps store abd no ps plus as an extra charge but Sony don’t do that and they never.

    • Matts Computer Support

      sony just don’t want to work harder

  • Kevin Scott

    Dudes an idiot. I love these Classics having trophies added to them. I’ve already bought 4 PS2 games myself.

    • Manoj Varughese

      If I need I still have a PS2 that I can boot up and play any game I wish to. Classics remastered on PS4 is something else and needs payment. Those complaining needs to step out.

  • andy

    5 percent. So the same percent as people into playing 360 games on Xbone then? Or will you argue that more people give a crap about last console emulation 2 YEARS into the life of a current console when nobody gave a crap about PS2 emulation on PS3 even at launch of that console? Of course Gamingbolt will argue that, look at this random article with a quote by another random dev/marketing manager/janitor.

    PS4 has had a new Indie game release pretty much every single week since March 2014. Yet the only time you will talk to an Indie dev and post an article is when they mention how their game runs 1080p on PS4 and Xbone. If that is SO important to you, where is your article on another AAA game Plants Vs Zombies 2 running at 900p on Xbone below PS4’s 1080p 2 years later?

  • SiliconNooB

    Because all those last gen PS2 HD collections on the PS3 were so unprofitable…

  • angh

    There is no such thing like ps2 emulation on ps4, so there is nothing to fail.

    • fabricio

      playing ps2 games on ps4 is called emulation, so…

    • angh

      if that would be true you could say playing uncharted trilogy on ps4 is emulation of ps3 – and its not. Those titles were worked on to make possible to rune them on ps4.

  • Eric Brown

    Backward compability does not sell consoles period. Look at the last gen the first few versions of ps3 had it and din’t sell that well. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great feature to have and I would love it if ps4 had full backward compatibility. My two cents

  • John Tambanillo

    I’ve been tempted to buy me some old school classics many times but, with my backlog piling up to the roof, I couldn’t. Unless you want the trophies or have a kid/nephew, I didn’t think it was worth 15-10$.

  • den12333

    5% is almsot 2mil lol. How would that be unprofitable when its old games that developers have long since stopped receiving revenue from.

  • Matt Spencer

    If they do this by making a downloaded copy of the emulator itself that would be fantastic due to my old ps2 no longer works. But knowing Sony i might not get it that way.


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