PS4 1.7 Firmware Causing Black Screen & Flickering, Fixes Trophy Syncing & File Corruption Issues

New undocumented fixes and bugs alike have emerged with the latest update.

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The new firmware update 1.7 is live for the PlayStation 4 and brings a ton of new features such as an option to disable HDCP, export clips to USB and more. It also marks the debut of SHAREfactory which lets users edit videos on the PlayStation 4 with a variety of effects. You can even add your own commentary tracks. However, the update hasn’t been without its share of issues.

One Reddit user reported a black screen bug on disabling HDCP. After disabling HDCP and launching SHAREfactory, the user stated that, “After playing around with a BF4 clip for a few minutes, and being quite impressed I realised I couldn’t hear any sound. So I backed out, went to Amazon to quickly play some TV to check that sound was working (quicker than loading a game, or so I thought) and went straight to a black screen. Despite numerous reboots, I’ve since been unable to connect directly from PS4–>HDMI–>TV. I just get the black screen.

“My Vita Remote Play showed the PS4 normally, and whenever I’ve hit Amazon since it’s said to Enable HDCP (makes sense).”

That’s not all. Another user reported that, “Ever since I updated my ps4 has been flickering like crazy, even when not attached to my elgato capture card. It seems like once I turn HDCP off, it blinks like a mad man, and won’t stop til I turn it back on.. really confused and disappointed about this.”

One user even revealed that the PS4 doesn’t recognize WD 500 GB external HDDs.

There have been a few fixes though. If you watch videos on an app and download a file at the same time, the latter no longer becomes corrupted. Another user reported that an error that prevented Rayman Legends trophies from syncing has been fixed with the newest update.

Have you noticed any other bugs or silent fixes with the new update? Let us know below.

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  • Young Leo

    I can’t record with my roxio hd pro with HDCP disabled because my tele tells me it isn’t supported even though I’ve recorded xbox with HDMI? I then set it up correctly and I get a black or blue screen…?

  • William

    I was using my PS4 with the 1.70 update today and switched from 1080i to 1080p and now I am unable to get any picture between my AXAA 3D Showtime projector and the PS4 but I am able to connect via PS4 to Acer Monitor DVI to HDMI with no problem. I am also able to connect the projector to my PC with no problems as well. I am wondering if it has something to do Sony’s new update that has messed everything up because before this I had no problem switching between resolutions.

  • RockWood610

    I am not sure if this was related to the update or not, but I was streaming video the other day after I got the update, and my PS4 just shut off. As if someone pulled the power cord or something. When I turned it back on, it did a disk check and gave me a warning about turning the system fully off before unplugging it. As far as I know, there where no other power related issues, as the TV and other devices never turned off.

  • Bigboss81

    Since I have updated my PS4 with new software, I got blank screen, console doesn’t do anything, won’t power on, just died. When I called support, they have told me that they are aware about software issue. I was promised call back to discuss exchange to new one

  • Really…

    black screen… wtf sony…

  • Муравьёв Александр

    After 1.76 update I have just black screen. Wow, Sony, just wow


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