PS4 And Xbox One are Beasts of Machines, Battle Will Be Won Through Content, Not Graphics

FuturLab’s technical director gives his take on the differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

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Velocity 2X 3

Much has been said about the hardware differences between the PS4 and Xbox One. At this point, it’s fairly public knowledge that one is a bit powerful than the other, but given that Microsoft is working on optimizing the Xbox One’s GPU, how does it tackle up against its competitor?

GamingBolt recently spoke to Hussain Sheikh, Technical Director at FuturLab about his opinion on the differences between the GPUs in the two consoles. FuturLab has previously worked on the PS4 version of Velocity 2X and are currently working on the Xbox One version of the same game. Given that they have gone hands on both consoles, what is their take on the two consoles?

“We believe that both PS4 and Xbox One are beasts of machines,” Hussain  said to GamingBolt. “Both GPUs boast computational speed in excess of 1.3 Teraflops. That is a lot of computational power and we believe that once the developers start utilising the machines to their maximum capacity, the battle will not be won through graphics, but actual gameplay and content.”

That last statement from Hussain makes a ton of sense. In the end, all that matters are the games, and both consoles have some great titles coming up. These include Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider and the ever expanding library of 3rd party games.

What is your take on this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Starman

    “Both consoles have some titles coming up” Please tell me what PS4 has great and original (other than reying on 3rd party) coming out ….spare me.

    • John Nemesh

      Persona 5 is going to be huge (for fans of the series anyway). I am also looking forward to Godzilla and Street Fighter (IV and V). I will probably get J Stars Victory Vs. (hey, I like fighting games)….and Until Dawn is looking pretty good too.

    • Guest

      Hm, its funny cuz you MS fanboys didn’t seem to mind so much last gen. You phony clowns. So please spare me the fanboy bs. Oh and fact, the PS4 not only has more games but also more exclusives. But what a little fact to get in the way of your bs belief.

    • Icaraeus

      Go check the 2016 lineup. Literally dozens of games.

  • John Nemesh

    The “Battle” is already over. MS lost.

  • Guest

    Beasts of machines? Ha, haha, ho, ha, hahaha. No offence to Velocity 2X, it’s a fun game, but it’s hardly a pixel pusher.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    As I always ask, what about the multiplats which have been the strongest sellers? We have identical content but presented better on one system than the other.

  • Guest

    The more these devs talk, the bigger idiots they make themselves sound like. First of all both machines do not do over 1.3TF, only one does (the PS4 does 1.843TF). and second, its not like they would even know when their game barely even pushes a X1 none the less a PS4. And shut up with that lame a$s excuse of “content”, when the 2 consoles have 95% percent the same content, but most of it is running better on the PS4.

  • JaySeeDoubleYou

    I have both systems, but have not had either one for an incredibly long time. I got the XB1 Jan 31st or Feb 1st as an early birthday present, a couple days ahead of my 35th birthday. The PS4 I got about a week and a half later as a “tax time goodie.” In addition to having all the free games for both systems from PS+ and XBLG that have been offered since Feb, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Black Flag bundled downloads on XB1, and The Last Of Us Remastered bundled download on PS4, I also have four disc based games in hard copy for XB1, and five on PS4 (thanks to a last minute gift package that arrived just 20 minutes ago from my brother – thanks, Jesse!) Destiny, C.O.D. Ghosts, Drive Club, The Order 1886, and now, Final FantasyXIV on PS4, and Titanfall, Halo M.C.C., Forza 5, and Sunset Overdrive on XB1.

    I’ve had them long enough to have logged many hours on each, but not long enough to where I have definitively come to conclusions on anything major. I mean, as it concerns my simple, subjective preferences on super-duperficial things like which console physically looks better sitting on a shelf, which gem cases look better, and which controller looks and feels better, I give all of those to the XB1. But like I said, these are perhaps the VERY LEAST important of all considerations. Still, these are the ONLY areas so far where I can really say “here I stand, I can do no other.”

    Now, I know the common wisdom says the PS4 has the more powerful graphics hardware (and ergo, better graphics), while the XB1 has the more powerful multimedia hardware (and ergo, better multimedia). And I don’t just mean that the PS4 is just better hardware period, and MS just has better multimedia services, but no, XB1 really has the better multimedia HARDWARE as the foil to PS4’s better graphics hardware. Or so the composite of spec sheet implications and the battle cry from each side tells us.

    I have to grant that the PS4 has been graphically outperforming the XB1. It’s not a night and day difference, by any ,means…but it is a consistent difference. So the graphic advantage has indeed gone to the PS4….SO FAR! I also understand enough about the GPU hardware to know WHY this is. The PS4 is indeed superior at “conventional” (“load all”) graphics generation, and as such, it’s going to perform better in that environment. It just is.

    But, a lot of noise has been made about the “tiled resources” method of graphics generation (which also goes by other names), and what kind of game changer that could possibly be. I know that both systems will be capable of it, but since zero latency ESRAM, lower latency GDRAM, and higher CPU clock speeds will be a higher premium than heavy lifting RAM with T.R., then at least in abstract theory, XB1 should not only be able to hold its own with T.R. against the PS4, but actually may even be able to do it BETTER. Possibly leveling the playing field…or heck, even turning the tables altogether.

    Still, a lot of unanswered questions remain. 1) Will Tiled Resources really enable either system to really produce significantly better graphics than the current load-all scheme they employ? 2) Will Tiled Resources be so resource demanding that either one of these consoles, which are essentially mid/upper-mid level PCs be able to really take advantage of it? 3) Will XB1’s theoretical advantage in T.R. actually turn into an actual advantage, or will things like PS4’s significantly better shaders hardware still keep the ball in Sony’s court? 4) Even assuming BOTH a) Tiled Resources really do produce better graphics than “load all”, AND b) XB1 really has the advantage there, there is still the question of whether lazy programmers, and/or their profit hungry supervisors will utilize it enough to really turn the tide in the war. And lastly, 5) Even assuming all the above, and assuming it is used….100% of the time, and XB1 finally proves that it, not Sony is the ultimate graphics machine, will it all be too little too late to change the tide of popular opinion that has [to mix metaphors] “crowned PS4 in stone ” forever ago?

    Who knows? At this point, I am not sure anybody really does. But anyway, until all of this is settled, I’m maintaining a “wait-and-see”/” jury’s-out” stance on graphics, except of course to concede that PS4 has the clear early lead.

    As far as the multimedia is concerned, I know the spec sheet favors the XB1 clearly. And popular wisdom seems to believe that features and services bear out the hardware edge. But the jury’s still out for me here as well, in this case simply because I haven’t really immersed myself in the multimedia offerings of either system enough to get a sense. I get a vague impression that XB1 may have an edge, but I can’t say for sure. And even if it does, let’s see what Sony can cook up in the future. I think Windows 10 is probably only gonna make things worse for Sony in this regard, not better…but again, let’s wait and see.

    So all that’s to say I am agnostic when it comes to the supposedly settled matters of this current generation’s console war, and unsettled on all other matters except the most supremely trivial and subjective. The field is wide open to me.

    The spec sheet is pretty clear, but if I’ve learned anything from the 4th generation (my favorite era, and the era where I at least come the closest to being an “expert”), it’s that spec sheets can paint very misleading pictures without telling a single outright lie. The spec sheet paints the Super Nintendo as performing roughly twice as well as the Genesis, when in fact it was pretty neck and neck (and at least arguably INFERIOR). I don’t doubt for a second that everything in the PS4 and XB1 spec sheets in itself is factual. What I do withhold judgment on is whether or not we fully understand all the real world implications quite yet. How are these things really going to do when they’re finally firing on all cylinders? Let’s wait and see.

    But even if all the conventional wisdom of the supposedly settled matters all comes out to be completely right, it still doesn’t answer the question of who’s ultimately gonna win, even just the hardware war itself, let alone the actual console war. Looking back to the third generation of gaming, if we compare the hardware of the Sega Master system, the NES, and the Commodore 64, the C64 had the weakest graphics hardware of the bunch by far, but it had the best sound hardware. The master system was the polar opposite, best graphics hardware, weakest sound hardware by far. NES came in a very respectable 2nd on both counts. Which one is the best piece of hardware overall is highly debatable, and perhaps a bit subjective (the imperfect analogy here would be PS4 is Master system, and XB1 is NES).

    Well, I suppose [assuming both conventional wisdom maxims are true] the legacy of which system had the better hardware will ultimately come down to two questions (which are so interrelated as to almost be two sides of the same question): 1) Will this generation be more remembered for its graphical prowess, or for its multimedia feats? and 2) will there ultimately be a greater disparity between the two’s graphics or between the two’s multimedia. If the answer to both is multimedia, then the XB1 will win, and its slightly inferior graphics will be more or less a non-issue. If the answer to both is graphics, then the converse. If one answer is multimedia, and one answer is graphics, then I suppose it would go to whichever one the generation is best remembered for. Which one will that be? No idea. Once again, too soon to tell. And again, this is all just assuming the maxims are right. They may yet prove to not be.

    But ultimately, the NES didn’t soundly dominate the 3rd generation like it did on its hardware merits relative the other systems, but because of its software. Which one of our current systems will be remembered as better hardware may come down to graphics vs multimedia. But the one that will ultimately win the war will come down almost entirely to software.

    Right now, I hate to say, but have to say…that neither one of them are doing very well in this department. Both libraries are roughly parity in being dominated by games that not only both systems share, but also games that are either just scaled up versions of PS3/XB360/WiiU games, or scaled down versions of PC games…or indie games (not that indie is necessarily bad in itself). But the console exclusive library, particularly the “non-indie” marquees, while populated with some seriously good games is abysmally small on both platforms with no clear winner one way or the other. I suppose just by virtue of the multiplats looking a tad better on PS4, it currently has the lead. But it’s still a pretty sad state on both.

    The good news is is that 2015/2016 will be a time of tremendous growth for both systems in this regard, and maybe by then, an idea of who’s going to win may just begin to emerge…but for now…to repeat my now beat to death refrain…it’s too soon to tell.

    All I can really say for now is that I’m super happy to have both, am super excited to be able to go on this journey with the systems to see who comes out on top, thrill at the fun I know I’ll have on both systems regardless of who wins….oh yeah, and [in my personal opinion, at least], console physical cosmetics, gem case cosmetics, and the look and feel of the controller all go to XBox….so…umm…eat it, Sony! 😉

  • Riggerto

    Developer working on console version of Minesweeper States “Both consoles are identical in power and are more powerful than a $5000 PC”

  • Pops

    I like the way xbox snaps tv and cant get bored of multiplayer games while having your tv snapped. like you got bored last gen when you couldnt do that.

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